New Game Added: Alphabetty Saga

by Aethyna Jun 30, 2015
Help Alphabetty do a variety of chores such as collecting cheeses by dropping them down to the bottom of the board or popping bothersome bubbles. Use boosters and special tiles to your advantage to complete the level! If you need any help with a level, the game also offers some power-ups to give you a hand. Play now! Rowan in Alphabetty Saga Alphabetty Saga: Cheese X-blaster in Alphabetty Saga Read More

New Game Added: The Secret Society

by Aethyna Jun 29, 2015
Do you have what it takes to join the mysterious Order of Seekers? Are you ready to leap from photo to photo, searching for hidden objects, and taking on the forces of evil to protect the Order’s sacred Artifact? If so, a thrilling adventure through magical worlds awaits you in The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery! Venice in The Secret Society The Secret Society: Palatial Office Buddha's Square in The Secret Society Read More

New Game Added: Gunslingers

by Aethyna Jun 26, 2015
Gather up your bounty hunters and put them to work to capture a vital location along with bounty hunters from the other players on your team! Use the covers provided to push to the objective while avoiding bullets from the other team! Upgrade your mercs and give them the advantage they need to win! Recapturing the objective in Gunslingers Gunslingers: Scout class Flanking in Gunslingers Read More

New Article Added: Problems in Casual Games

by Aethyna Jun 26, 2015
The massive torrent of freemium casual games is threatening the integrity and livelihood of honest casual game developers everywhere! Read on to find out more! Problems in Casual Games preview image Read More

New Article Added: WWGDB Celebrates 300 Games

by Aethyna Jun 26, 2015
We, at WWGDB, are proud to announce that we have reached our third milestone! Since sharing is caring, we would love to share our accomplishments with you, our dear readers! WWGDB Celebrates 300 Games preview image Read More

New Game Added: Athens Treasure

by Aethyna Jun 26, 2015
The King of Troy, Priam, needs your help! Their city is in danger and while King of Sparta, Leonidas, had promised to raise and army to stop the troops of the Persian King, Xerxes, he fears it is not enough! The army also requires constant funding to replenish the troops with new able-bodied men. Can you help? Frozen coins in Athens Treasure Athens Treasure: vertical bomb Fire rain power-up in Athens Treasure Read More

New Game Added: Magerealm

by Aethyna Jun 25, 2015
The demons have successfully invaded and destroyed the holy city... and you are the only survivor. Magically weakened and severely injured, you’ll need to restore your strength and eventually take the fight to Njord and other demonic leaders who have escaped from whence they came in Magerealm: Rise of Chaos! Dungeon in Magerealm Magerealm: Spellmaster Cool wings in Magerealm Read More

New Game Added: Go Fishing

by Aethyna Jun 25, 2015
Choose among dozens of realistic tackles and baits, and travel to the various best fishing spots from around the world! Complete adventurous quests and compete with other fishermen in real-time tournaments to see who the master fisher is! Immerse yourself in this amazing fishing simulation game, Go Fishing, today! Go Fishing: Urquhart castle Great barrier reef in Go Fishing Lonely tree in Go Fishing Read More

New Game Added: Bubble of Mage

by Aethyna Jun 25, 2015
Play as the evil witch and trap adorable creatures in bubbles or play as the benevolent wizard and free these innocent creatures from their bubble-encased prisons in this exciting and fun role-playing/ bubble-shooting game, Bubble of Mage! If you're a fan of bubble shooter games, you'll definitely like to play this! Free the bird in Bubble of Mage Bubble of Mage: Sleeping bird Get that bird in Bubble of Mage Read More

New Survey Added: Favorite Virtual Sports Games

by Aethyna Jun 24, 2015
If sports is in your blood, then you surely would enjoy playing their virtual counterparts as well! Which of these virtual sports games do you like the most? Favorite Virtual Sports Games - Survey Option 1 Favorite Virtual Sports Games - Survey Option 2 Favorite Virtual Sports Games - Survey Option 3 Read More
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