New Article Added: What is Virtual Reality

by Aethyna Apr 24, 2015
With all the hype over "virtual reality", we decide that it is high time we explore what "virtual reality" or VR truly is and why people, in particular gamers, are so excited with it! What is Virtual Reality preview image Read More

New Game Added: Megapolis

by Aethyna Apr 30, 2015
Grow your quaint small town into a bustling and prosperous metropolitan by constructing various houses, facilities, factories and infrastructures! Don’t forget to beautify your city with decorations as well! Show your management prowess as a mayor of a small town and design a cityscape that you can be proud of!

Megapolis: Water lagoon City square in Megapolis Megapolis: Island resort Read More

New Game Added: United GP

by Aethyna Apr 29, 2015
Create your dream racing team in this fun-filled text-based racing management game, United GP! As the manager of an up-and-coming racing team, it’s up to you to figure out the best car setup and choose a winning strategy. Strive to be the best racing team manager that you can be and don't let your team down! United GP: Light yellow and green car Racing in United GP United GP: the tracks Read More

New Article Added: WWGDB Celebrates 200 Games

by Aethyna Apr 29, 2015
We here at WWGDB have reached our second milestone and are very proud of our achievement! We would like to share our accomplishments and what we have planned for the future! WWGDB Celebrates 200 Games preview image Read More

New Game Added: Solitaire Knockout

by Aethyna Apr 28, 2015
From the same guys who made Solitaire Arena comes this fun-filled yet somewhat similar solitaire game, Solitaire Knockout! Enjoy playing live solitaire tournaments, spiced up with exciting knockout mechanics, with 3 other human players! Keep yourself in the lead to have a chance of winning the tournament! Solitaire Knockout: Stuck Tournament in Solitaire Knockout Solitaire Knockout: Just started Read More

New Article Added: What Are Trolls and How to Spot One

by Aethyna Apr 22, 2015
Have you been accused of "trolling" or that you've experienced it yourself? How do you know someone's trolling you? All your burning questions about trolls and trolling in general will be answered and more in this article! What Are Trolls and How to Spot One preview image Read More

New Article Added: Different Roles in MOBA

by Aethyna Apr 28, 2015
Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is one of the most hugely popular game genres in recent years, especially within the community of competitive gamers as well as in the popular gaming phenomenon, eSports! This article will attempt to introduce you to the various different roles that heroes, champions or gods can fall into and how to effectively play them. Different Roles in MOBA preview image Read More

New Game Added: Global Agenda: Free Agent

by Aethyna Apr 28, 2015
Being an escaped asset (special agent) of the Commonwealth, you are being pursued until you’ve found a safe haven called the Dome and signed up to join the resistance force, the Allied Revolutionary Militia (ARM). Intrigued? Well, take up arms against the Commonwealth now! Boss fight in Global Agenda Global Agenda: Character classes Mobs killing in Global Agenda Read More

New Game Added: Monster Busters

by Aethyna Apr 28, 2015
Step into the Monster Tower with your trusty toy hammer and try to save your Gingerbread buddies from the evil monsters that reside there! Defeat big monster bosses as well as the many blockers that the game throws at you! Enjoy a fun yet challenging match-3 game today! Magic Hammer in Monster Busters Cross bomb in Monster Busters Monster Busters: combined bomb Read More

New Game Added: Queen's Tales: Sins of the Past

by Aethyna Apr 27, 2015
For many years, a war has raged between your father’s kingdom and that of the Elven King, but now the tide has turned, and your father has been imprisoned! What’s worse, the Elven King now wants you to be his bride! Time is running out! Can you escape the Elven King and free your father? Queen's Tales: Sins of the Past: Embroidery mini-game Shadow-item matching in Queen's Tales: Sins of the Past Queen's Tales: Sins of the Past: Opening medkit Read More
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