New Game Added: Blade & Soul

by Aethyna Mar 4, 2016
With a wide range of character customizations, epic storyline, amazing game mechanics, fluid action-based combat, exciting PvE and PvP events, and a robust profession system, it is definitely an MMORPG worth playing. Try it today! Blade Dancer gameplay in Blade and Soul Blade and Soul: Summoner and pet Warlock in action in Blade and Soul Read More

Blade and Soul: Are You Ready to Unlock the Lock?

by Aethyna Mar 3, 2016
Mark your calendars, people! 2nd of March is the date to start grinding levels for your new warlock. Blade and Soul: Are You Ready to Unlock the Lock? Read More

New Article Added: WWGDB Celebrates 600 Users

by Aethyna Mar 2, 2016
Wow, wow and WOW! It’s time, once again, to break out the wine glasses and have ourselves a toast! Besides virtual drinks, we also have awesome sneak peeks for you to celebrate this special occasion. Be sure to read on to find out more! WWGDB Celebrates 600 Users preview image Read More

Wild Terra: Mounts and Tamed Animals

by Aethyna Mar 2, 2016
The devs are currently fleshing out how the mount and taming systems will work and they would love to get your input. Wild Terra: Bear mount Wolf mount in Wild Terra Wild Terra: Boar mount Read More

What is Altspace VR?

by Aethyna Feb 29, 2016
A truly cross-platform social game that allows you to interact with people virtually in a whole new way! What is Altspace VR? Read More

New Game Added: Gamepoint Bingo

by Aethyna Feb 29, 2016
Are you looking for a classic bingo game that doubles the fun by providing you with a friendly and fun-loving community to play it with? Well, if you do, you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on this amazing free-to-play online bingo game, Gamepoint Bingo! Be sure to drop by Gamepoint Bingo today and try it out. Gamepoint Bingo: Gameplay Increase your chances of winning in Gamepoint Bingo Gamepoint Bingo: The winners Read More

New Article Added: Interview with Gamblit Gaming's CMO

by Aethyna Feb 25, 2016
If you love gambling games, you’ll surely be interested in the innovation that Gamblit Gaming brings to the table, and who’s better to explain the intricacies of its innovation than the company’s CMO, Darion Lowenstein. Interview with Gamblit Gaming's CMO preview image Read More

New Game Added: Ellipsis

by Aethyna Feb 26, 2016
Move your blue circle around to collect all the numbered circles and escape the level unscathed in this exciting reflex-based game, Ellipsis. However, each subsequent level comes with new dangerous elements that will surely keep you on your toes. Sounds just like the challenge you’ve been looking for? Check it out! Boss-like fights in Ellipsis Ellipsis: Unlock the level selection map as you play Deadly neon fireworks in Ellipsis Read More

New Game Added: Geki Yaba Runner

by Aethyna Feb 26, 2016
Guide your gnome through (or over) all the challenging obstacles that littered his way in his attempt to rescue the princess. Don’t forget to collect as many socks as you can. With inquisitive controls, a very fast-paced gameplay, and fun challenges, Geki Yaba Runner is definitely a game that casual to core gamers would enjoy. Geki Yaba Runner: Timed level Geki Yaba Runner: Twister Avoiding dangers in Geki Yaba Runner Read More

New Article Added: Understanding the Future of the Games Industry

by Aethyna Feb 24, 2016
Get some insights to understanding where the games industry is headed to in the coming years. Understanding the Future of the Games Industry preview image Read More
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