Facebook Year End Game Sale 2015 Commences

by Aethyna Nov 30, 2015
Exciting news, readers - Facebook Year End Game Sale is finally here! Check out Facebook’s list of games and see if your favorite games are among the 363 that participated in the sale this year. Facebook Year End Sale is here! Read More

Introducing a New Era in Forge of Empires - The Future

by Aethyna Nov 28, 2015
The future era has arrived at Forge of Empires and it brings along with it a range of futuristic units in exoskeletal suits and on cool hoverbikes as well as a plethora of new structure designs. Check it out today! The Future Era welcomes you in Forge of Empires Read More

New Game Added: Mahjong Dash

by Aethyna Nov 27, 2015
Pair up tiles with the same patterns as fast as you can in order to keep your multiplier maxed out at all time. There are hints and reshuffles to help you if things get tough, and you can play it for as many times as you like. Strive to the top of the leaderboard and show them who’s the mahjong master in Mahjong Dash today! Diamond-shaped layout Last 2 pairs Making a match Read More

New Game Added: Fiesta: Match-3

by Aethyna Nov 26, 2015
Get into the spirit of celebration, señors and señoras, with this incredibly addictive match-3 game, Fiesta! Match up 3 or more colored firecrackers and watch as they explode into a shower of fireworks. There are even collections that you can complete and lots of levels for you to enjoy. Don't miss out on Fiesta - play now! Horizontal match 4 Fiesta! Maracas Read More

Support Labyrinth on Kickstarter

by Aethyna Nov 25, 2015
Looking for an MMO that is like no other? Well, you should definitely check out Labyrinth - the game that features an amazing blend of CCG, RPG and turn-based strategy. Find out more! Labyrinth Read More

New Game Added: Major Tom: Space Adventure

by Aethyna Nov 24, 2015
Popularized by the song Space Oddity by David Bowie, the fictional astronaut that everybody adores is back in this amazingly addictive casual game, Major Tom: Space Adventure! How high can you help Major Tom go? Well, play now and find out! Alien encounter Kripto-Tom Ores masquerading as a satellite Read More

New Game Added: Dark Parables: Goldilocks and the Fallen Star

by Aethyna Nov 23, 2015
Utilize your superior searching skills to help the poor terrified people of Barsia by getting to the wish-granting fallen star first. There will be plenty of scenes to scour through, tricky puzzles to solve and parables to collect along the way. Will you succeed in helping the people of Barsia vanquish the evil summoner? Animated construct destroyed Puppet theater puzzle Broken Sleigh Read More

War Thunder: Firestorm Update

by Aethyna Nov 22, 2015
War Thunder has released a brand new update – Firestorm – just early this month. The update brings along a plethora of goodies ranging from awesome new tanks and airplanes to new game engine and in-game physics. Check out the video to find out more! War Thunder: Firestorm - Sherman Firefly TRZYNIEC Read More

New Game Added: Valhalla Hills

by Aethyna Nov 21, 2015
Guide your Vikings across various maps in an attempt to reach the Bifrost bridge. Build up your Viking settlements to ensure that your people are well-equipped and fed before taking on the monsters that guards the portals head on! Do you have what it takes to return to Valhalla? Play now and find out! A Thriving Viking Village Defend Your Village Plant and grow crops Read More

New Game Added: Fairy Tail

by Aethyna Nov 20, 2015
Be worthy and powerful enough to join the guild of elite mages, Fairy Tail, and help them defeat the Dark Guild – a rival guild of mages led by the evil wizard Zeref. If you’re a huge fan of Fairy Tail, you should definitely grab this opportunity to dive into this incredible anime universe and experience the storyline first hand! Combat Instance map Salamander's Roar skill Read More
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