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The Secret Society 10 rate Do you have what it takes to join the mysterious Order of Seekers? Are you ready to leap from photo to photo, searching for hidden objects, and taking on the forces of evil to protect the Order’s sacred Artifact? If so, a thrilling adventure through magical worlds awaits you in The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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When your uncle disappeared, he left everything to you in his will. However, it seems that’s not the only things he left you. To your surprise, you discover your mysterious and inherent power that enables you to enter and explore magical photographs. As a novice Seeker with no idea how to harness the amazing powers you possess, it’s up to you to face the darkness and find your uncle before it’s too late. Explore gorgeous fantasy environments in search of hidden objects and solve challenging puzzles to save Richard, defend the Order, and become a true Seeker!


Your beloved uncle Richard has suddenly disappeared, and being his only heir, you inherited your uncle’s photo album. But this is no ordinary photo album, due to your special ability to move into photographs, these random assortments of photos become something a lot more complicated. Your special ability marks you out as a Seeker, like what your uncle was before he disappeared. In fact, Uncle Richard was a high-ranking member of the enigmatic Order of Seekers, a league of magic-wielding adventurers. Nonetheless, you are convinced that your uncle is not yet gone from this world, but is merely in need of help to return home. You will stop at nothing to find him!


To start playing, you should know the few basic rules in the game. For instance, playing scenes, or in this case, photos, uses a sizeable amount of energy points, which you can later regain over time. However, if you cannot wait, you can always spend some premium currency and buy food from the shop to regain your lost energy. At times, you may even get a few free energy points by playing scenes.

Furthermore, while you’re in a game, you should be able to see the list of objects you need to find at the bottom of the screen. There is no combo system to speak of in The Secret Society, though if you click wrongly too many times, you’ll be penalized. Since all scenes in this game are time-based... and any penalty you sustain will take a chunk out of your remaining time, it’s best not to simply click in hopes of “hitting the jackpot”.

Not to mention, there are several game modes that you’ll experience in The Secret Society, which includes text (the most basic game mode for any hidden object game), silhouette mode and the night mode, one of the toughest mode in the game with the sole exception of the morph mode. The morph mode as well as pieces mode are modes that are unique to this game as you will not be able to experience these modes in other hidden object games. In the morph mode, items from the list can change their appearances and it is up to you to identify and find them, while for pieces mode, you are given fragments of an object and you’ll need to piece them together just so you can know which items to find. Moreover, you cannot choose which mode to play since they are randomly assigned. These modes sound challenging, right? Well, they sure are!

You can also “level up” scenes by playing them repeatedly and earn a new level of mastery. There are several ranks in mastery ranging from Trainee right up to Detective. In addition, the more time you spend exploring the same location, the harder it gets, but you’ll earn a lot more experience points and coins for your efforts... which is pretty much worth it.

At the end of each game in The Secret Society, you have a chance of earning collectibles and if you’re lucky, some free power-ups as well! For the collectibles, you’ll need to gather up 5 of the same set in order to complete them and earn artifacts which you can later store. However, you’ll sometimes need additional components, such as a winding key or a piece of gear, to complete a collection. All these items, inclusive of the collectibles can also be added to your wishlist and shared to your friends. If they have a spare item lying around, your friends might just give it to you since after completing a collection, the collection cannot be completed again and thus, the spare items are practically useless by then. You can of course, spend premium diamonds to buy any collectible or component that you need as well.

There are also times when you’ll earn fragments of the photograph for the next scene by playing scenes as well! Find all 4 fragments of the same scene and then combine them via a time-based jigsaw-puzzle-like mini-game to restore the picture. This process will cost you energy and coins though. At other times, you may even get a closed casket! To open it, you need to find a certain number of badges of the Order (around a 100 of them) in the scenes you play. Order badges do not appear in the item search list, but they are hidden in the background of each magical photo... you just need to find it and click it to pick it up! However, each scene only contains 1 badge, so do keep your eyes peeled!

Need help with a scene? Well, I don’t blame you – some scenes in The Secret Society can be truly a tough nut to crack! Thankfully, the game offers an array of Seeker’s tools to aid you in finding objects and if you’re lucky, you can even find some for free while playing! These tools include the Seeker’s Eye tool, which randomly highlights 1 object from your list, the Compass that points toward the area of an item from the list for 30 seconds, the Dynamite, which detonates 3 random items from the list and the Time machine that adds an extra 45 seconds to the timer. There are also tools that are extremely helpful in Night mode such as the Lantern that doubles the light circle radius for 30 seconds and the Torch which lights up the entire picture for 35 seconds.

While you are at the shop checking out the Seeker’s tools, you could also switch tabs and take a look at the many boosts that the game provides as well! There are scrolls which increases the experience points gained, talismans that increase your chances of finding collectibles inside pictures and the usual boosts like money boost or boosts to restore energy or power more quickly.

Last but not least, in The Secret Society, you can even play other mini games, such as Gem Match, Pipes, Blocks and Memory Match. For instance, for Gem Match, you will have to match up 3 or more gems to remove them from the playing board while trying to break all the yellow bricks within the limited amount of time to win! Like any match-3 games, you will have obstacles, like stone gems, and special gems when you match 4 or 5 gems together. For Pipes, you will instead have to rotate pipe sections so that all ends connect, forming one continuous pipe within the time limit. Playing these games will give you bonus experience points and coins... and not to mention, you’ll get a nice break from over-straining your eyes as you search scenes after scenes for hidden objects.


The community in The Secret Society is rather sizeable and most importantly, they are very active. However, being a previously a mobile game, it may take the game some time to build up a reputation in the hidden objects circle to match that of its mobile counterpart. So far, the game has garnered 12 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page and well, if you need to meet and add new friends, the page is the perfect spot for you! If you’ve enjoyed playing the game, be sure to give the page a “like” as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The music in The Secret Society is pretty impressive. With an unassuming piano music in the background, the mixture of sounds manages to invoke the feeling of mystery along with a sense of loss since you have supposedly lost your uncle in the game. Yet, the music also provides a hint of hope at the end to let you know that all is not yet lost... as long as you are willing to go the distance! Different scenes also have their own background music which can range from eerie to providing a sense of zen. The graphics, on the other hand, are quite brilliantly done as well! Every scene is drawn to perfection with hidden objects that blends into the colors of the environment. Overall, the graphics and sound in this game is nothing short of superb!


In short, The Secret Society is an addictive, challenging and fun-to-play hidden object game that puts you in the shoes of a Seeker who has the power to enter and explore magical photographs! In this game, you’ll need to use your new-found powers to save your uncle and the Order of Seekers from the forces of evil that threatens to obliterate all Seekers from the face of the world! Find hidden objects in the various scenes and also in various game modes in Uncle Richard’s photo album and use them to complete collections and gain artifacts. Play the many mini-games available, including Gem Match, a timed match-3 game, and Pipes, a game where you have to connect all the pipes together to form a continuous chain of pipes, to earn more experience points and coins as well. If you need some help, the game also offers you a huge variety of Seeker’s tools to help you! Find out if you have what it takes to save Uncle Richard and defend the Order of Seekers from the incoming darkness in The Secret Society today!

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New Game Added: The Secret Society

by Aethyna Jun 29, 2015
Do you have what it takes to join the mysterious Order of Seekers? Are you ready to leap from photo to photo, searching for hidden objects, and taking on the forces of evil to protect the Order’s sacred Artifact? If so, a thrilling adventure through magical worlds awaits you in The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery! Venice in The Secret Society The Secret Society: Palatial Office Buddha's Square in The Secret Society Read More
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