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by Aethyna
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Alphabetty Saga 9 rate Help Alphabetty do a variety of chores such as collecting cheeses by dropping them down to the bottom of the board or popping bothersome bubbles. Use boosters and special tiles to your advantage to complete the level! If you need any help with a level, the game also offers some power-ups to give you a hand. Play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Alphabetty Saga is a new brain-twisting word game by King, the creator of the massively popular Candy Crush Saga! In this game, you’ll be helping Alphabetty to do a variety of chores such as collecting cheeses by dropping them down to the bottom of the board or popping bothersome bubbles. There are plenty of special word tiles that you can get if you match 4 and above tiles together to form a word. Of course, although the longer the better, sometimes, you’ll need to create short 4-letter words just so you can get the special tiles you need! If you need any help with a level, the game also offers some power-ups to give you a hand. So are you a huge fan of word games? If your answer is a resounding “YES!”, well, what are you waiting for? Enhance your vocabulary skills today with Alphabetty Saga!


The game starts off with a simple tutorial to teach you the basics of the game. Generally, to play, you just need to swipe your cursor over the letters to spell out the word you want. You can swipe your cursor left to right or right to left... either way works. You can even link letters together diagonally or a mixture of all of the above! In other words, you have complete freedom to chain letters up as long as the tiles are within proximity of each other.

The level objectives vary from level to level but they can be largely grouped into several game types. One of the most basic game types is the one where you have to get a specified score to win the game. As you progress though, you’ll be introduced to the cheese-collecting level, whereby you have to drop all the cheeses needed to the bottom of the playing board in order to collect them. To drop these cheeses, you will either need a crown tile (which will be explained later) or create words that use up the letters underneath the cheese, all the way down to the bottom of the board. There is even a bubble level in which you have to pop all the bubbles on the screen by matching words using the bubbled tiles as well!

Matching letters to form words are not at all difficult, but sometimes, you’ll be forced to create words that produce special tiles so that you can achieve your level objective. For instance, if you chain up 4 letters to form a word, you’ll create the much-needed crown tile. Use the tile in any word and you’ll activate it. Crown tiles are very valuable in Alphabetty Saga because they are “smart” tiles that will help you fulfill your level objective. Taking the cheese level as an example, the crown tiles will work by removing 1 tile from beneath a randomly selected cheese. This is very important particularly when the cheese is stuck in a tight spot with no possible word matches. However, if it is the bubble level, the crown tiles will instead help you pop a randomly selected bubble instead.

Furthermore, if you can link up 5 letter tiles or more in this game, you’ll be able to obtain powerful Line Blasters. These Blasters work similarly to the striped candy in Candy Crush Saga, but there’s a catch – instead of just horizontal, vertical and cross blasters, you can also get diagonal blasters and the awesome multi-directional blasters as well! Not to mention, by making words and earning score points, you’ll also be filling up the Shuffle Booster which is located around the top left corner of the screen. Once filled, you can use the booster to reshuffle all the tiles on the playing board.

Basically though, in Alphabetty Saga, the more tiles you can chain up, the better... with the sole exception when the crown tiles are urgently needed. Oh and also, do take note that each tile has a score point noted at the top right corner of the tile. So, at times, a shorter word may end up having more points than a longer word – it all depends on which letters you use!

Besides these special tiles, you may also encounter bonus point tiles, such as the blue and golden tiles. Much like the special boxes at the sides of a Scrabble board, these tiles provide bonus score points whenever you use them to form words. Again, similarly to the Scrabble’s empty tiles, you’ll also rarely, but surely, encounter empty tiles in Alphabetty Saga as well. They generally work in the same way – you can link it up as a placeholder for a letter you need, but of course, you won’t be earning any points from that tile.

So, is Alphabetty Saga challenging enough for you yet? No? Well, let’s bear in mind that you have very limit moves per level to complete your level goals too! The trick here is to make every word you create count, either to pop a bubble or to get that cheese 1 row nearer to the bottom. If you’re good enough, you will surely be able to complete the level with leftover moves. These remaining moves will then be randomly convert tiles on the board into blasters and activate them all to provide you with plenty of bonus score points! Moreover, each level offers up to 3 stars for you to earn and how many stars you’ll get depends on how many moves you take to complete the level goal.

Failed a level? Well, don’t worry! Granted that you’ll lose a life due to that failed level, but you have 4 other lives still! However, if you have lost all your lives, you can then wait for an hour or so for your 5 maximum lives to be completely refilled before continuing on the game. You can also, of course, buy more lives using premium cash or request more lives from friends.


Alphabetty Saga has appealed greatly to King’s massive community and has seen its number rocketed upwards since its launch. The game currently has a whopping 5 million monthly active users and around 175 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page. For a word game, this game has indeed done exceptionally well. If you need friends to play Alphabetty Saga with, this page is the perfect place for you to find some. After all, friends can help you by sending you much-needed lives!

Graphics/ Sound

The colorful and cartoonish graphics in Alphabetty Saga is brilliantly done, especially the mice models. They managed to make the mice look so adorable! In terms of music, the game provides a pleasantly soothing background music to accompany you as you play the game. The music does sound a tad bit like the sort of music people dance in a ballroom though... or maybe that’s just me.


In conclusion, Alphabetty Saga is indeed an excellently-designed and unique word game whereby it offers various fun and challenging game types as well as interesting and useful special letter tiles. Help Alphabetty collect cheeses and pop troublesome bubbles by matching up words. Furthermore, for certain levels, you’ll definitely need to ditch the idea of creating long words and opt for the short and sweet 4-letter ones in order to obtain the helpful crown tiles. Of course, longer words also provide you with various blaster tiles, but they can be a tad bit harder to use at times. Having some trouble with a particular level? Well, worry not! The game also provides a range of power-ups, such as the Shuffle Booster, to help you! Alphabetty Saga is the perfect game for fans of word games or even people who want to learn new words and expand their vocabulary. Do give it a try today!

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New Game Added: Alphabetty Saga

by Aethyna Jun 30, 2015
Help Alphabetty do a variety of chores such as collecting cheeses by dropping them down to the bottom of the board or popping bothersome bubbles. Use boosters and special tiles to your advantage to complete the level! If you need any help with a level, the game also offers some power-ups to give you a hand. Play now! Rowan in Alphabetty Saga Alphabetty Saga: Cheese X-blaster in Alphabetty Saga Read More

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Great game, but...

This is a great game with good difficulty curve, a variety of puzzles, etc. The real problem with this game that keeps it from getting all 10 stars is that it is an incredible resource hog, and horrib...Full Review
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