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Gunslingers 9 rate Gather up your bounty hunters and put them to work to capture a vital location along with bounty hunters from the other players on your team! Use the covers provided to push to the objective while avoiding bullets from the other team! Upgrade your mercs and give them the advantage they need to win! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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You arrived on an alien planet, armed to the teeth and ready to capture locations for your employers and collect your bounties, but nothing in life is easy to take... you’ll have to battle other teams of mercs to get what you’re hired to do! With a gameplay that is very similar to Jagged Alliance Online, you get to select a character from your team to participate in exciting PvP matches. Before heading into battle you also get to buy special “effects” that will boost your damage, health or resistance too. With your payment in hand, upgrade your existing gear or buy new ones at the shop so that your mercs can have an upper hand when facing the enemy! Sounds just like the game for you? Well, it is! Recruit promising mercs today and become the best bounty hunter agency in Gunslingers!


The game starts off with a much-needed tutorial, teaching you the basics of the game like how to take cover and how to shoot with the 2 free characters that you are given. Each player can recruit up to 3 characters at a time and naturally, premium players will not have this restriction. These characters can be either one of the 5 classes available, excluding the premium “robot” class. These 5 classes are sniper, scout, medic, engineer and stormtrooper. Each class has their own set of skills that you can unlock and upgrade (up to 5 levels) using in-game cash.

You can also level up your mercs by playing as them in battles or sending them away for training. What you just need to do is to assign these mercs to training, start it and wait for the duration to complete, depending on how long you’ve set it as – 2, 4 or 8 hours. When your mercs level up, their rank will increase from private to corporal and so on and so forth!

The controls and the turn-based system are fairly simple to grasp. To move, you just need to point and click though at times the controls may bug up and your character is then forced to move to a particular, and most certainly unfavorable, spot. Each movement you make will cost you 1 action point from your total of 2 action points per turn, while the movement distance depends on your mercenary’s agility. You also have around 30 seconds to plan your moves during your turn, so don’t daydream your turn away!

Furthermore, when a new enemy is detected and is in sight, his or her portrait will be displayed on the right side of the screen. You can then click on the portrait to shift your view to the enemy. To shoot, you first have to hover your cursor over an enemy that is in sight to see your chances of hitting your target. If the percentage is high enough for you, you can click on the enemy to fire. Standing out in the open isn’t very wise in Gunslinger, even if you just need to get in that one shot to kill an enemy as you’ll probably be killed by his teammates in return.

Therefore, to avoid enemy fire, the most common evasive measure in this game is by taking cover. Covers, marked out by shield symbols, will provide you some measure of protection against enemy bullets. If the shield symbol is filled up halfway, then you will get at most 50% protection, while if the shield is filled up completely, you’ll get up almost 100% protection. The higher your protection, the less accurate the enemy fire is. Thus, it’s always best to move from shelter to shelter to make your character as small a target to your enemies as possible. Oh, and don’t forget to look and plan for escape routes just in case you got flanked!

If you’re up against multiple enemies all bunched up together, well, it’s probably your lucky day, especially if you brought your grenades with you when you select your loadout! To throw a grenade, you just need to select the grenade you want to use from your inventory and click on the place you want to throw it at. Since you can see the blast radius of your grenade in Gunslingers, you will know exactly where to throw your grenade so that you can get as many enemies as you can with your one grenade. However, similarly to gunfire, grenades can miss as well if your accuracy percentage is too low. Hence, be sure to get as close as you possibly can without exposing yourself to devastating counter attacks before you hurl that grenade over.

Now that you know how to play the game, perhaps it’s time for a trial run? Each match will cost you energy points, which will regenerate by itself over time. Not to mention, Gunslingers only offer team-vs-team multiplayer fights so you can expect allies fighting alongside you. Furthermore, the map you’ll be playing is also randomly selected for you, but basically in every match, you will need to capture and hold points to earn victory points to win! Thus, if you die, you’ll be respawned on the next round so you can get right back into the game!

These are the basic stuff, but if you are willing to go the distance and spend a little bit more (real cash), you can even buy addition “effects” before heading into battle to give your mercenary an edge over your enemies. These “effects” include enhanced or modified bullets that increases your damage, incendiary bullet that will cause a Damage-over-time effect, camouflage which increases health and dodge, battle booster which increases resistance and health and many more! However, these effects only last for 1 match. If you want to have the same effects in your next match, you’ll have to buy the boosts again.

Want an “advantage” that is more permanent? Well, you might want to hit the smuggler’s shop instead then! Armor and weapons are the mercenary’s basic equipment and having better equipment makes a mercenary stronger and improves his defense and attack. In Gunslingers, you cannot buy individual weapons or armor. Instead, what you can buy are equipment boxes, which will usually give you 2 random items per box. There are 2 types that you can buy, using in-game cash – the upper chest will give you weapons or armor while the bottom chest will give you first-aid kits and upgrade modules.

These equipment boxes are color coded as well – the blue one contains common to fine equipments and can be bought using in-game cash, while the other 2 boxes, the green and red ones contain fine and elite, and elite only equipments respectively. The red and green boxes naturally require premium cash to purchase. You can also use the “production” option to create grenades and first-aid kits at the cost of some in-game cash. You can even upgrade your equipments, evolve them or add modules to them to make them more awesome! Just remember to equip your new or upgraded items into your merc’s inventory slot before you eagerly hop into another battle to test out your new gear!


Gunslingers provide a global chat for players to communicate with each other, but the chat box is removed when you head into battle. If you want to feel like you’re a true part of the community, you might want to consider signing up for a clan. Clan allows you to coordinate with your teammates in the clan-only tournaments, whereby clans fight each other to see which clan will be crowned as the best bounty hunters in the game. Not to mention, the game was released for barely a month and its fan page has around 5 thousand likes already! So, if you need friends or any help, you may want to head over to its fan page and hang out there for awhile.

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in the game are kind of old school since the visuals mimic Jagged Alliance Online. Nonetheless, it is very good for a browser-based game and a free one at that! In terms of music, the game provides a nice mix of country/rock music and rock/techno music depending on where you’re at – the base or in battle. There is quite a range of music as well, so you won’t feel as though the music is played on a neverending loop. The sounds are all well-fitted to the rugged western theme of the game too!


All in all, Gunslingers is a challenging turn-based tactical MMO shooter game that mimics Jagged Alliance Online in quite a lot of ways! Besides the gameplay, the art in the game is very similar to the game Gunslingers is based on as well! That being said, the game only provides team-vs-team multiplayer matches as well as clan-vs-clan tournaments for you to play. Plan your moves or shots carefully as you have limited action points and be sure to make full use of covers to reduce any damage taken! Don’t forget about the match objective that is to capture all the locations on the map to accumulate victory points to win! With the bounties you’ve collected, you can also buy new equipments or upgrade your mercs’ existing ones, send your mercs for training or unlock and upgrade new skills for the different classes of mercs that you have. If you’re a fan of turn-based tactical combat, Gunslingers is definitely the game you’d want to try out! Play it now!

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by Aethyna Jun 26, 2015
Gather up your bounty hunters and put them to work to capture a vital location along with bounty hunters from the other players on your team! Use the covers provided to push to the objective while avoiding bullets from the other team! Upgrade your mercs and give them the advantage they need to win! Recapturing the objective in Gunslingers Gunslingers: Scout class Flanking in Gunslingers Read More
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