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Blade of Kings 10 rate Blade of Kings is an idle RPG by Esprit Games. You’ll take a role of a warrior, defending the land from hordes of monsters and attempting to rise in rank in the kingdom. Take part in action-packed idle battles, use a variety of skills, raise pets, and achieve victory. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Idle games are relatively new and a difficult concept to wrap around. After all, you’re looking at a game with little participation and interactivity, which looks like it defeats the purpose of playing. However, idle games are more than that; they’re a genre that demands less time for players while providing an equal amount of fun.

Blade of Kings is a fantastic example of such a game. This idle RPG by Esprit Games is a classic example of an idle RPG, and you don’t need to actively press buttons or control your character to have fun. All you have to do is create the conditions that will make life, which consists of battling monsters and other players, easier for your player, and you can do this by upgrading his skills, equipment, and triggering quests and boss fights. It’s one of those games you can safely call a casual RPG, perfect for players who want little commitment but a high degree of satisfaction.

With that said, would you want to try the game out and attempt to safeguard the kingdom? Let’s check out what it has to offer.


Despite looking like a story-heavy game, Blade of Kings barely delivers any sort of lore. Instead, you’ll immediately focus on creating your own character’s journey and determine whether he’ll be strong enough to fight off hordes of enemy monsters and powerful bosses that have the goal of destroying the kingdom. It also doesn’t help that your fairy companion doesn’t speak English, so you’ll be somewhat disconnected from the story. Nevertheless, the plotline is pretty straightforward, especially when you visit the capital: you’re basically taking the role of a newbie warrior, trying to make a name for yourself, besting other warriors along the way.


In a nutshell, Blade of Kings is a typical idle game yet stands out due to its solid gameplay mechanics. The first thing you’ll do is select a character between two options: a sword-wielding melee warrior or a demoness archer. As of today, you’ll only have a couple of to choose from, with more coming in the near future.

Without any warning, you’ll immediately dive into the idle-based battles. Your character will endlessly fight perpetual hordes of monsters, leveling up and earning rewards like coins, gear, and upgrade materials in the process. They will automatically trigger skills and use their weapons, but you will still play a role. Basically, you’ll be in charge of using skill points to increase your character’s damage output, upgrading your character’s gear, and equipping them with stronger accessories. Though this may not be the most exciting way to play, it’s quite satisfying to see your character breeze through enemies after fiddling around the character screen.

Speaking of enemies, you’ll have an endless supply in Blade of Kings. Apart from the usual autoplay mode, there are occasional bosses you’ll have to go up against, earning you tons of experience and gold. In addition, there are also dungeons you can go into and world boss battles. Moreover, you’ll also have to contend with other players’ characters, which you can kill on the field. When you reach a certain level, you’ll also have access to pets that can aid you in battle. Speaking of which, many of the features are level-locked. In addition to pets, you need to reach level 30 to chat, and progress to a relatively high point in order to access the forge and use the Pulse and Gems feature.

Yes, Blade of Kings has microtransactions and the typical freemium quirks like daily rewards and achievements. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a penny to fully enjoy what the game provides.


Blade of Kings is an online game, and though the PK battles are asynchronous, you can join cross-server legion battles and chat with other players. If you’re looking for other players to play with, you can always visit their official forums you can access on the site itself.


In terms of presentation, Blade of Kings excels. Though it looks like your everyday idle game, it excels in character and enemy designs, bringing something fresh whenever you log into the game. The boss designs, in particular, are a joy to the eyes, along with the many visual effects, especially when characters trigger skills. The same can be said about the music and the audio elements, although for western audiences, it would be a good idea to include an English voiceover for the limited dialogue the game contains. Finally, in addition to being accessible, Blade of Kings runs well on a browser, and there are no framerate drops or any texture-related issues.


Overall, Blade of Kings is an excellent idle RPG. If you’re looking to try out and see whether these types of games will suit your fancy or otherwise, it would be a good idea to make this your primary option. It’s a journey worth undertaking, and we would like to see you attempt to defend the kingdom from invading monsters in the near future.

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New Game Added: Blade of Kings

by Mikhail Oct 23, 2021
Blade of Kings is an idle RPG by Esprit Games. You’ll take a role of a warrior, defending the land from hordes of monsters and attempting to rise in rank in the kingdom. Take part in action-packed idle battles, use a variety of skills, raise pets, and achieve victory. Aftermath of a boss fight in Blade of Kings Upgrading skills in Blade of Kings Boss fight in Blade of Kings Read More
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