New Game Added: Imperia Online

by Aethyna Jul 1, 2015
Immerse yourself in the medieval yet beautiful world of Imperia Online, a free-to-play MMO strategy game, where wars and battles are rife! Build a strong economy and research new technologies to grow your empire or even amass an invincible army and march upon those who would defy you! Sounds like fun? Play now! Your empire in Imperia Online Imperia Online: Elite archer Start off small in Imperia Online Read More

New Article Added: Virtual Reality Theme Parks

by Aethyna Jun 16, 2015
Can you imagine a world where zoos, aquariums and even aviaries are all virtual, meaning no animals will need to be caged up, and that you can access them from the comforts of your home? Well, virtual reality is here to make that a reality! Virtual Reality Theme Parks preview image Read More

New Game Added: Mirrors of Albion

by Aethyna Jun 23, 2015
Oh no! The young lady, Alice Fleming, has disappeared from her home and has not been seen since! The police are baffled and the case was passed on... into the paws of the eager secret police intern, Cheshire Jr. He has heard good things about the great Sherlock Holmes and decided to approach you for help. Will you help? Luxurious interior in Mirrors of Albion Mirrors of Albion: Garden Detective's room in Mirrors of Albion Read More

New Game Added: Regency Solitaire

by Aethyna Jun 23, 2015
Play your cards right as you tour historic locations, from stately homes and lavish gardens to the fashionable towns of London, Brighton and Bath. Decorate the family ballroom to unlock gameplay features and improve Bella’s chances of finding true love in this amazing solitaire game, Regency Solitaire! Ribbon cards in Regency Solitaire Regency Solitaire: Drawing room Lock and key in Regency Solitaire Read More

New Game Added: Tribal Defense

by Aethyna Jun 23, 2015
With a throng of enthralled dinosaurs, evil tribal chieftains and mad witch doctors on your tail, you will have to place towers, and empower them with voodoo and runes, along your escape route to hold them back long enough for you to escape! Will you succeed? Play Tribal Defense now and find out for yourself! Goo tower in Tribal Defense Tribal Defense: Voodoos Archer tower in Tribal Defense Read More

New Game Added: The Secret Society

by Aethyna Jun 29, 2015
Do you have what it takes to join the mysterious Order of Seekers? Are you ready to leap from photo to photo, searching for hidden objects, and taking on the forces of evil to protect the Order’s sacred Artifact? If so, a thrilling adventure through magical worlds awaits you in The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery! Venice in The Secret Society The Secret Society: Palatial Office Buddha's Square in The Secret Society Read More

New Survey Added: Best Upjers Game?

by Aethyna Jun 10, 2015
Surely you've played all Upjer's games that we've recommended on WWGDB? Which one did you like the most? Best Upjers Game? - Survey Option 1 Best Upjers Game? - Survey Option 2 Best Upjers Game? - Survey Option 3 Read More

New Game Added: Farmerama

by Aethyna Jun 22, 2015
Plant, grow and harvest from up to 74 different types of crops as well as 48 differently sized trees on your farm. You can also buy plenty of different animals to make your farm feel much livelier... just don’t forget to feed them! If you need any help with farming, the game also offers a range of farming machinery too! Beautiful farm in Farmerama Farmerama: The city Field of flowers in Farmerama Read More

New Game Added: Piercing Blow

by Aethyna Jun 22, 2015
Played Project Blackout before or do you just love CounterStrike? If you say "yes!" to one or both of the questions, Piercing Blow is practically tailored for you! Select a character and a class, and enjoy exhilarating shootouts or have fun fighting against dinosaurs in a Jurassic World-esque escape mode! So, don't wait - Play it now! Target in sight in Piercing Blow Piercing Blow: Tarantula Museum map in Piercing Blow Read More

New Game Added: Tennis Duel

by Aethyna Jun 22, 2015
Tennis Duel is a tennis-themed game that follows the old, text-based browser game format, the likes of Mafia Wars or School of Magic. Experience the journey as you turned from being an amateur yet promising young tennis player to become a tennis powerhouse in Tennis Duel! Ready to duel in Tennis Duel Tennis Duel: Fighting to win A win! in Tennis Duel Read More
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