New Game Added: Krosmaster Arena

by Aethyna Oct 30, 2015
Collect as many krosmasters as you can by playing matches with the ones you already have to earn Kroz. Each of these krosmasters is unique in their own way, allowing for plenty of combinations to make up a team and also for obtaining team synergy effects. Sounds like fun? Play Krosmaster Arena now then! Campaign mode Bomb placement Summoned minion Read More

New Game Added: Mars Tomorrow

by Aethyna Oct 29, 2015
Purchase and own your own fleet of Mars vehicles and set up routes to help bring vital resources to the colony base. Upgrade your vehicles to increase its transportation efficiency and reinvest your profits into your own habitat. So, be a pioneer on Mars and help humanity terraform the planet in Mars Tomorrow today! Mars Tomorrow: A developed Mars colony Map overview in Mars Tomorrow Mars Tomorrow: Technology tree Read More

New Article Added: The Death of MMORPGs

by GamingApe Oct 28, 2015
MMORPGs are a huge part of our online gaming experience, but lately, more and more of them are collapsing or changing their monitization model. Is it the end of the MMORPG genre? The Death of MMORPGs preview image Read More

New Game Added: Mahjong Odyssey

by Aethyna Oct 28, 2015
Experience this amazing mahjong-filled odyssey in this brand new mahjong game, Mahjong Odyssey! Enjoy levels after levels of gradually trickier and much more challenging mahjong layouts while having lesser and lesser time to complete the level. Are you up to the challenge? Find out now! Snake formation Twin towers Arch formation Read More

New Article Added: WWGDB Celebrates 300 Users

by Aethyna Oct 27, 2015
Pass those free virtual drinks (no alcohol for those below the age limit though!) around the table - we've reached our 3rd user milestone! Find out more by reading on! WWGDB Celebrates 300 Users preview image Read More

New Game Added: Dark Era

by Aethyna Oct 26, 2015
The very fabric of time itself is in jeopardy in Dark Era! Although the Dark Abyss Emperor has been sealed away, its powerful minions, the generals, are still at large in the world and it is up to you to mop up the remnants of the Emperor’s forces. Will you be able to do so? Find out today in Dark Era! Phoenix mount Boss fight Chrono arena PvP Read More

New Game Added: Gourmet Ranch

by Aethyna Oct 24, 2015
Long to have a café of your own? Why, set up your very own virtual café in Gourmet Ranch today. In this game, you’ll get to pamper your customers to an array of culinary delights using only home-grown ingredients. Earn cash from selling off your dishes and reinvest them to spruce up your café. Try it today! Beautiful crops Bustling cafe Beautiful garden Read More

New Game Added: Secret Investigations: The Fortune Teller Mystery

by Aethyna Oct 23, 2015
A theft of a “paranormal” nature has brought Bruce, a respectable police officer in East Wales, rushing back to the precinct. It seems that a ghost in Duke of Buckingham’s castle has been accused of stealing the Duke’s priceless family jewels. Lend him a hand and together, you can bring the real culprit to justice! Dining room Attic Armory Read More

New Game Added: Dragomon Hunter

by Aethyna Oct 22, 2015
Welcome to the exotic and untamed world of Dragonmon Hunter where you play the role of a promising recruit embarking on an adventure of a lifetime to conquer and collect as many dragomons as you can find! If you enjoy an in-depth, Pokemon-like MMORPG, Dragomon Hunter is definitely a game for you! Beautiful mounts Dragomon hunting Adorable avatars Read More

New Article Added: Interview: Plarium Games Marketing Lead

by Adeaphon Oct 21, 2015
In this article I will be interviewing Shlomi Laufer, the Media Marketing Team Leader for the world renowned Plarium Games for an insight into the marketing aspects of the games industry. Interview: Plarium Games Marketing Lead preview image Read More
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