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Team Fortress 2 10 rate Do you enjoy an arcade-like, tongue-in-cheek MMOFPS game or do you have a fetish for strange hats? Well, if you said “YES” to both questions, you should definitely check out this crazy and whimsical MMOFPS, Team Fortress 2! Pick 1 of the 9 classes of characters, select your loadout and you’re ready to hop into battle! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Do you enjoy an arcade-like, team-based, tongue-in-cheek MMOFPS game or do you have a fetish for strange hats? Well, if you said “YES” to both questions, then, without a doubt, you should definitely check out this crazy and whimsical MMOFPS, Team Fortress 2! Pick 1 of the 9 classes of characters, select your loadout and you’re ready to hop into battle. Enjoy blasting your opponents in a variety of game modes and maps while collecting items that you need for crafting new and more powerful weapons. There are plenty of cosmetics... especially hats, and weapons for you to buy and use as well! If all of these sound like your kind of game, well then, let’s not dally any longer. Grab that Gibus, slam it on your head and let the killing (or be killed) begin!


Ready to get into some shooting action? Well, select a game to hop right into and choose a team... red or “blu”! Team Fortress 2 offers quite a range of game modes, including control points mode whereby you’ll have to capture all points to win, capture the flag (technically, you’ll have to capture a briefcase, not a flag) mode in which your team will have to capture and deliver the enemy briefcase to your base; special delivery mode whereby your team have to deliver a suitcase to the deployment site and even the payload race mode in which both teams have to escort a cart full of explosives to the other team’s base. Quite recently, the game has also released a new co-op game mode called the mann (yes, it’s spelled with double “N”s) vs machines mode. In this mode, you and your team of players will have to prevent hordes of robotic knock-offs of the game’s many characters from delivering a bomb to your base. It’s a lot like tower defense, in some way.

Once you have selected a game mode that you want to try out, you’ll then need to select 1 out of the 9 character classes available. They include the speedy Scout, the militant Heavy with the big ass minigun, the crafty Engineer, the supportive Medic, the hawkeyed Sniper, the cunning Spy, the pyromaniac Pyro, the Soldier with the rocket launcher and the grenade launcher-wielding demolition expert, Demoman! Each class has his own roles to play in the game and if you have yet to check out the many guides for Team Fortress 2 that is available on the internet, well, you should really do so.

For instance, Engineers are typically the “tower defense”, attack-from-a-range-kind of guys as they need to collect metals from fallen players to craft sentry guns that can be used to ambush enemies at critical points, and teleporters, which can quickly send team members to the front lines. For Medic however, the gameplay as well as the play style changes rather drastically from the other classes. This class is primarily the healer class that usually tags along a Heavy to keep the Heavy player healed at all times. Furthermore, Medics fill their ubercharge by healing teammates. Once filled, you can use a full ubercharge to grant invulnerability to you and your teammates.

Spy, on the other hand, can disguise himself as an enemy and infiltrate the enemy base. As a Spy, you’ll be able to cloak and backstab your enemies for an instant kill. You’ll also be in charge of planting sappers (bombs) on enemy sentry turrets to destroy them. Among all these classes though, most players would recommend starting with either Pyro or Medic as these are, according to the Team Fortress 2 vets, the easiest classes to play. However, if you realized, after several respawns, that this class is not for you, you can easily switch classes and hop into the mayhem again. It’s that simple!

Next, you’ll need to take care of your character’s loadout. The loadout provided in Team Fortress 2 is typically the same as any MMOFPS game. You’re given 1 primary weapon, 1 secondary weapon (pistol), 1 melee weapon and 1 device slot (the place where you’ll usually equip the grenades). In addition to that, you’ll get 3 cosmetic slots, one of which is for your hats, and 1 action slot as well. In Team Fortress 2, you can save up to 4 different loadouts.

In terms of weapon variety, Team Fortress 2 has almost as many weapons as the number of hats available! Naturally, some can be unlocked through play, while some need real money to buy. Although there are technically no overpowered weapons in this game (the balancing is pretty epic in Team Fortress 2), the real-cash weapons are often deemed by the TF2 community as OP nonetheless.

Now... to the interesting parts of the game! After all, Team Fortress 2 didn’t get to reign as the King of arcade/ cartoon-type MMOFPS games for nothing! One of the interesting aspects of the game includes the availability of taunts. After killing an enemy, you can choose to display a taunt to your defeated opponent as he or she waits for the respawn timer to tick. However, unless your character is in a very safe place, taunts will usually spell the death of your character as you’ll be helpless against enemy fire while the taunt animation is being carried out.

Another interesting aspect is that since Team Fortress 2 is pretty much a whimsical type of game, it allows you to view a frozen screenshot of your hilarious final moments as you get backstabbed by a spy, burnt to crisp by a pyro or even riddled with bullet holes by the enemy Heavy. In addition to that, you’ll also get to see the name of the player who killed your character, so you have an idea of which enemy player to target when you respawn.


The community in Team Fortress 2 is massive! However, similar to many competitive MMO shooter games, the community of certain servers can be pretty toxic, especially with the taunt feature. There will be times when you’ll encounter players who ruin other people’s fun by trolling, griefing or raging. New players might be deterred from learning new classes due to the toxicity that they might face, but well, there are always guides that can help polish up your skills before you enter a game with a class that you’ve never played before.

Team Fortress 2 also has a very vibrant esports community, though if you’re thinking of DotA 2’s The International-type of tournaments, you might be in for a huge let-down. The tournaments for this game are fairly small scale and the prize pool is likewise small. However, the passion of the players for this game has managed to keep the esports part of the game going for almost an entire decade and perhaps another decade to come! If you enjoy competitive playing, the Team Fortress 2 esport community might be the type of people you’ll want to hang out with.

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D cartoony graphics in this game is very good and has its own charm. The environment looks well-polished and its guns look absolutely awesome as well! The game technically doesn’t provide any music per se, but the sound effects, including voiceovers for the characters, are very well implemented. In fact, these sound effects play a huge role in the game, especially when you want to spot a cloaked Spy. Well, you can’t really “spot” him, but you can hear him sneaking around and that sound raise your alertness level to its maximum, just in case he decides to backstab you.


In short, Team Fortress 2 is among the greatest MMOFPS game that has practically carved out a popular niche of its own in the shooter genre. The game offers plenty of interesting and fun game modes for you to play along with up to 9 character classes, each boasting of its very own play style. There are lots of weapons, as well as hats and costumes, which you can earn by playing the game or by shelling over some real cash to support the game you love! Seriously though, if you like variety and first-person shooting mixed in with a bit of arcade, craziness and mayhem, you should definitely try Team Fortress 2!

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New Game Added: Team Fortress 2

by Aethyna Aug 7, 2015
Do you enjoy an arcade-like, tongue-in-cheek MMOFPS game or do you have a fetish for strange hats? Well, if you said “YES” to both questions, you should definitely check out this crazy and whimsical MMOFPS, Team Fortress 2! Pick 1 of the 9 classes of characters, select your loadout and you’re ready to hop into battle! Medic in Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2: Sniper Unsuspecting victim in Team Fortress 2 Read More
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