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Dirty Bomb 10 rate Pick a merc from the 15 different types available and head straight into battle in this exciting Team Fortress 2-esque MMOFPS game, Dirty Bomb! Enjoy objective-based gameplay with unique maps with side objectives that opens up previously contaminated paths. So, are you ready to play dirty? Try Dirty Bomb today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Pick a merc from the 15 different types available and head straight into battle in this exciting Team Fortress 2-esque MMOFPS game, Dirty Bomb! Enjoy objective-based gameplay with unique maps with side objectives that opens up previously contaminated paths to the main objective site. Collect character cards of varying weapon sets and augments, and upgrade them to obtain better quality ones with more augments. Use your character class’s special abilities to support your team as well. Although the map variety is rather limited and that there are only 2 game modes so far, Dirty Bomb is a strong and solid cartoony, arcade-like MMOFPS game that fans of games like Team Fortress 2 would love. Do try it out today!


In the near future, London stands abandoned, a dilapidated shell of its former self. After a mysterious disaster, the international Crisis and Disaster Agency stepped in to clean up the mess and decontaminate the city. They failed... badly. Now the streets of London are the playground of Private Military Companies (PMCs) who battle to control what remains of the city’s riches. After all, what’s a little radiation sickness when there’s money to be made?


To start, you will want to first know that Dirty Bomb features up to 15 different characters that can be further grouped into 5 main classes - fire support, assault, medic, engineer and recon. Fire support characters have damage support abilities like calling in artillery fire and providing ammo packs for allies. For assault, the characters are usually “tankier” (have more health and armor) and have big-boy guns like the miniguns or shotguns, but they tend to move a tad bit slower than other classes. Medic is a really interesting support class in Dirty Bomb. Unlike in Team Fortress 2, medics don’t heal other players directly. Instead, they toss out health packs, set up health stations for injured members to patch up, and even revive fallen comrades, who are yet to be kill-shotted.

Engineers, on the other hand, are very similar to the engineers in Team Fortress 2 in the sense that they can deploy limited number of turrets to camp or defend certain strategic locations on the map. Last but not least, the recon class is consisted of usually snipers or characters that can move stealthily and take out enemies quickly before fading back into the shadows. Each character also has their own unique abilities, for instance, Nader has this skill called martyrdom that allows you to trigger the explosives on her vest when she was downed by an enemy (but not yet killed) and take out enemy players who are nearby.

Out of the 15 characters though, the default characters that you get are Aura, who can move really fast, and Skyhammer, who can call in artillery strikes. You can unlock new characters by purchasing cases and the keys to open them. Each case opened will randomly select a loadout card (or “character card”) from the list of cards available. You may have noticed that there are different colored cards and the different colors represents different grades of cards. The grades range from lead cards (the most common) up to the super rare cobalt cards.

Now, before you start yelling “pay-to-win”, you should know that cards are randomly obtained via cases and that even if you’re super unlucky, you can still get higher grade cards by combining 3 of the lower grade ones. For instance, by combining 3 lead cards of the same character, you’ll gain an iron card instead. Match up 3 iron cards and you can get bronze and so on and so forth. It’ll be somewhat grindy, like almost all MMO games, but that is to be expected from a free-to-play game.

Different grade of cards don’t generally provide improved stats for your character. Those stats are pretty much fixed. However, different cards will feature different loadout sets (and yes, this means you won’t be able to modify or switch out individual weapons in your character loadout) as well as augments. Augments are generally boosts that increase certain beneficial effects and reduce detrimental ones. The augments you have on your character can change your playstyle, turning your character from a team-based kind of character into a more lone-ranger kind, for example. Lower grade cards like lead and iron has 1 to 2 augments respectively, but as you go higher up, the number of augments is capped at a maximum of 3. Similar to weapons, augments are fixed on each card and you won’t be able to modify them individually.

Interestingly, in Dirty Bomb, you get to choose up to 3 characters to be placed into a squad before heading into a game. The characters will be locked for that game, but you’ll be able to change between those 3 characters whenever you respawn. If you recall, you only get 2 characters for free, what about that third slot? Well, Dirty Bomb has you covered there. The game also features a character rotation system. So, you can simply fill up your squad with the free characters of the month. And once you earned enough cash while playing, you can permanently unlock them via the in-game shop.

For game modes, there are currently 2 main ones, namely quick join and competitive match, in addition to the Thames Merc training hub, which is your training game mode. Quick join allows you to drop-in and out of matches without ranking, fixed teams, or punishments for leaving early while competitive match is the exact opposite of it. For these two modes, there are 2 more forms of sub-game modes – objective mode, whereby one team attacks and one team defends (there are no switching sides), and stopwatch mode, in which each team takes turns attacking and defending (yes to side switching).

One of the best parts in Dirty Bomb is definitely its very unique maps. Unlike many other MMOFPS which has pretty much straightforward maps, the maps in this game offers side objectives that you and your team can complete to clear up previously contaminated areas that usually allow you to flank the enemy. But of course, this opens up the path for the enemy to flank your team as well. This also means that the map provides multiple paths to the main objective sites provided that you know what to do to “unlock” them. The maps are available for 5v5, 6v6, 7v7 and 8v8. However, the maps are a bit limited in terms of choice. There are currently 6 maps, namely bridge, chapel, terminal, trainyard, underground, and dome. Let’s just say that a hardcore gamer could probably burn through all of those maps within days or at most a week.


The community in Dirty Bomb is not exactly massive as of yet (it’s only in open beta after all), but the community is definitely on the right path. The players in this MMOFPS are not particularly toxic though you can expect some nasty stuff from players in the competitive mode.

Toxic players are the least of other players’ worries however. This is because there have been plenty of reports of brazen hackers one-shot killing everybody on the map using shotguns from miles away. So far, it seems that Nexon’s anti-cheat system isn’t working as expected. In fact, there were reports as well of the system suddenly detecting other software, particularly one system resource monitoring software that goes by the name of Process Hacker, as “hacker software”, resulting in an automatic blanket ban. It’s rather ironic considering that hackers, who are encroaching into the game, are not stopped.

Graphics/ Sound

In terms of graphics, the visuals in Dirty Bomb do remind me, somewhat, to Team Fortress 2 and hence, my frequent comparison between these two games. It’s cartoony yet not too much so – it is the epitome of “just right”. Music-wise, the game features a very nice epic music in the background that is inspirational of sorts. It’s very nice to listen to.


To sum it all up, Dirty Bomb is perhaps the next up-and-coming competitor to the famed Team Fortress 2. It is a truly fun game that has a lot of characters for you to play with. Each character even has their respective play style, abilities and feel, and the best part? You can unlock them permanently for free with a bit more effort and time. There are also loadout cards that you can get via purchased cases, which you can then combine to get a better grade card. Although the game modes and maps are rather lacking, the game made up for it by providing uniquely designed maps with secondary objectives that you can complete to gain access to previously “locked” areas on the map, which usually allow you to flank the enemy more effectively. Sounds like a whole lot of fun? Well, you’re not wrong there! Give Dirty Bomb a go today and experience the craziness for yourself today!

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New Game Added: Dirty Bomb

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Pick a merc from the 15 different types available and head straight into battle in this exciting Team Fortress 2-esque MMOFPS game, Dirty Bomb! Enjoy objective-based gameplay with unique maps with side objectives that opens up previously contaminated paths. So, are you ready to play dirty? Try Dirty Bomb today! Escort  in Dirty Bomb Dirty Bomb:Rhino Defend mode in Dirty Bomb Read More
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