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Roblox 8.8 rate If you enjoy building your own world, you’ll definitely like Roblox! Roblox is a sandbox, voxel-based game which is very similar to Minecraft. Build your own place brick by brick or for the creative, you can even use Roblox to design your own games! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you enjoy building your own world, you’ll definitely like Roblox! Roblox is a sandbox, voxel-based game which is very similar to Minecraft. Build your own place brick by brick or for the creative, you can even use Roblox to design your own games!


Although Roblox does not have a single plotline that you can follow through to the end, it has plenty of games in it that may have their own individual mini-plotlines, especially adventure-themed games. Choose to be the knight in the story and save the princess or be Eren Yeager in the Roblox recreation of Attack on Titan and kick some titan butt! You’ll choose who you want to be and where you want the story to go to.

Each of these games has been created by another member of Roblox, and you can do the same. The only limit here is your imagination. Use the pre build items, characters and places, or create your own and make yourself a game to enjoy, and share with others.


Instead of being a single game, Roblox is consisted of thousands of games – all built using voxels and most of them created by the community themselves. However, before starting to build on your own terrain, it’s best to try out the tutorial, Welcome to Roblox Building, first. Don’t worry; the controls are very easy to learn!

In the tutorial, you get to create your own place from the ground up using Lego-like blocks! There are a huge variety of colored bricks that you can use to create your own masterpiece! Along with tools that are provided to you, such as the Stamper, Clone tool or Rotate tool, you can easily build whatever you want in Roblox.

Furthermore, the game offers many themed kits, including castle kit, space kit and house kit that should be able to aid you in building your very first Roblox creation! These kits contain special pre-made and themed items, both for interior and exterior building and decorating, that you can use to build your very own castle, space station, or even a house! If you like, you could also browse through and choose from the many other pre-made decorations and scripted items like a button or door as well.

Moreover, in Welcome to Roblox Building, you will be building in plain sight of everyone there. Therefore, if people like what you’ve created, they can choose to leave you a ‘like’ for a job well-done! However, since this part of the game is supposed to be a tutorial to educate you on the controls, the baseplate that is given to you for building is limited and there may be people who can drop by and damage whatever that you’ve built. So, hold on to your best ideas until you get your own place to start building!

Once you’ve mastered the basic controls for building in Roblox, you are ready to move on to your own space. Selecting ‘Develop’ will bring you to your own place that you can soon modify to your heart’s content. Do remember that physics laws applies in voxel games such as this one, so you may need to add support beams for your building in order to make it more robust. Roblox also provides an option for you to take a video of yourself building or touring your place and directly upload it to YouTube or save it to your hard drive. Then, you can share that prime show-off material to your friends just so you can get that jealousy or admiration-filled ball rolling.

On top of that, you can insert your developed place into a game and let other players visit your space for some fun! It’s entirely up to you to choose which type of game you want to develop. If you fancy a shortcut, there are also templates for FPS games, capture the flag games, racing games and many others that just needed your creative attention to make it into something more unique.

Getting tired of the same old costume that you’ve been wearing for hours? Well, you can design your own T-shirts for your character using Roblox too! There’s a clothes template that you can download and design. Once you’re done, just upload it back to your Roblox account and your character will have a brand new outfit to wear. It’s just so easy!

Roblox definitely can guarantee hours of fun-filled building sessions as you unleash your creativity and bring something from your imagination to digital life! That sense of achievement that you feel when you managed to, after hours of effort, build your ideal palace or space station, is something that you can strive for in Roblox.


Roblox community is simply amazing. In fact, most of the games that you can play at Roblox are created by the community! These people are extremely helpful especially towards newbies in the game and may provide some pointers on how to improve on your building skills.

In addition, if you have the cash to spend, why not sign yourself up for one of the games membership options, such as Builder’s Club, Turbo Builder’s Club or Outrageous Builder Club? With a membership, you’ll not only get to unlock access to many new features, mainly game developing features, like allowing in-game purchases in your Roblox-built game, you will also be included in the exclusive ‘Elite’ community in Roblox.

With the ability to share games, and play with others you will meet a few friends along the way you can add them to a list and see when they log in or out, you also have the option to add a particular game to your favorites list.

One of the nicest features is the ability to leave feedback on a particular space, this is useful to many, but as you would expect there are not always positive comments. But overall there is a really nice community here, and very supportive no matter what level you play or build to.


The graphics are pretty smooth considering that it is a voxel-based game. In fact, the graphics in Roblox may be some of the best around in many ways. Everything in Roblox looks more cartoony and has a blocky feel to it rather than realistic. Although there are some graphic glitches here and there when you’re building, the graphics in Roblox is pretty good overall.

There’s no background music in this game, except when you place a speaker or a boombox in your building and turn it on, of course. However, in your obsessive block-building spree, you could hardly feel the silence. For some, perhaps the silence is perfect to get the creative juices flowing.


If creating and building marvelous feats of architecture is your thing, then Roblox is exactly what you’ve been looking for! In this game, the possibilities are endless and what you choose to do with it is wholly up to you. There might be a couple of annoying glitches here and there but they didn’t interfere much with the amazing things you could do in Roblox.
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