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Sparta: War of Empires 10 rate Are you ready to take on Xerxes and the Persian Empire? Do you want to leave your mark among the greatest heroes in Hellas? If that answer is Yes, then you have come to the right place! Sparta: War of Empires is just the game for you! It is a real-time strategy game that takes on the threat from the Persian Empire. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Are you ready to take on Xerxes and the Persian Empire? Do you want to leave your mark among the greatest heroes in Hellas? If that answer is Yes, then you have come to the right place! Sparta: War of Empires is just the game for you! It is a real-time strategy game that takes on the threat from the Persian Empire.

In this game, you’ll get to gather your own resources, develop your city-state, build up your own mighty army, and take on rival city-states and the Persian army in your bid to be the most heroic Archon in Hellas (a.k.a. Ancient Greece)!


In Sparta: War of Empires, you play the role of a Greek Archon who founded a new city-state in Hellas. It is a troubling time in Hellas as the various city-states are now facing an even greater threat – Xerxes and his overwhelming Persians army.

Chosen by King Leonidas, Basileus of Sparta, you are given aid and guidance from him in order to start preparing for the imminent danger. Gather resources to expand your city-state and to build your own army. You will also need all your wits and guile with you as you manoeuvre the murky waters of diplomacy with other Archons as well as planning raids against rival city-states, Persian outposts and strongholds or defending your city-state from attacks.

With wise decisions and fruitful alliances, in time, you will be able to develop your prospering city-state into a force that even the great Xerxes and his mighty Persian army will fear! By then, you’ll be able to place your mark in history as the greatest Archon that has ever ruled in Hellas.


The first thing to do in any empire-building game is to ensure that your city-state produces enough resources. In Sparta: War of Empires, you have 3 major resources to worry about – Grain, Timber and Bronze. Timber and Bronze are required for forging your army’s weapons and armour as well as for building new buildings and upgrading them, while grain is needed to recruit new soldiers to your cause. Each resource-producing building will also have their own maximum capacity, so you’ll need to log in periodically to collect your resources. As the King Leonidas said in-game, ‘A wealthy city is a strong city’, once you run out of resources, your army will desert you; your city-state will fall into disrepair… and you’ll be at the mercy of your enemies. So, bear in mind, to always keep an eye on your resource level as you expand your army or your city-state.

If you are unable to produce enough resources to support your city-state or army, fear not! There are other ways to obtain what you need! Once you built your port, you can trade with other Archons in Hellas for the resources you need. These trades are performed in a realistic way – you will not instantly get the resources that you’ve traded for. Instead, you will need to wait for your galley to deliver the goods to your buyer before waiting for it to bring back the resources to your own city-state.

There are also divine quests that you can perform to earn more resource. You just needed to activate it, wait for the quest duration to complete and then collect your resources. However, there’s a limit of 5 individual divine quests that will be refreshed after every 6 hours. If you prefer the way of the warrior, you can send out your army and capture a colony or two in order to boost your resource production. Another easier but costly alternative is to spend your hard-earned Drachmas (in-game money) at the market. If you don’t have enough Drachmas to spend, you can always shell out some real money to buy more.

After setting up your resources, it’s time to start building an army that rivals that of the Persian army! There are two sorts of military units that you’ll be able to build – offensive and defensive. Offensive units like swordsmen are only useful in offensive actions – using them for defence will only result in some needless slaughter. The same could be said for defensive units. Thus, you have to be careful which troops you sent to war and which you remain at your city-state as defensive measures.

You will soon realise that trying to win a war as huge as defeating the Persian army, you will definitely need some better soldiers – not just mere swordsmen. You will want heavy infantry, like myrmidons and horsemen, like chariot-riders. In order to unlock these more elite military units, you will need to sign agreements with other Greek city-states. For example, by signing an agreement with Akanthos, you will unlock javelineers while an agreement with Delphi will unlock the indispensible scouts.

The best part is you can sign as many agreements as you want with as many city-states as you can – as long as you have the required amount of articles of agreement. These articles of agreement are randomly produced by your Ephors in the Ephorate on a daily basis, though you can opt to trade your articles with the ones you want at the port. You can also buy the articles that you want from the market with a pile of Drachmas. Furthermore, you can choose to update your agreements in order to gain better terms and conditions for a price. For the rich, you can buy soldiers and mercenaries at the market for Drachmas as well.

In Sparta: War of Empires, you can also summon your fellow (and friendly) Archons as your heroes and they will fight as part of your army! Although these hero units are just light infantry, these units are completely free to recruit and of course, considering that they are the highest damage dealers in the light infantry class, you could use a couple of these in your army. In fact, it’s so worth it that you would probably be pestering all your friends to play this game just so you could have even more heroes as well as (preferably high ranking) allies! However, there is a limit as to how many heroes you can summon from your expanding list of allies, but you can increase your limit by spending some Drachmas and building Ambrosia shrines.

There is also an option for you to upgrade your troops at the academy. Each upgrade will cost you a certain number of scrolls of wisdom, which is a dropped item for every battle you win. You can also earn more scrolls of wisdom every time you level up.

Ready your troops, Archon, for we have battles to win! For battles, there are 2 main ways to attack a rival city-state - raid or besiege, as opposed to the 1 way to attack a Persian outpost – total annihilation! In raids, you will pit your armies against that of your rival and if you win, you’ll earn yourself nice stacks of resources. In besiege, you practically take control of the city-state and will have to defend it from internal attacks (rebellions) as well as external attacks (other rival city-states).

Although Sparta: War of Empires may seem to have a lot of features and may come off to you as confusing at first, the game compensates by providing a great quest line that is actually a tutorial of sorts. This quest line will help you get your city-state on its own two feet. The amazing feeling that you get as you see your city-state and armies grow is exactly what this game can offer to you!


There is a huge and growing community at Sparta: War of Empires. This is evident in the number of coalitions (in other words, ‘guilds’) that this game has and the number of players each coalition has. Most coalitions are very protective of their members and will certainly help you out if you’re one of its members. If you’re being attacked or have already been besieged, a single call for arms in your coalition’s site would muster up a huge army of reinforcement to enable you to retake your city-state.

If you prefer to be a lone wolf in Hellas, you can do so too! Any questions you may have about the game can be directed to the game’s forums instead. However, do take note that Xerxes’s army is massive and if you wish to have a fighting chance of standing up against his army, you will need allies… plenty of them.


The graphics in this browser-based game is nothing short of breath-taking. The attention to detail is incredible and the artwork, especially the character models for each type of troops, is very well-done!

The amazing background music that this game has is perfectly suited for the game’s theme of the war between heroic Greeks and the mighty Persians. In fact, the music in Sparta: War of Empire is comparable in terms of quality to the epic music that you hear in movies.

One of the best parts of this game is, without doubt, the quality voice acting for King Leonidas. It is the perfect voice acting that brought the storyline to life! Without it, the game’s quests would seem dull and the game would not be as popular as it is now.


Sparta: War of Empires definitely extended the boundaries on the definition of ‘browser-based game’. With this game, you can expect plenty of quality and engaging gameplay, graphics and sound that can rival a stand-alone game, such as Total War. The storyline in this game is also very captivating and may bring to mind certain heroically inspirational moments recently seen in movies.

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Build your own city-state and fortify it!

The first war between the Greeks and the Persian Empire, led by King Xerxes I, was considered as one of the most important conflicts in classic history.

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