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Metro Conflict 9 rate Game no longer available Play as 1 of the 8 different character classes, each providing different gameplay experience with their own special abilities. Engage in adrenaline-charged combat in the game’s various game modes, including intense and fast-paced PvP matches, single player story mode and even co-op mode. Play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Plotline Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Metro Conflict here:


Join the intense domestic war between the People’s Liberation Front (PLF) and the Federal Security Special Force (USS) as they fought their bloody battles on US soil! Play as 1 of the 8 different character classes, each providing different gameplay experience with their own special abilities as well as designated weapons. Engage in adrenaline-charged combat in the game’s various game modes, including intense and fast-paced PvP deathmatches, single player story mode and even co-op defense mode, across a huge span of maps available. On your downtime, you can also have fun customizing your character and weapons with the many skins that are for sale. So, if you enjoy tactical shooters with a tad bit of arcade mixed into it, well, Metro Conflict’s the game for you. Try it now!


On July 4, 2019, just before the presidential election, terrorism to the U.S. government occurred across the country simultaneously, causing the deaths of millions of innocent people. Many forces were suspected as forces behind the terrorism. Of course, Al-Qaeda, who had taken the leading role in 9/11, was mentioned as the strongest candidate even though they denied the rumor. After an intensive investigation, the government has a breakthrough. It seems that the brutal terrorists were actually discontent and violent U.S. citizens, who have banded up as the People’s Liberation Front (a.k.a. PLF) to fight the government. They received a large amount of money and terrorism training from Al-Qaeda and various anti-Americanism affiliated governments to perform those acts of terror.

As a response, the government has established a new military force, named Federal Security Special Force (dubbed as the USS), that is under direct control of the President. From there, these warriors of the USS have been trying their very best to foil any future attempts, including other acts of terror or subterfuge, by the PLF to spread chaos on US soil.


The game starts up with a very nice cinematic showcasing the gameplay and a bit of the story behind the game. Since Metro Conflict is not the usual run and gun sort of MMO shooter – it’s more tactical and class-based. Thus, it is advisable to take quick run through the tutorial as you’ll be introduced to the different abilities and roles of different classes.

There are 8 classes in total in Metro Conflict. They include male characters like Geoffrey with his grenade launcher, BigDaddy and his minigun, as well as Hawkeye the sniper, and also female characters like Trish, and Ana, who dual wields submachine guns like a boss! Most of the other classes use assault rifles, though some of the rifles may have a scope... or not. Out of these 8 classes available, as a beginner, you’ll start off with only 2 classes to choose from, namely Striker and Hawkeye. You’ll have to unlock the other classes before you can play as them.

These classes are unique besides wielding different types of weapons. They each have their own special abilities as well! These abilities have cooldowns – some can be pretty long for a fast-paced game, while others can be pretty short. For instance, Striker can heal himself for a small amount of health over time while El Tigre has a personal energy shield that can be triggered for a limited time. Hawkeye, on the other hand, has a motion sensor skill that allows all his teammates detect enemies that are moving within a limited radius around him... it is similar to one of the Recon’s devices in Ghost Recon: Phantoms.

Well, now that the introductions for the characters are all done and over with, it’s time to virtually spill some blood! In Metro Conflict, there is a huge array of game modes that you can enjoy. There is a training mode where you can familiarize yourself with the controls and game mechanics and also a single player story mode that allows you to experience the struggle between the USS and PLF and discover the secrets of “the suit”.

In addition to single player mode, there is also a co-op mode whereby you can work together with other players to defend your base against relentless waves of AI soldiers. Like any co-op mode, there are no respawns available. Instead, you can “rescue” your fellow teammates provided that you can get to them quick enough and without dying yourself. If you’re not confident enough with the game’s controls or with your skills, you can play it safe and play a co-op team deathmatch game against clever AIs as well!

Of course, Metro Conflict offers plenty of PvP game modes for you to have fun with. They include Team Deathmatch, whereby your team will need to reach the target score before the other team within the time limit; Demolition, in which the attacking team must destroy the target while defending team must prevent the bomb plant, and the, there’s the uniquely-named Cube Rush mode. In Cube Rush, your team will need to obtain the cube and deliver it to the enemy touch point.

Although you can select the game mode you want to play in, the map you get is randomly assigned. There are quite a range of maps available in Metro Conflict as of current, such as Energy Plant, Kill House, Street Market and Outpost. Up to 13 of them in fact, but of course, certain maps are reserved for specific game modes. In terms of controls, Metro Conflict’s controls may take some getting used to, although basically most keys used in the game correspond to the standard keys that MMO shooter games use. To activate your class ability though, you’ll need to press the “F” key. Also, interestingly, the game allows you to “aim” where your grenade is going to land. However, there is no way to replenish your ammo while you’re playing.

Earning in-game cash is pretty easy in Metro Conflict, especially with the daily free cash that you’re given. On the downside though, weapons are only available for a short amount of time (like within a day) and cannot be permanently purchased. Even weapons bought using real cash only last at most a week. As you know, weapons are class-restricted, so you’ll need to be careful to buy only weapons that can be used by classes that you’ve unlocked. It’d be a pity if it’s not.

Last but not least, in your down times, you can have fun customizing your characters and weapons with some really awesome-looking skins. Granted that most skins are real-cash only, if you truly enjoy the game, well, you could spend a few bucks to show the developers your support and get something cool in return!


The community in Metro Conflict is pretty huge but they are separated into regions due to the region-restrictions imposed. Also, the game is going to (not yet though) provide clans to allow players to group together and participate in exciting clan-based matches (perhaps).The game has also recently organized its first ESL tournament (esports tournament) Since its release into Open Beta, the game’s Facebook fan page has garnered round 13 thousand likes as well.

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in Metro Conflict is pretty good for a MMO shooter, though if you’re expecting top-notch, high definition graphics, you may be disappointed. Do bear in mind that this game is a free-to-play after all. The visuals are definitely up to par with or perhaps even slightly better other free-to-play shooter games, like Soldier Front 2 or Combat Arms.

For music, the game has a really pleasant music in the lobby that is rather haunting and has a tinge of melancholy... after all, there’s domestic terrorism in the US (as the in-game story goes). While in-game, the sounds of gunfire are pretty well done, as gunfire from different guns are distinguishable and well, the sound effect of scoring a headshot is pretty awesome as well.


All in all, Metro Conflict is a challenging and rather fun, sci-fi-themed free-to-play MMOFPS that may appeal to fans of “Ghost Recon: Phantoms”-like games. The game features up to 8 character classes, each with their own unique abilities, weapons and role to play in the game. There are a plethora of game modes that generally includes game modes that can be grouped into single player, co-op and, of course, PvP. The game even has up to 13 different maps for you to familiarize and dominate as well! If you have the money to spare, you can always spend some to get some awesome-looking customizations and skins for your character and weapons. On the downside though, weapons are only available for a very short duration in spite of the fact that in-game cash is pretty easy to earn in this game. So, are you ready to work with your team and dominate the opposing team in Metro Conflict? Play it now!

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Game no longer available Play as 1 of the 8 different character classes, each providing different gameplay experience with their own special abilities. Engage in adrenaline-charged combat in the game’s various game modes, including intense and fast-paced PvP matches, single player story mode and even co-op mode. Play now! Dual wielding in Metro Conflict Metro Conflict: Recon Metro Conflict: Minigun in action Read More Be the First to Post a Review!

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