Blacklight: Retribution

by Aethyna
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Blacklight: Retribution 10 rate Looking for a sci-fi MMO shooter game with awesome armored exoskeletons that you can take control of and a legitimate wall-hack to boot? Well, check out Blacklight: Retribution! Wage war with other players in the various competitive game modes and maps that the game has to offer and show them who's the boss! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Looking for a sci-fi MMO shooter game with awesome armored exoskeletons that you can take control of and a legitimate wall-hack to boot? Well, it doesn’t get any closer than this exhilarating game, Blacklight: Retribution! Wage war with other players in the various competitive game modes and maps that the game has to offer in order to secure the objectives. With the GPs you’ve earned, you can purchase new and more powerful weapons or even customize your current weapons by swapping out any component of the weapons that you didn’t like! Remember to invest your skill points into skills that will suit your play style as well. Sound like the ultimate MMO shooter game? Well, grab your buddies, head on over to Blacklight: Retribution and show off your epic shooting skills today!


Before heading into a game, you might want to check out the various customization features that are available to you, in particularly the character customizations. Do bear in mind that this is an MMO shooter game and not an MMORPG, thus the customization here mainly refers to how your character’s gear look rather than how your character actually looks like. There is a huge variety of chest armor, helmet and leg armor that you can buy and use, though these items are strictly cosmetic - it just provides your character with a different look.

In addition to character customization, you can also customize your character skills. There are 2 forms of skills that you can improve on as you progress in the game, namely database and nodes. Database is your typical skills tree whereby you’ll invest skill points (SP) into various skills that you think suit your play style. Skills in the database are separated into 4 tiers – the best skills will, of course, be at the topmost tier, and you’ll also need SPs to unlock new tiers.

In Blacklight: Retribution, the amount of weapon customizations is incredibly detailed. This means that you’ll be able to customize every part of your weapon, including the receiver, muzzle, barrel, magazine, scope, stock, and even hanger. You can also add camo paints for your weapons. There are also a huge amount of weapons, such as high-tech versions of shotguns, bot-action rifles and even burstfire pistol, to unlock as you level up, but as a beginner, a fresh level 1, you’ll still have access to quite the number of weapons. Besides weapons, you can also obtain various ammo types for your weapons, namely incendiary, explosive, electro, and toxic, and an array of grenades, including EMP, frag and flash grenades, as well as mines.

However, in this game, weapons are only available for a limited amount of time, but well, at least you can choose how many days you want to buy the weapons for. Naturally, the longer you want to keep the weapon, the more expensive it’ll be for you. The in-game currency, GP, is fairly easy to earn especially if you play more than 5 matches per day and performed above average for all of them.

Now that you’re all customized, you’re ready to go! Hop into your first game by selecting a server browser to go into. There are 2 types of server available – quick join and ranked match. Naturally, it’ll be best to try out on a quick join match before actually going into a ranked match, lest you encounter the more toxic side of the game and put Blacklight: Retribution down as a bad time investment. Once you’re in, you’ll get to see a long list of games that are available.

In this game, there are many different types of game modes, though there aren’t any that is particularly out-of-the-norm. You get your usual, and apparently the most popular game mode in Blacklight: Retribution, team deathmatch; domination whereby you’ll take and hold capture points; the free-for-all deathmatch; retrieval whereby you’ll need to work with your team to capture the enemy flag and bring it back to base and also King of the Hill, which is similar to domination, but you get 5 node points instead of 3 and you don’t get to “hack” the node (to capture it faster). There are also other more interesting modes like NetWar, Kill Confirmed, Siege and the co-op mode, Onslaught.

In terms of controls, they are pretty standard for an MMO shooter. Interestingly, you can sprint for a short period of time in this game. These are pretty common stuff that you can usually see in most MMO shooters, but one of the main features that set Blacklight: Retribution aside from the other games is its “legitimate wall-hack”, the hyper reality visor (HRV). Accessible via the “V” key, you can use it to identify the locations of the enemy and also friendlies on the map. However, you cannot fight while you’re using it, so be sure to check your surroundings before you do. It also has a short cooldown, so you won’t be able to use it consecutively. Nevertheless, HRV is one of the key features that when used strategically may ensure your survival, increase your kill-death ratio (KDR) and even aid in the completion of the objectives.

Moreover, if you get into a killing spree, your threat will be elevated and enemy players will earn more CPs by killing you. What can you use these CPs for? Well, you can use them in-game only to purchase items at the any of the weapon depots on the map. The items you can buy include ammo, new weapons, like the flamethrower, deployable turrets and even a hardsuit.

Hardsuit is an armored exoskeleton that is very hard to take out, due to its limited weak spots, namely the joints and the back. However, the suit will cause you to become a slow-moving, metal-made “Hulk” though the suit does provide a temporary speed boost for a while that takes time to recharge. You won’t be able to go into narrow spaces and you won’t be able to use your HRV as well. As a side note, hardsuit is much like a vehicle that you can use in some of the shooter games. If you leave the suit unattended, an enemy can sneak up and capture your suit, turning its guns upon you in a blink of the eye. So, it’s best not to leave your hardsuit unless absolutely necessary.


Blacklight: Retribution is a pretty new face among the other esport-associated MMO shooters as it has just joined the esports scene early last year. It has organized a couple of ESL tournaments, though these tourneys do not give away cash prizes – they give away premiums instead. In terms of toxicity, there aren’t too much if you’re playing in unranked games, but that changes around pretty quickly if you head over to the ranked games as a total newbie.

Graphics/ Sound

Blacklight: Retribution offers polished-looking graphics with very crisp outlines. The characters in the game are very cool-looking and there are plenty of customization features that are very well-designed as well. The game doesn’t provide any music per se, but while you’re in-game, you’ll be treated to the sounds of mixed gunfire. Different weapons have different gunfire sounds, so you can easily differentiate the “hailstorm of bullets” sound of a hardsuit’s minigun, for example, from the usual cacophony of assault rifles. While you’re in a hardsuit, you can actually hear the grinding and squeaking of the gears in your suit as you move around too. Although these sound effects do increase the immersion of the game, it can be rather noisy at times.


All in all, Blacklight: Retribution is an excellently-designed MMOFPS that stands out from the rest of the games in the same genre by providing a “legitimate wall-hack”, the HRV and also deployable, match-restricted consumables and items like the hardsuit and the flamethrower. Have fun customizing your weapons down to the very components that these weapons are made of and don’t forget to invest your skill points into skills that are useful for you. In terms of game modes and maps, the game does provide quite a lot of variety for each feature as well! A sci-fi-themed MMO shooter can’t get any better than this! So, be sure to check out Blacklight: Retribution today!

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New Game Added: Blacklight: Retribution

by Aethyna Aug 20, 2015
Looking for a sci-fi MMO shooter game with awesome armored exoskeletons that you can take control of and a legitimate wall-hack to boot? Well, check out Blacklight: Retribution! Wage war with other players in the various competitive game modes and maps that the game has to offer and show them who's the boss! Flamethrower in Blacklight: Retribution Blacklight: Retribution: Weapon skin Team deathmatch in Blacklight: Retribution Read More
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