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Combat Arms 9 rate Combat Arms offers a huge variety of game modes (more than 10), maps (around 53 of them) and even missions, along with a long list of both conventional and some not-so-conventional weapons on offer at the in-game store. Sounds like your type of fun? Great, you can play and experience Combat Arms now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you think the other MMOFPS games that you’ve played lack variety, well, you can stop right there... and head on over to Combat Arms today! The game offers a huge variety of game modes (more than 10), maps (around 53 of them) and even missions, along with a long list of both conventional and some not-so-conventional weapons on offer at the in-game store. Sounds like your type of fun? Great, you can download Combat Arms for free and start owning noobs today!


To start playing, you just need to sign up and install the game. Once you’re in, you’ll first need to select a server to play in. There are rank servers, regular servers and clan servers. Of course, if you’re not that confident of “getting it” on your first go, it’s best to start with the recruit server in the regular servers (the game restricts players by their kill-death ratio (KDR), so don’t worry about going up against vets in the newbie server). At least, it won’t hurt that much (that includes the toxicity that you may face) if you floundered. You’ll also get some time to familiarize yourself with the controls and with your default weapon. You may also notice that some servers have temporary experience and gold boosts. If you like, you can also head over to these servers as well.

Once you’re in a server, it’s time to choose a game mode and a map that you like and hop right into combat. Combat Arms features a plethora… and I do mean a huge load of them (more than 10), of game modes and maps. Among the game modes, there are fireteam mode, which is technically team deathmatch; deathmatch (such as One Man Army mode, Spy Hunt mode and Last Man Standing mode); capture the flag; search and destroy; quarantine and many more! There’s even a zombie mode and a snowball fight mode as well! The modes in this game are designed for 8 vs 8, provided that the game mode is team-based.

For maps, Combat Arms offers a whopping 53 different ones that can be loosely classified into groups by map sizes or by type. Like most MMO shooter games, Combat Arms provides many types of warzones, including urban, industrial, desert, arctic, woodland, tropical, underground, futuristic and even oceanic ones (Don’t drop off the platform!). Also, the game has a general invitation feature which allows players, who are waiting in a room for enough players to play, to invite random players that are free and available in the lobby to join in the game.

You’re in a game? Awesome! It’s time to kick some butts! The controls in Combat Arms can be a tad bit complicated if you learn them all at the start. The basics though are pretty similar to any other MMO shooter games. This means that you’ll be using WASD to move, R to reload, space to jump, shift to sprint and ctrl to crouch. For mouse controls, naturally, right click is shoot, holding the left button is to use sights and the mouse movement is your aiming device.

In terms of weapons, Combat Arms has quite a lot of weapons on offer for in-game cash, but of course, there are also plenty of powerful premium weapons that you can buy for real cash. These weapons are all permanent though, thankfully and can be separated into several categories – the most general of which is primary, secondary and melee. Primary weapons consist of your usual shotguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns, sub machine guns and even RPGs, while the secondary weapons include handguns and pistols. Melee weapons are pretty unique in Combat Arms. Some examples include shovel, tomahawk, sickle, and kukri.

There is also a variety grenades that you can buy and use, such as smoke grenades, flash grenades, gas grenades, incendiary grenades and of course, the usual frag grenades. Interestingly, you can forgo having a grenade and get a helpful device instead in Combat Arms, such as the hearbeat detector and sensor (the difference between those two devices is the detection range).

Furthermore, you can also modify your weapons to your liking in Combat Arms! You can augment most weapons with muzzle, sights, and a larger clip, so you can have additional ammo pool. Not all options are available for all weapon types though, for instance, there’s no way shotguns can be augmented with suppressors. Also different weapons use different types of modifications, so you can’t really use them interchangeably. For example, a scope for your assault rifle cannot fit on your pistol – you’ll have to buy another scope that is specially made for pistols.

However, for loadouts, Combat Arms doesn’t only provide you with slots for a primary and a secondary weapon, along with your grenades and melee weapon of course, it also provide you with a sniper rifle slot. This means that every player in the game, provided that they do have a sniper rifle equipped, will be able to switch between both guns easily.

One of the interesting aspects of Combat Arms is their missions. Unlike other MMO shooters whereby missions mean killing x number of foes using certain type of weapon or in specific game mode, in this game, missions are technically another form of game modes. For instance, in the Hired Guns mission, players can earn funds in-match to hire a mercenary. This merc will participate in combat. You can adjust its aggressiveness as well, for example, when you use the in-game chat option “Follow me”, the merc will follow but will not engage the enemy, but when you switch to “Go Go Go”, the merc will become more aggressive and will shoot at enemies on sight. As missions are technically another form of game modes, this means that Combat Arms do have a LOT of game modes that you can enjoy!


Like most other MMO shooter games, players in Combat Arms tend to group together into clans. The best players with their high KDR will be in the best clans while the rest, well, stay with the lower-ranked clans. In terms of toxicity, Combat Arms can be pretty toxic at times as it offers in-game VoIP service that players can use to talk to other players of the same team. There are also plenty of complaints from players about the amazing number of hackers in the game. Granted that Nexon did its best with curbing these hackers, these people seem to crop right up again within a couple of days or weeks. Due to these people though, some games will feel like a massacre rather than a proper game and not to mention, your KDR will be “hurt” quite a lot as well.

Graphics/ Sound

Combat Arms is a very old game. It is more than 7 years old, so you can’t expect the graphics to look as polished as the graphics in games nowadays... even free to play ones. However, whatever graphics that they had, it has worked for the game for so long and it will continue to serve its function as well as it can now. In terms of sound, the lobby music does get one charged up and ready for a match while in-game you can distinguish different gunfire (as they are fired from different guns) as well as footsteps of both the enemy players and your teammates. These sounds are vital in the game, especially when an enemy player is trying to “sneak” up on you with a knife.


In short, Combat Arms is a great MMOFPS game that mimics Call of Duty in many ways and yet manages to stand out with its ridiculous (in a good way) number of game modes, maps, missions and weapons! There is even a game mode that allows you to play as a zombie! Guns in this game are permanent and are also modify-able to increase the guns’ stats. Of course, there is plenty of other cosmetic stuff as well as premium items that you can buy from the store using real cash. Therefore, if you enjoy MMOFPS games with a huge load of variety and don’t mind getting owned by spenders once in awhile, well, Combat Arms is definitely the game for you. Try it now!

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New Game Added: Combat Arms

by Aethyna Aug 14, 2015
Combat Arms offers a huge variety of game modes (more than 10), maps (around 53 of them) and even missions, along with a long list of both conventional and some not-so-conventional weapons on offer at the in-game store. Sounds like your type of fun? Great, you can play and experience Combat Arms now! Combat Arms: Firing Sniper in Combat Arms Epic stealth in Combat Arms Read More
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