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by Aethyna
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Piercing Blow 9 rate Played Project Blackout before or do you just love CounterStrike? If you say "yes!" to one or both of the questions, Piercing Blow is practically tailored for you! Select a character and a class, and enjoy exhilarating shootouts or have fun fighting against dinosaurs in a Jurassic World-esque escape mode! So, don't wait - Play it now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Piercing Blow is a recently repackaged and released version of the old yet gold free-to-play MMOFPS game, Project Blackout. In terms of gameplay, this game contains all the criteria of a standard free-to-play MMO shooter that mimics CounterStrike and it doesn’t seem to change much from its previous version. However, it does offer a new and thrilling mode, called the escape mode, along with a range of new maps as well as characters and their classes! The in-game shop also provides a plethora of guns and other weapons that you can buy using either in-game cash or premium cash, including grenades and melee weapons. There are even “cosmetics” that provide bonuses to your character’s stats that you can purchase using either of the currencies as well! The game has a booming esports community and if you enjoy free-to-play shooter games, Piercing Blow is definitely one game that you simply must try out!


To start getting those headshots, you’ll first need to set a nickname, choose a character and select a class. In Piercing Blow, you get to choose from 4 starting characters, namely Aurochs, Acid, Tarantula and Keen Eyes. Each character has their respective immersive background stories that you can read while you’re choosing your character. If you didn’t like any of these characters, be assured that you can later purchase a new character, including some that are not in the list provided, permanently using in-game currency.

Next, your character class! Class is mainly separated by the guns that you’ll primarily be using, and there are 5 classes provided, namely assault, SMG, sniper, shot gun and machine (gun). In this game, you can use whichever weapons that you like, but if you use a weapon that is of your class, you will earn a slight bonus. So, choose wisely! Once you’re done, you’re ready to rumble!

Head over to the room selection screen and choose a room with the game mode and stage (a.k.a. “map”) that suits you! In Piercing Blow, there are generally 7 game modes, they include death match, eliminate, practice mode, destroy, bomb, defense and escape. For eliminate mode, it’s basically a free-for-all death match game where you’ll be targeting everyone and be targeted by everybody in return. If you’re new to MMO shooters, you might want to forgo this mode first. In death match mode, on the other hand, you’ll actually be playing death match in a team setting. So, in this mode, you can at least know that someone might just have your back.

There is also a practice mode whereby you’ll play against bots in a co-op humans-vs-AI mode, while for bomb mode (or in some other MMOs, you’ll know it as “demolition mode”), you’ll have to work with your team to set or defuse C4 charges. Destroy mode is a team-based tactical mode whereby you have to attack and destroy an objective.

The best and most unique mode is, without doubt, the escape mode. In this team-based game mode, a random team will be selected to become the dinosaurs in the game while the other team will remain human. The objective of this mode is for the humans to defeat the dinosaurs so as to clear their way in order to get to a certain location for points. The dinosaur team will, of course, need to use all their wits and “tiny hands” but massive and pointy-sharp teeth to stop the other team at all costs! It does feel somewhat like being able to play Jurassic World in a game! It’s pretty fantastic!

Although there are quite a range of game modes for you to play in, all of these modes are also customizable to create a custom game mode of your own! You can restrict weapon types for a game to perhaps allow only melee weapons or pistols, and you can even choose how many players you can in a game. Naturally, you’ll also be able to select a stage, or map, that you want. There is rather a huge list of maps for you to choose from (47 in total), such as Luxville, Burning Hall, Port Akaba, West station, Red Rock, Sentry Base, Training Camp and many more. You can make games private or public as you wish as well! Thus, technically, Piercing Blow provides a lot more game modes than the preset 7 modes available, allowing for a much diverse gameplay!

In addition, the controls in Piercing Blow are very similar to any other shooter games. For instance, you’ll be using WASD to move, left click to shoot, right click to look down the sights and the mouse scroller to change weapons. “R” is used for reloading and you can also press “T” to change your loadout. The best part in this game though is the fact that you can pick up weapons dropped from opponents that you’ve killed. So, if you managed to take down a player with a superior weapon, you can just go ahead and grab it. The only risk about this is that the player who was killed may have used up all the rounds in the gun, leaving you with very little bullets to use.

Wasn’t that match exhilarating? Well, now that you have some in-game cash of your own, it’s perhaps time to hit the shops! In Piercing Blow, there are simply lots of weapons for you to buy! These weapons are grouped into categories, namely assault (shot guns, machine guns, SMGs, sniper rifles, assault rifles, etc), secondary (pistols), melee (knives, bats, poles... yup, they’ve got most of it!), explosive (grenades) and special (smoke bombs and the works). Some of these weapons are available for premium currency (cash) and some for in-game currency (points).

Moreover, Piercing Blow has a rather unique weapon-purchasing system whereby instead of “renting” a weapon, the game lets you buy 100 of them. So, in other words, you can use the gun in a 100 matches before you ran out of guns to use and will have to buy more. There are also plenty of “cosmetic” items, like caps and masks as well as skins for your guns and character. These “cosmetics” provide bonus stats to your character, like extra maximum health points or lower the chance of you getting a hit by a headshot. Unlike in other games, not all of these cosmetic items are cash only though in this game. Hats, for example, can be bought using in-game currency. Cosmetics are rental items and will only be available for a limited period of time.


Piercing Blow boasts of having 100 million users playing this game in 70 different countries on a daily basis, with most of its players hailing from Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil and Latin America. The game is also popular in the Esports scene and they reportedly have around 5000 teams competing in annual tournaments since 2011. As a more casual (non-esport) player in Piercing Blow, you can enjoy the game with any new friends you may have made by signing up to join a clan. You can also add friends from the game’s Facebook fan page if you don’t fancy the idea of joining a clan instead.

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in Piercing Blow looks much nicer if compared with some of the other MMO shooter games like Wolf Team or Combat Arms, which is good enough for a free-to-play game, but it won’t win any prizes for aesthetics that’s for sure! In terms of sound, well, everything seems pretty standard in Piercing Blow. The sound of gunshots is pretty realistic and then there’s the sound of footsteps which you can use to approximately determine the location of your moving enemy.


In short, Piercing Blow is a fun and thrilling MMOFPS game that is practically a reskinned version of Project Blackout. However, the developers have added a few new golden nuggets into the game including more character choices that you can buy at the shop, a lot more weapons, new maps and most interestingly, a new and very interesting dinosaur-vs-humans escape mode! You can also purchase cosmetics for your character using in-game cash or premium money that will provide your character will a nice stats boost. Gameplay-wise, Piercing Blow sticks strongly to the usual MMO shooter formula, with the nice exception that you can pick up weapons dropped from opponents you’ve killed. The game is also pretty popular among fans of esports and has huge tournaments organized annually. So, if you’re a fan of MMO shooters, do give Piercing Blow a go! It’s a free-to-play game after all!

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New Game Added: Piercing Blow

by Aethyna Jun 22, 2015
Played Project Blackout before or do you just love CounterStrike? If you say "yes!" to one or both of the questions, Piercing Blow is practically tailored for you! Select a character and a class, and enjoy exhilarating shootouts or have fun fighting against dinosaurs in a Jurassic World-esque escape mode! So, don't wait - Play it now! Target in sight in Piercing Blow Piercing Blow: Tarantula Museum map in Piercing Blow Read More

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