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Pinchcliffe Grand Prix 8 rate Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is a game based on the most widely-viewed Norweigan film of all time, the Flåklypa Grand Prix. Players will dive on a variety of minigames to build their racecar, the Il Tempo Gigante, and compete in fast-paced races in story mode or with a friend in local split-screen. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Pinchcliffe Grand Prix, or as it is known in the original Norweigan version as Flåklypa Grand Prix, is one of the most widely-viewed films made in Norway. It made its way beyond the fjords and shores to England and other countries in Europe, becoming a favorite of many and contributing to the rise of stop-motion animation. With that said, if you’re from Europe, you’ve probably encountered it before and would be pleased to hear that it has a game version carrying a similar title.

In a nutshell, Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is essentially a combat racing game, just with a rather large variety of minigames mixed in with a point-and-click adventure. It’s a fantastic experience for fans of the movie, but it comes off as totally bizarre from an outsider’s standpoint. Instead of having players dive into the racing element right away, you’ll first have to undergo many minigames and point-and-click sequences. With this in mind, if you’re someone who wants to get to the racing bit right away, you’ll need to be a bit patient.


Pinchcliffe Grand Prix follows the story of Theodore Rimspoke, a bicycle engineer with a plethora of other tinkering-related hobbies. He lives on top of a cliff that is probably Pinchcliffe town's namesake, with his two buddies, Lambert the nervous-looking hedgehog and Sonny Duckworth, a relatively upbeat magpie. The tale revolves around Theodore and his friends building the famous Il Tempo Gigante, the racecar in the movie, by collecting car parts and completing minigames. You’ll meet other characters as well, including the oil sheik that funds Theodore’s racing venture, and the antagonist, Rudolph Gore-Slimey.


Before you get down into the meat of the game, which is its races, you need to get into Pinchcliffe Grand Prix’s Story mode first. In a nutshell, this consists of point-and-click sequences where you have to direct characters to a location to perform a task and instances where it feels like a hidden object game. This feels a bit off if you just want to start driving racecars and is a somewhat questionable design choice by today’s standards, and it’s a bit tough to find specific objects and locations. In addition, you’ll have to spend an hour or two hours finding parts, playing minigames, and watching cutscenes before putting the pedal to the metal. However, it’s important to note that it’s a faithful remake of a Nintendo DS title, which will definitely appeal to its old fans and players.

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix’s controls are relatively simple and outlined well, but you’ll notice that it feels like it was made for the age of the Nintendo DS, not for this generation’s PCs and consoles. For example, the controls felt archaic in the balloon minigame, making flying and gathering balloons a tougher endeavor than usual. The same can be said about the racing part; navigating around sharp turns will be challenging, and crashing, and striking obstacles will undoubtedly be the norm. Nevertheless, it’s still the game’s best part, as it feels like you’re playing something akin to Mario Kart or Crash Nitro Kart, thanks to the many powerups and weapons you can obtain and use, as well as the part where you regularly collide with your rivals. So yes, you can sabotage enemies, and they can do the same to you!

Though it takes a while to reach the part where you start racing, Pinchcliffe Grand Prix’s minigames will keep you preoccupied. There are only nine in total, but the variety is outstanding. Apart from the flying balloon one mentioned above, there are jigsaw puzzles, a Pac-man maze one where you get to play as Lambert, and a bike-riding game where you gather coins and traverse around obstacles as Sonny. They’re quite fun, and many of them offer a fair bit of replayability, especially if you’d like to challenge yourself by beating your top scores time and time again.


Pinchcliffe Grand Prix has no online modes. However, it has a split-screen two-player functionality, making it a great game to play with a friend.


In terms of presentation, Pinchcliffe Grand Prix looks like a digital 3D version of a stop-motion film. It’s a beautiful-looking game and looks loads better than the original film, although there are cutscenes where the game shows instances clipped from the movie. The animations, particularly the character movements in the story mode, look smooth, and it’s like watching a real film.

Meanwhile, the voice acting is top-notch. I haven’t seen the film, so I can’t say if they used the original voices, but the game sounds like a well-dubbed version of a Saturday morning British cartoon.


Overall, Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is a great game for fans of the franchise, offering a hefty dose of nostalgia and fun. As a total outsider, it took me a while to get into the experience but carrying on made me love its charms and appreciate even its archaic controls. In any case, it’s definitely something you need to add to your backlog, especially if you’re a fan of stop-motion films or someone who watched the film before.

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New Game Added: Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

by Mikhail Jan 10, 2022
Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is a game based on the most widely-viewed Norweigan film of all time, the Flåklypa Grand Prix. Players will dive on a variety of minigames to build their racecar, the Il Tempo Gigante, and compete in fast-paced races in story mode or with a friend in local split-screen. Start of race in Pinchcliffe Grand Prix Balloon and helicopter minigame in Pinchcliffe Grand Prix Sonny Duckworth bike game in Pinchcliffe Grand Prix Read More

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix now available in additional territories!

by Aethyna Jan 3, 2022
If you're in Europe, chances are you can now purchase his charming racing game! Pinchcliffe Grand Prix now available in additional territories! Read More
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