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by Aethyna
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League of Angels 8 rate Introducing League of Angels a one of a kind type of game! In this game, you are a hero of the light who is hell-bend on rescuing all the Angels in the Kingdom of Gods from the clutches of The Dark Lord, to vanquish him and his minions, and to restore the light to the world once again! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Introducing League of Angels a one of a kind type of game! In this game, you are a hero of the light who is hell-bend on rescuing all the Angels in the Kingdom of Gods from the clutches of The Dark Lord, to vanquish him and his minions, and to restore the light to the world once again!


The unexpected rise of The Dark Lord and his minions of darkness has brought forth evil into the world of the Kingdom of Gods. Only you stand in his way!

In League of Angels, you play the role of a hero of the light. Your task is to free all the Angels that are kept under The Dark Lord’s imprisonment in the abyss and return them to the Kingdom of Gods. These angels, once freed, will join your cause to rid the world of the evil that has tainted the land. Although the storyline is a bit cliché, it is still a pretty solid plotline to base a MMORPG on.


The game starts off by introducing you to the first of the many Angels, Nocturna, who has been captured and imprisoned by the evil Dark Lord. After a brief dialogue and some fighting, you are then allowed to choose your character class from the 3 common archetypes: Warrior, Mage or Archer. Each class will have their respective advantages and disadvantages, so choose wisely!

League of Angels, as evident in the name of the game, is a game that focuses on Angels. Soon, after freeing your very first Angel, Nocturna will join your party and provide passive bonuses to you and your teammates, as well as attack the enemy from time to time once the rage level reaches 100%. Angels are a vital component of your party and it is prudent to level them up when you have enough materials (Angel Tears) to do so. Furthermore, each Angel can be upgraded from one grade to the other (for example, from uncommon to rare grade) via a sizable amount of Holy Crystals.

You can also recruit other heroes to join your party using Herosouls as well. Similarly to Angels, there are different grades of heroes and they are upgradable by using higher grade Herosouls. You can have a total of 6 heroes including your character and 1 Angel in your party. As you progress in the game, you will unlock many other companions or features, such as mounts, character titles and costumes, which will provide a welcome amount of stats increase to you and your team. You can never have too little stats, right? Some of the companions, such as mounts, may even participate in the fight!

After assembling your team of heroes, you can complete quests by joining mini-dungeons. These mini-dungeons are fairly easy to clear and are very short. There are 4 rounds in total for each mini-dungeon: 3 monster rounds and 1 boss round. In addition, the turn-based combat system is automated, so all you need to do is to move your team from one group of enemy to the next group. After each mini-dungeon that you’ve successfully completed, you will earn a random loot from a selection of either coins, Angel Tears or Holy Crystals.

For hardcore PvPers, there are solo and team arenas, and Clash of Might events available for you! Each of these PvP events has limited number of times in which you can fight other players. In addition, these PvP arenas can be pretty challenging and you’ll need to bring your A game in order to win! Usually, if your battle rating is higher than your opponent, you will win.

Most of the essential upgrades, such as equipment enhancements and synth-ing (upgrading) gems or Holy Crystals, in League of Angels require coins. One of the easiest methods to earn money in this game, besides the many freebies that you get once you are logged in, is through Alchemy. Just press the button to ‘Alchemize’ and you’ll get your gold. However, unless you are willing to spend real money, you can only do this twice per day.

Another easy method to earn gold is through the Wyrm Race. You can join the race anytime and your wyrm will automatically start flying to the finish line. You may want to attack other player’s wyrms in your journey in order to increase the gold that you will get after the race. Other players may also attack your wyrm to grab some of your gold for themselves. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there in this race. Don’t worry though, you will still get a nice little sum of gold at the end.

There are also plenty of mini-games available for you to win, not only some gold, but some awesome loot too! Some notable mini-games are gemology, garden and tidal pool. In gemology, you get to play a mini match-3 game. With a higher score, you can earn more gems and some of them may be of higher grade too. In garden, you are allowed to plant gold, warsoul (which you will need to upgrade your character skill) and mount EXP crops that will earn you gold, warsoul or mount EXP respectively. Lastly, in tidal pool, you are given a net-launching cannon whereby your objective is to catch as many fishes as you can with each net you throw into the pool. These fishes will reward you with a random gift (soulstone, for hero training; gems; or gold) while the more elusive ones, like the octopus and the turtle, will have a chance to reward you with a rare gift.

Lastly, there are regular special events, like quiz and cross-server PvP events, that will pop up from time to time. These special events do provide a brief respite from the gruelling dungeons and can be pretty fun.

On the downside, due to the huge variety of currencies and features in this game, it may be very confusing for new players. You will definitely need to spend some time figuring out which currency is used for what in this game. In fact, because of having a tad bit too many features, its interface may seem messy and navigation can be hard at times.

The game also provides a Blitz function whereby you can set how many times you want to raid a mini-dungeon and it’ll automatically resolve all battles for you. What you just need to do is wait, each Blitz will require 1 minute to resolve.


League of Angels has a slightly unbalanced population with a small amount of low-level players, but a high amount of high-level players. This means that you will likely be facing higher level players, for example, in Wyrm Races than players with a similar level. You can expect to get defeated a lot.

Guilds are another way for you to connect with the community in this game. If you need help with the game, your guildies will be able to help you out. Furthermore, getting yourself admitted into a guild is pretty easy and you can also earn your character some extra stat boosts and bonuses by being a member of a high level guild.

While it sounds a little difficult to get into, there is a large player base all over the world, and lots of different servers that you can play on. Many of the players can be quite helpful, and there is a lot for you to do in the game with others.


The character models and the environments in this game are beautifully designed. However, the best graphics can be found in the mounts and fairy (non-combat pets) sections. From the variety of animated mounts and fairies that you can preview, you can notice the attention to detail in every image. It is the sort of high quality and high resolution graphics that you could practically drool over, in spite of the fact that the game is merely a browser-based game.

The music in this game is acceptable, but it is a bit too short in duration. Thus, as the music is kept on a loop, you’ll get tired of it fairly quickly. The characters in this game are not provided with voice acting and hence, dialogues in the quests are just provided as texts for you to read.


League of Angels is the sort of turn-based MMORPG game that requires very low maintenance and can even be played casually. It has a huge number of features in the game and showcases plenty of timely events to keep its gameplay fresh and interesting. The automated turn-based combat (Blitz) allows you the free time to work on other aspects of the game, like upgrading your gear or playing gemology, while raiding mini-dungeons for a quest. Although newer players to the game may be at a disadvantage as the servers are mainly populated by higher level players, these higher level players are very friendly and are mostly willing to help a newbie out. Best of all, the game does not require any installation and it is free to play!

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League of Angels

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