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Adventure Quest Worlds 9.5 rate In Adventure Quest Worlds you are transported to a magical realm where the world is under attack from the 12 Lords of Chaos and the Champion of Chaos Drakath. Save the realm of Lore and become a hero of the ages in the fight against corruption. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Adventure Quest Worlds is a child-friendly turn-based MMORPG that has a very engaging storyline that allows you to choose your own path and an interesting, though repetitive, gameplay. The game has awesome-looking cartoon graphics as well. Like any MMORPG, this game also offers character classes, questing, PvP, PvE, shops, guilds and achievements. You can even buy yourself a home and decorate it to your liking! Begin your adventure in this game and set forth to fulfill your role as the chosen one to save the land of Lore from the threat of Chaos!


Adventure Quest Worlds has a very appealing and hilarious plotline, filled with plot twists and decision-making aspects, that are guaranteed to entertain you! The story in this game plays out through the quests and it has a total of 15 chapters. It also has several nice comic-like cinematic inserted into it. The story in Adventure Quest Worlds starts like this…

Princess Tara, the youngest daughter of King Alteon of Swordhaven, had been kidnapped by a vicious dragon yesterday. As if there aren’t enough trouble, armies of undead led by Sepulchure the undead knight were massing to attack Swordhaven as well and the King had no choice but to stand his ground for the greater good.

You were a hero who was heading towards the city, Battleon, as ordered to report for battle. However, being a hero, you couldn’t pass up the chance to prove yourself by trying to save the princess. After tracking the dragon down, you’ve confronted and managed to defeat the dragon in battle, but it took flight, and along with it the seemingly-hapless princess. However, after some long-winded chasing, you finally rescued the dragon from the princess (note the plot twist here) and were able to head over to the Battleon to fight the undead menace.

The fight to the throne room was extremely tough and was riddled with enemy undeads, but eventually you made it. At this moment, the door to the throne room slammed open. Sepulchure is here, eager to rid the world of King Alteon! An intense fighting ensued, but suddenly a mysterious figure entered the room. With impossible powers, he killed Sepulchure and gravely injured King Alteon. Then, he revealed himself as Drakath, the embodiment of Chaos! He announced that the time of Good and Evil was over and that his 13 Lords of Chaos will instead unleash unspeakable Chaos to the land of Lore.

Being the chosen one that the legend foretold, you are now tasked with the heavy duty to earn the trust of the leaders of both Good and Evil and to form a truce in order to defeat a common enemy. You will also be expected to defeat the Lords of Chaos and free the land of Lore from Chaos. Do you think you are up to it?


You start off by selecting one of 4 archetype classes available – Warrior, mage, rogue and healer. Each class has its own unique abilities and play style, so you might want to choose your character carefully. After all, you are only allowed to have 1 character per server. Then, you can also customize your character’s appearance, namely the hair style and color, eye color and others, so that your character may look unique!

You’ll need to select a server next. There are 3 main types of server – upgrade-only, normal and moglin-safe. Normal servers are where most of the bulk of players play in; upgrade-only servers are for subscribers (the AQ Worlds Legends) while moglin-safe servers are designed for children since it will have a restricted chat system. After selecting a server depending on what you need, you’re ready to start!

The controls are really simple. You’ll need to left click once to move and double left click to attack. Combat in Adventure Quest Worlds is turn-based and is generally a hack-and-slash… or if you’ve chosen a caster class, then it’ll be a hack-cast-and-slash. There are also a range of skills that you will unlock as you progress on the quickbar, numbered from 1 to 6. Skills or abilities will do much bigger damage than normal attacks and it is advisable to use them as soon as their cooldown is off its timer. If you’re injured during combat, you can buy (from the noob shop) and use health potions if needed. However, this is rarely the case. Most of the time, you could just save your money on buying potions by resting while outside combat to rejuvenate your health and mana instead.

One of the most interesting aspects in this game is its well-written dialogues and storyline that are filled with puns and plot twists. The story unravels through the game’s quests. This doesn’t mean that the quests contribute directly to the story by telling the story – it’s more like the quests are the little wall that you’ll have to climb over in order to get another snippet of the juicy story. There are also critical moments in the game whereby you are allowed to choose which path you would like to go on – the Good path (to side with the King) or to defect to the Evil path and side with Sepulchure. It’s pretty awesome!

Quests in this game can be separated into 2 main types, side and boss quests, and they usually involve killing certain number of enemy or collecting certain number of quest items. There are also hidden quests that you’ll have to find. In Adventure Quest Worlds, you are allowed to take up quite a lot of quests at any time and you’ll have a quest log to help you keep track of them. Every completed quest basically rewards you with a small stack of gold and some experience points.

However, there are 2 problems with questing. The first is that the quests can get repetitive and grindy pretty fast. Thankfully, you will have a nice story line as well as other events to offset that. The second problem is that it’s great to see that quest items are stored in a temporary bag separate from your main inventory, but its ‘greatness’ stops right there. Since it is ‘temporary’, this means that you will lose your quest items upon logging off. So, if you didn’t manage to finish a collecting quest, you will have to start all over again the next time you are on. This is just a minor annoyance though.

Questing is only the top of the iceberg! Adventure Quest Worlds also offers a range of other adventures that you can go on. There are dungeons, for instance Grimskull’s dungeon, for the PvE fans as well as a 8 vs 8 Bludrut brawl and 1 vs 1 Doom Arena, for the PvP fans. There is also an undead invasion event in 1 of the 7 zones in the land of Lore, whereby you can help staunch the invasion by attacking its roots. If you want to challenge yourself even further, you could always attempt to kill dragons at the Dragon’s Lair. After all, dragons are the single most deadly creature on the face of Lore. It is the nature’s perfect killing machine and this makes it the perfect things to hunt if you want to prove yourself!

If you didn’t like any of those, you could also hunt for something else as well – achievements and badges! Fair warning though, these can be really hard to get.

Furthermore, as you adventure through the wonderful world of Lore, you may notice that it is filled with some pretty dangerous creatures. Thus, it is vital to keep your character strong enough to meet any adversaries head on! How strong your character is can be determined by looking at your character’s rank (class-related) and level (character-related). Level is pretty basic stuff – you earn experience points and these points will allow you to level up. Higher levels mean you will have access to much powerful gear. However, the class-related rank aspect can be a bit confusing at first. It works like your level – it’ll ‘rank up’ after its bar is full and the whole thing will reset to 0 so you can start again at the new rank. However, rank progress much slower than your level and it is the only thing that is holding you back from having that new skill you’ve been eyeing all day.

You can also make your character stronger by enhancing your gear. By purchasing and using enhancement scrolls, you can boost the stats on your items, making it, and you, much more powerful! You could check the noob shop to see if you can afford any better gear from time to time too.

Did you know you can own a house in the land of Lore as well? No? Well, go ahead and buy yourself a new home then! Houses in Adventure Quest Worlds cost a minimum of 1000 gold, which can be easily obtained via questing and selling loot that you cannot use. You can also purchase furniture as well as other items for your humble abode. However, if you’re not an upgraded player (subscriber), you may find it a bit hard to earn enough money to buy anything. The cheapest furniture can cost up to twice the cost of the house! Not to mention that there are also a number of items that can only be bought using Adventure Coins (AC), the currency that you’ll need to spend real money to buy. Nonetheless, with plenty of gold grinding and time, it is still possible for you to be able to properly decorate your cottage.

Lastly, the game places a lot of emphasis on account upgrades. There are plenty of signs that tell you to upgrade scattered around in this game. In fact, upgrading may not be such a bad idea. If you are a subscriber, you will unlock a plethora of features that free-to-play players will never have. Of these, the most noteworthy are access to advanced classes (like beastmaster), better player housing, owning pets and member-only areas. You’ll be supporting the game’s developers as well in the process, since they do release new content for the game on every Friday!


The community in Adventure Quest Worlds is very friendly and usually group together into guilds in this game. Please note that guilds are not exactly embedded in the game. This aspect of the game is leased to, a guild hosting site, to manage. If you are wary of external sites, you could also head over to the game’s Facebook fan page (with its over 1 million likes) to meet fellow players too!


The cartoony graphics in this game is richly detailed and beautiful! The characters and dragons are very well-drawn. The pets are totally adorable as well! The music in this game is of rather low quality (it may sound blurry at times) and sounds extremely repetitive. It may get on your nerve after some time.


Adventure Quest Worlds is a child-friendly MMORPG that emphasize on the ease of play. It usually caters to the casual gamers as well as kids, who are uninterested in some of the more hardcore MMOs. The game has an immersive and humorous story line coupled with cute cartoony graphics that are guaranteed to entertain you for hours, in spite of its monotonous quests. This game also offers a variety of features that most MMOs have, such as house ownership and decorating, shops, achievements as well as PvE and PvP adventures. If you are searching for a MMORPG for some casual play, Adventure Quest Worlds is the game for you! Check it out now!

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