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Knight's Fable 10 rate In a world full of magic and mighty warriors you stand above the rest and must defend your realm against a powerful demon lord set on taking everything from you. With your allies at hand, you can take the battle to the enemy and stop them. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you love games like League of Angels or Wartune, Knight’s Fable is a game that you simply must try out! It is a fantasy MMORPG featuring team-play, consisting of a strong beast and a 3-hero team. There are 4 classes for you to choose from for your character as well as a number of heroes that you can recruit from the tavern. There are also beautiful and dangerous beasts to capture and train for your team. Not to mention, Knight’s Fable contain plenty of other MMO features including battle shrine (PvP), skills system, gear upgrades, achievements, alliances (guilds), dungeons (PvE) and more! Check it out on Facebook now and start your journey to become one of the greatest knights in this game!


The very existence of the world in Knight’s Fable is being threatened by the invasions of demons! The Gate of Hell is open drawing the demons into this world by the thousands and you as the chosen one is tasked with the heavy duty of ridding the world of demons and perhaps stop this massive demon invasion once and for all! You won’t be alone in bearing this burden, of course, and there will be willing and noble heroes to join you in your quest. So, are you up to the task? Let’s find out!


After logging in, you will be given a tough choice to make – your character class. Players are given 4 typical classes to choose from, namely knight, fighter, magi and spiritus. These classes are gender-locked with knight and fighter as males while magi and spiritus as females. However, the game compensates by providing each class with their own unique skills system and upgrades, increasing the game’s replayability.

Knight’s Fable is pretty much similar to many of the existing browser-based MMORPG that are plying the free-to-play market. The game provides auto-routing for questing, turning quests into a clicking fest of accepting and turning in quests. In other words, this means that quests are very easy and passive in this game, and that you can level up very easily through quests. Quests usually reward you with experience points, in-game money (silvers) as well as stardusts, which you will need to upgrade your start level. Although there are no side-quests in Knight’s Fable, you are instead given a list of beginner challenges to complete to earn some additional loot.

The turn-based combat in this game is also auto-resolved and you, as the player, will not need to play a part in battle. This is also why there is the option for you to skip the combat animation (by clicking the ‘insta-finish’ button) if you choose to. However, this means that success in battles is determined by your party composition as well as battle rating (BR) instead!

In Knight’s Fable, you are allowed to have up to 3 heroes, including your main character in a team together with a powerful beast (that provides buffs for every hero, your character included, in the party). Heroes can be recruited at the tavern for a cost while to obtain beasts, you will need to collect enough beast cards to turn in. Beasts can be very devastating in battle and hence, it only attacks after several turns and not in every turn, unlike what your heroes will be doing.

Having a great team make-up will not guarantee you success though, having a high battle rating will! Battle rating is the score that determines your team’s total strength. It can be increased via many methods in this game, including upgrading your gear through the soul system. In the soul system, you can spend silvers to boost your weapon or armour stats (up to a maximum level of 20) and the cost of upgrading will increase with every subsequent upgrade purchased.

At higher levels, you’ll also be able to insert rare gems into your gear for some added stat as well. You can also increase your character’s stats by equipping a nostrum (which will be active for a limited period of time), which in turn will contribute to a higher BR. Upgrading your star level as well as both your active and passive skills (using wisdom points) helps a lot too. However, skills upgrades will enter a cooldown period of 1 hour after you reached level 10 for your skills. While you can use gold to remove the cooldown, it is by no means a requirement.

Moreover, you should also upgrade or get stronger team members and beasts. You can use the hero inheritance system to transfer your hero upgrades from the old hero to a new one. Beasts can likewise be upgraded by purchasing enough beast fragments using silvers and turn these fragments in for soul stones. These soul stones will then be used to increase the level of your beast. Don’t forget to deploy your beast into battle too, so that it can fight for you instead of sitting idle in your inventory! By paying careful attention to your BR and ensuring that it’s always higher than that of your opponent’s, there’s a good chance that you will never lose a battle again!

For PvE lovers, Knight’s Fable offers dungeons that are aptly named Hell as well as more difficult raids, called Hell Portal. These dungeons once completed will shower you with tier-linked tokens that you can use to exchange for the appropriate tiered item. If you like challenging yourself against other players instead, there is a battle shrine whereby you can pit your team against another player’s team. If you win, you will earn some prestige points, your opponent’s rank and take his/her spot on the leaderboard! It’s a vicious game though and you may also find yourself slipping down the ranks if you’re not careful enough to keep your BR high at all times.

One of the best things about this game is that the game is very generous to its players. Once you start playing, the game will keep showering you with freebies that include plenty of silvers, more wisdom points than you know what to do with them, prestige and even gold (real money currency)! With every daily log in and every hour you spend in the game, you will also be rewarded with awesome gifts as well. The game also provides sufficient inventory space as well as a stash for you to keep your items if needed. If you somehow run out of slots, more space can be bought using gold.

There are plenty features in this game, including city defense, alliance wars, mini-games like whack-a-gopher or escort, loop quests and many more! There is even an alternate hero system that will be released soon! Is your curiosity piqued? You’ll just have to find them out yourself by signing up for the game then!


The community in this game is pretty huge – there are hundreds of thousands of likes on Knight’s Fable Facebook page. This definitely counts as something! Furthermore, most of the community are grouped into alliances (guilds) and are willing to help a new member out in the game. There is also a chat system whereby the community can talk to each other or for players to ask questions and for help.


The HD quality graphics in this game look extremely stunning and are very detailed, particularly the character design and background, though it is not much different from other equally beautiful browser-based MMORPGs. Thus, despite having very nice graphics, they don’t really help the game stand out from other games of the same genre.

The sound in Knight’s Fable is absolutely epic! It’s inspirational in some parts and can be rather haunting on other parts. Although the music is looped (like any other games) and does not offer much in terms of variety, the soundtrack doesn’t sound boring or annoying. The battle music is also very upbeat and exciting. It suits perfectly to the gameplay.


Although Knight’s Fable is not exactly very much different or innovative as compared to any other popular browser-based MMORPGs, this game is still a rather good game to play. It has everything an MMO should have as well as some unique features of its own – this includes character skill, gear, beast and hero upgrade systems, challenging and fun dungeons and PvP arenas, alliance wars, mini-games, like whack-a-gopher, and many other daily events! The game is very easy to pick up and is certainly not a time sink as most of the important parts of the game is somewhat automated. This is a free-to-play MMORPG that can provide a casual experience to its players and is very friendly for people who has no experience in MMORPGs. Interested? Well, what are you waiting for? Try it out today!

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New Game Added: Knight's Fable

by Aethyna Jan 15, 2015
In a world full of magic and mighty warriors you stand above the rest and must defend your realm against a powerful demon lord set on taking everything from you. With your allies at hand, you can take the battle to the enemy and stop them. Knight's Fable Demon Vampire in Knight's Fable Knight's Fable Magi Read More
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