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Mythborne 8.5 rate Pandora’s Box has been opened, and there is chaos and destruction in the mortal world. It falls to you as a chosen hero to stop the Seven Powers from bringing an end to the world you know. With your strength and allies it is time to take the fight to the enemy! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you are a fan of Greek mythology, you can’t miss out on this game! Mythborne is a browser-based MMORPG that is filled to the brim with Greek mythology. The game has a turn- and team-based battle system that can be either automated or done manually. It also provides a variety of other features that are common in browser-based MMORPGs, such as equipment forging, gardening, recruit fellow heroes and guardian pyxies, mounts, skill tree, dungeons, arenas and, of course, auto-routed questing! There is even an AFK mode that makes it beneficial for you to leave your game on even when you had to finish doing something in real life! Travel across various famous Greek cities in Mythborne in your quest to eradicate the evil brought forth by Pandora’s Box and seek to bring back “Hope” into the world!


After Pandora’s Box was smashed open by the Titans, the 7 powers, most of them are of the evil nature, contained within it were scattered across the world. Darkness invaded even the purest of hearts while demons and monsters spewed forth from the depths of Tartarus! Calamity is everywhere! With their hands full, the gods have no time to respond to the threat and can only watch helplessly as their creations fall to the might of Tartarus.

This is where you come in! Bearing tales of incredible feats that rival that of demigods like Hercules, you, a mortal, have been summoned to meet the God of all Gods, Zeus at Mount Olympus. You are tasked with the only way to lift this curse is to find “Hope”, which is among the 7 powers released.

This is no fairy tale, hero. This is life or death. Can you be the hero the world desperately needs in this time of need?


The game starts off by asking you to select your character’s gender, name and class. There are 5 classes for you to choose from, namely paladin, the powerful armored tank; duelist, who has decimating physical attacks; oracle, with his or her fantastic support magic; hunter, a deadly ranged damage-dealer and mage, who wields devastating magic attacks. Since you are only able to create 1 character on your chosen server, you will need to choose your character class carefully.

The tutorial in this game is easy to understand and it will guide you through the major parts of the game. The controls in Mythborne is fairly simple as well and considering that most features in the game is automated to some point, the most you’ll need to do it click to enter into battles or to complete quests. Like any browser-based MMORPG, the game provides auto-routing for quests, making leveling your character in this game easy and fast.

Similarly to League of Angels, the combat system in Mythborne is team-based. Your team’s formation is restricted to a 3 by 3 box, whereby the tank-ier characters will be taking the front lines, damage dealers in the middle and the support characters at the back. You can recruit more heroes for your team by visiting the tavern and by having enough ales. To get ales, you will, in turn, need mugs that can be obtained from daily trials (daily quests). Each team is also further supported by guardian pyxie. Guardian pyxies are powerful beings that help you in combat by providing significant passive effects on your heroes.

The turn-based team combat in Mythborne is… or more accurately, can be automated too! It offers you the option to manually select the hero skills that you would like to use or you could just toggle the auto-combat option and let the battle run its course. Due to being automated, the game also provides you with the choice to skip all the combat animation and get right down to the interesting part – the loot! However, you are only allowed to skip combat animation for certain fights and there’s a limit to it… you can skip up to 20 times per day.

In order to be successful in this game, you will need to rely heavily on your Battle Rating (BR). Battle rating is the score that represents the accumulated strength of your team and is vital if you plan on winning any, if not all, of your battles. There are several ways to increase your battle rating and to ensure victory. One of the most important ways is by equipping and upgrading your team of heroes. Gear provides a sizable amount of your team’s battle rating and, thankfully, you can upgrade your heroes’ gear by obtaining better gear from dungeons or by forging it to increase its basic stats. For forging, there’s a maximum limit on how many times you can increase the stats of your equipment and this limit varies depending on the quality of your gear (common, uncommon, rare, epic or legendary). You can socket your heroes’ gear as well through forging.

Furthermore, your main hero can learn new hero’s skills as well as upgrading these skills. In Mythborne, the skill tree that your character depends on for getting new abilities is pretty linear, and thus, it lacks any skill customizations that other MMORPGs, like Aion, has. Skills are generally separated into 3 categories – active, passive and rage. Active skills are abilities that you can use without any cost while generating some amount of rage. Rage skills will then use your accumulated rage points to unleash their more devastating damage on your opponents. Passive skills, on the other hand, are… well, passive. They are basically stat boosts. Taking the importance of hero skills into consideration, luckily, you can upgrade your hero’s skills by buying or crafting the required level of skill books. Skill books can be bought using skill points, honor (PvP points) and sometimes, from quests. The game allows you to use titles that you’ve earned for some bonus passive stats for your team too!

The game also provides another way to significantly boost up your heroes’ passive stats and in turn your team’s battle rating – Astrals. You can active astrals for a price and the useful astrals you’ve obtained can then be equipped to the heroes on your team. As your heroes level up, you will gain more astral slots per character and you’ll be able to add more astrals to ramp up your characters’ stats even further!

Mounts even play a major role in contributing to the battle rating of your team. The mounts in Mythborne are tiered. This means that instead of buying new mounts, you are only required to upgrade your current mount to the next tier in order to automatically unlock the new mount that the tier provides to you. You can train your mount for free 2 times per day, but you can continue training it if you have the mount stones or diamonds (real money currency) to spare.

Not to forget, you can upgrade your guardian pyxie too to get that extra battle rating! Pyxies can be upgraded by using pyxie powder which can be obtained from your farms. They can also be morphed using diamonds to become an even more powerful creature that stacks a huge lump of stats, along with its existing stat boost, onto your hero! There is even an option for you to train up the stats of your pyxie by spending spectra (can be obtained from your farms). With the correct upgrades, guardian pyxies can become truly unstoppable!

Moreover, Mythborne offers a huge range of PvE dungeons and PvP arenas for you to enjoy! Dungeons, such as Immortals or Challenge the Spire, will allow you to have a shot to get some really sweet rare loot for your team! However, dungeons have cooldowns, to prevent excessive dungeon farming, and you will need to wait for the reset time before you can run the same dungeon again. There are boss raids that you can run for epic gear as well! For PvP, you can either fight in The Pit, the arena or even in massive guild warfare! Most PvP events are team-based though, so be sure to get that team battle rating as high as you can get it to be before jumping into the arena to test your mettle!

Fighting 24/7 in this game is not the way to go. You will need to take some time off to relax and where else is better than your very own farm in Mythborne! You can buy and plant seeds to harvest experience points, spectra or pyxie powder from your farm. If you need more plots, you can also purchase additional plots, for a price of course.

In addition, if you need some time off the game but would still like to level your characters, the best thing you could do is by utilizing Mythborne’s AFK mode. What you need to do is to just log into the game and leave your character idle in the game. Your character will then earn a steady amount of experience points over time and there is a chance that you may even win some chests too! You can even choose to boost up the rate in which you earn experience points in the AFK mode by buying boosters from the shop.


Considering that Mythborne is a pretty new game, the community is not exactly huge by any standards… yet! Anyway, the majority of the community shy away from the chat system and prefer to group together in guilds for some of the obvious benefits, like the access to the guild shop and the guild warfare feature, as well as for some social interaction. The game also has a dedicated forum on the R2 Games website, so be sure to check that out if you would like to meet your fellow Mythborne players.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Mythborne is very well-designed and is of above average quality as compared to other browser-based titles. The flashy animation for the hero skills is pretty awesome-looking too. However, the graphics do not look unique enough to distinguish it from the plethora of R2 Games. On the other hand, the sound in this game is absolutely epic and inspirational. With its flawless blend of choir and orchestral sounds, you could have even thought that the music came from some big budget Hollywood action film! The battle music is amazing as well! It is very upbeat and will guarantee to get your heart pumping just a bit faster than usual, giving you that thrill and excitement of combat!


In summary, Mythborne is your typical browser-based MMORPG from R2 Games due to having plenty of features that all browser-based MMORPGs have, such as mounts, archetype classes, team-based combat, hero recruitment, PvP and PvE environments and gear enhancement. A huge part of the gameplay in this game is automated as well. This includes auto-path questing, auto-potion using and auto-combat. Despite having a linear skill tree, the game compensates by providing a very engaging storyline (seriously, who doesn’t like the Greek mythos?). You can even tend to your personal farm in this game and harvest some pretty nice rewards! The most unique part in this game is probably its AFK system - It’s like a free leveling service! If you love to play free-to-play browser-based MMOs and love Greek mythology, Mythborne is a game that you should simply check out!

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by Aethyna Dec 31, 2014
Pandora’s Box has been opened, and there is chaos and destruction in the mortal world. It falls to you as a chosen hero to stop the Seven Powers from bringing an end to the world you know. With your strength and allies it is time to take the fight to the enemy! Mythborne Orc Serpent in Mythborne Mythborne Exploring Read More

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Another MMORPG worth playing!

Pandora's Box has been destroyed. The gods of Olympus have summoned you to vanquish the forces of evil. Will you answer their call?

That is the role you will play in the browser-based MMO Myth...Full Review
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