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Monkey King Online 8 rate Choose one of 4 powerful characters as you step into the take of "journey to the west" and join the epic tale. Use your martial skills and the ability to shapeshift to overcome the enemies in your path on your way to confront the Jade Emperor. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Based on the highly popular fictional Chinese legend, “The Journey to the West”, Monkey King Online is an interesting browser-based MMORPG that differs from the rest by having a unique shapeshifting system involving immortals and mounts. The game also contains everything an MMO should have, which includes questing, PvE, PvP, guilds, guild wars, gear progression, pets, and many others! Best of all, it is free-to-play! So, hop into the world of Monkey King Online today and remember, just because you’re a hero, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get into some mischief along the way!


Monkey King has been imprisoned under a rock for 500 years! Then one day, the 7 primordials have finally unshackled him from prison. He has waited half a millennium to make the heavens, the ones who put him under the rock in the first place, pay! He went up to the cloud palace and wreaked havoc. However, he had plenty of old enemies in that place, who are all very eager to capture him and put him back under the rock again. One thing led to the other, the Monkey King is now trying to bring peace back to the heavens through the art of war and he can’t do it alone. Will you step up and help him?


You start off by choosing 1 of 4 character classes – fox, bull, iron fan or you can play as the monkey king himself! These classes have their respective skills and abilities. 2 of the classes are male while 2 are female. Besides that, there is no more character customization provided. After all, the characters are already intricately designed themselves; the game doesn’t want to mess them up with more customization. There are also no tutorials in this game and considering that the game has lots of features, it can be rather confusing for a beginner. Nonetheless, Monkey King Online compensates by providing other exciting features instead!

The movement and attack actions in this game are entirely mouse-controlled… to be more specific, it’ll involve only your right mouse button. The game mechanics are designed with auto-play in mind. Auto-play incorporates auto-path, auto-combat, a special AFK mode and it’ll auto-use your character’s skills for you too. This means that everything is practically automated in this game.

After accepting a quest, you can just do something else in the meantime as your character complete the requirements of the quest, which usually involve killing a large number of enemies. Once everything is done, you’ll just need to click complete quest to send your character off to another cycle of ‘questing’. Quests that involve talking in between NPCs are even easier – you just need to spam the complete quest button until the quest changes back to the killing quest again. Seriously, in less than 20 minutes into the game, you’ll probably hit level 20 and above without doing a lot. The player involvement in quests is extremely low and you will not connect to your character as much since everything is done by robots for you. However, if you decide to use the manual path, as most quests are grindy in nature, you will probably give up after a couple quests too.

Remember the AFK mode that was mentioned earlier, this is the only automated mode that is actually very interesting and beneficial. While gaming, you may occasionally go AFK for a bit due to some issues, like nature’s calls. After just a few seconds being idle, your character will automatically enter meditation mode. Meditation is a great way for your character to fully utilize these brief but important moments to gain some experience and chi points. However, a word of advice, it’s best not to go AFK in a non-safe zone. This is because your character can be challenged to a fight by other players and it won’t even require your permission to get involved in the duel. So, to avoid coming back and finding your character dead (if your character lost the duel or if the mobs managed to kill your character), it’s best to just park him or her in a safe zone.

The combat system in Monkey King Online is very similar to a mobile app game called Clash of Demigods and is focused mainly on area of effect damage. However, in this game, your mount will also participate in your battles… in its human form! Your mount will turn into an ally who can fight when you needed a combat partner and turn back into a mount when you needed a ride. It is all very convenient. Moreover, since combat is automated as mentioned, you don’t have to do much, not even to use your character’s skills.

In addition, combat in this game depends solely on your battle rating (BR). If you have any experience in this sort of games, BR is the value that indicates the total power of your character, added together with your mount of course. To win, you will definitely need to keep increasing your BR to ensure that your character is on top of his or her game! There are multiple ways to do this and one of the easiest is by upgrading your gear. You can add enchantments to it or socket it with jewels, which can be crafted in the forge, to increase your BR. Don’t forget to level your character’s skills using gold and chi as well! Each upgrade will boost your BR slightly and will quicken combat even more. By leveling up, you can also gain access to new and much more powerful skills.

You should remember to level or ascend your mount too! After completing 2 times ascension, you can allow it to undergo breakthrough and you will earn yourself a brand new mount model! Furthermore, you are also allowed to suit your mount up in armor. There is also a dharma system whereby you can collect dharma points by doing daily quests and use them in the system to gain permaboosted (permanently-boosted) stats.

To makes things even more interesting, you can also increase your BR by gaining favor with the immortals and invoking them to your cause. They are not a part of your team, as there are no teams in Monkey King Online, except when you team up with other players. In fact, they allow your character to shapeshift into their form and to have access to their unique skills to vanquish tougher enemies! You can invoke up to 3 immortals at any time and can swap between them whenever you want, unless you are in the middle of combat. Each of these immortals has their own stat tree whereby you will use chi and gold to improve their stats and activate certain benefits. However, there is a chance that you may fail and if that happens, you will only get experience points in return for your investment.

At level 70, you will unlock pets in this game. Pets play a role in increasing your BR as well since they, like your mount, join in during battles. You may choose to fight side by side with it or you could also synergize and combine your pet’s powers with yours instead.

For PvE fans, Monkey King Online provides a variety of challenges for you to enjoy! There are campaign dungeons, which are solo dungeons that will be unlocked at level 30; ventures, eternal dungeon, in which you can fight against powerful eternal bosses for the chance of getting legendary equipments, talismans and rare artifact shards; and lastly, guardian, which will be unlocked at level 40. Guardian challenge is somewhat similar to the type of combat that you’ll encounter in a gladiator ring. In this challenge, you have to protect Nuva and kill all the enemies. The enemies attack in waves and at every 5th wave, a boss will engage you into battle. There are a total of 250 waves, but you’ll just need to last for as long as you can to earn sweet prizes!

If you prefer PvP, there are conquests that you can participate instead! Among the conquests provided, fief war and karma war are the most important. Karma war involves ranked solo PvP matches whereby you will literally have to fight your way up the ladder. You are given 10 chances per day to fight here and each PvP match is auto-resolved... hence the importance of battle ratings!

Fief war is much more interesting since it is actually a guild-based PvP event. There are namely 9 continents of varying levels (with level 40 being the minimum level) surrounding a single continent in the middle in the world of Monkey King Online. Guilds are given the opportunity to invade the continents while fighting against other guilds to do so. The guild will have to shell out 1 mil gold to stake a claim on a land, but the guild will gain some benefits like earning a steady revenue of cash. There is also a cosmic war event whereby a boss will be spawned every 5 minutes in the center of the room. Killing it will award you with a lot of PvP points, called honor.
If you ran out of gold or chi, you can spend some taels, which you will need to spend real money to buy, on praying and you’ll get what you need. You can pray 2 times per day to get gold and chi, while there’s another prayer that will give you a sizeable amount of experience points that can you only pray to for once per day.


The community in Monkey King Online is not exactly huge, but you’ll always see a fellow player nearby whenever you’re out in the world questing. Most of the players group together into guilds as the game is designed in such a way that being in a guild brings more benefit than being alone. This is all due to the guild levelling system whereby guild members have to donate gold to help the guild level up. Every 300,000 gold they donate, they will earn 1 guild tribute. These guild tributes can then be exchanged at the guild shop for some goodies. In addition to having guilds, there are also an in-game chatting system and a forum that players can use to interact with and help each other out!

Moreover, some of the lady NPCs in the game wears really scant clothing. Let’s just say a lot of virtual skin and cleavages can be seen. Hence, due to this, it is assumed that all of the community in this game is and should be adults.


The graphics in Monkey King Online is absolutely stunning. The character and enemy models are exquisitely detailed. The background sceneries are Chinese-themed and are wow-worthy too!

The same could be said to its sound. The epic game music fits flawlessly with the overall theme of Ancient China. You can practically hear the different traditional Chinese musical instruments, such as Gu Zheng and Heng Di, used in the music. Although the music is looped in the game (of course), the sound does not seem to repetitive and boring. In fact, there is enough variety in the music and sound effects that made the game thrilling to play.


In summary, Monkey King Online is a great-looking and fast-paced browser-based MMORPG that seem to do a little too much for its players, making the game feels slightly dull. Questing, in particular, is a snorefest, both when auto-play is turn on or off. However, the game has a very unique shapeshifting system, whereby your character can adopt the appearance and powers of an immortal. Your mounts and pets will also participate in battles, helping you out whenever they can. It is also unique to see the incorporation of meditation during the idle times in the game, so your character will not ‘waste’ time not levelling even when you decide to take a quick snack break. In addition, the dungeons and the PvP events can be rather challenging and yet fun to play. This is a pretty good game overall and is worth the time you can spare for it. The best yet – it is free-to-play! So, head over there and experience Monkey King Online now!

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Choose one of 4 powerful characters as you step into the take of "journey to the west" and join the epic tale. Use your martial skills and the ability to shapeshift to overcome the enemies in your path on your way to confront the Jade Emperor. Monkey King Online Powerful Monkey King Ox Demon Lord in Monkey King Online Monkey King Online Action Read More
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