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IMVU 9 rate Join IMVU to enjoy a virtual world like no other! You can meet new friends in beautifully decorated and personalised chat rooms, and have fun customising your character from top to bottom with the extensive wardrobe available! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Join IMVU to enjoy a virtual world like no other! You can meet new friends in beautifully decorated and personalised chat rooms, and have fun customising your character from top to bottom with the extensive wardrobe available!


There is no particular plotline in IMVU, it is a social game where the users develop and create the spaces, content and items. You can, however, create your own character background story to fit your virtual persona. There are also certain chat rooms that are strictly role-players only. In these rooms, you could be whatever you want (a lord fallen on hard times, a knight on a quest or even a damsel in distress) as long as you are in character.

In this virtual world you can create anything you wish, from a private home to the biggest and hottest club around. The only real limits here are your imagination and that has led to a world full of different places to explore and people to meet.


IMVU starts off by letting you choose your very first character from a template of pre-made ones. There are plenty to choose from, the darker emo or goth style to glamorous red-carpet-worthy attire! What about customisations, you may wonder? Don’t worry, we’ll get that that soon enough!

After selecting your character, you will be brought to the shop to buy yourself a whole new makeover, if you wish. The shop in IMVU is truly a treasure trove for fashionistas – there are so many things that you can buy and make your avatar unique! The shop offers plenty of stylish clothes, hairstyles and accessories, furniture, cute pets, and even sexy or cool poses including couple ones that you can buy! Don’t like customising your own avatar? Well, you can also buy pre-made avatars that are already well-dressed for a price at the shop as well! In other words, you can practically shop ‘til you drop in this game!

Once your avatar is as awesome-looking as you want it to be, it’s time for you to hit the chat rooms to show off your cool looks and to meet new people. The chat rooms in IMVU are not boring box-like interfaces whereby you chat with people via texts. In fact, each chat room in this game is like a mini world of its own! These chat rooms can be fantasy-themed or realistic; they can be rowdy nightclubs or elegant ballrooms; they even can have a school or a haunted motel setting. There is a chat room for everyone and for every mood! You just need pick a theme or setting that interests you and visit the chat room of your choice. There is also a photo capturing option, in which you can pick either the selfie mode or the scenery capture mode, that you can use to capture memorable moments with your friends!

Got a couple of chat room decorating ideas of your own? Well, head on to your very own chat room and start decorating your space with the furniture which you have bought from the shop. The decorating tools provided are fairly easy to learn and to use. What’s left to do is for you to turn your ideas into reality! You may just create the most happening chat area yet!

Not enough credits? Well, there are 2 main ways to earn credits – one of them involves paying real cash and the other involves completing partner offers. Partner offers usually include watching a short video, completing surveys or purchasing items that you already need! In addition, most of these offers will earn you around 1000 credits each and there is no limit as to how many offers you can complete in a day. So, why not complete them all? You can quickly earn enough credits to give your room or your avatar that nice new item that you’ve been drooling over for days.

When you’re tired from chatting and want to take a quick break, you can try out IMVU’s mini-game called Walk Off. It’s a unique match-3 game that is based on a fashion showdown. In this game, you are allowed to select up to 3 different coloured showdown skills. In order to active these skills and earn yourself some style points, you will need to match 3 or more gems of the same colour and these gem colours must match with the colour of your skills as well. Once a skill is filled up, you can use it to show your opponent who’s the king or queen of style with some cool animated poses! With a combo of showdowns, you could easily get the required 100 style points first and win the game!


The game has a huge international player base. You will always have at least tens of thousands of players online at any time of the day that you can chat or play with. If you fancy meeting your fellow countrymen and women in IMVU, you can easily find them via Pulse.

Pulse is an embedded social media that works similarly like Twitter, except that it has absolutely no word limit. You can share whatever that you’ve thinking about there to other players from your country. You can also share events in your life to your IMVU friends through Pulse.

Moreover, if you’re a VIP, you will earn yourself some cool new features in the game, such as having access to the creator program so that you can earn credits making your own products to sell, in addition to being able to join the elites in IMVU.

With over 130 million users all over the world this game is one of the single biggest places to make new friends. There are lots of open places for you to visit, or leave your own space open to people and see who pops by.


The graphics in this game is nothing short of astonishing! The character models are flawless in every way. Furthermore, the chat rooms are simply amazing! Instead of just having a box in which you can chat via text with people, individual chat rooms provide beautifully rendered 3D environments that are well-suited to the mood and taste of anybody. In fact, a lot of new players to IMVU are chat-room hopping just so they could explore all the different themed chat rooms available in IMVU and drink in the wonderful view.

Although IMVU itself doesn’t provide background music to its players, the game provides a way for players to play their own music instead! Most chat rooms provide a YouTube player for their visitors to set the mood right. You can just select the music that you like from the playlist and enjoy your time chatting with your fellow IMVU friends. There is also a music shop in IMVU whereby you can purchase the hottest and trending tracks, so that you can play them in your own chat room!


With the huge variety of customisation available, stunningly-decorated chat rooms and a huge player base, it is no wonder that IMVU is considered as one of the top ranking virtual worlds out there on the internet (alongside Second Life, which is a great virtual world itself). In this game, you are able to meet people with similar interests as yours and have a great time together. If you don’t fancy chatting, there is always something else to do in IMVU, such as playing the mini-game Walk Off or decorate your own chat room. So, hop on now to IMVU and check it out for yourself!


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