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The Sims FreePlay 10 rate The Sims FreePlay is the free-to-play version of the popular The Sims game. Now aimed for smartphones and tablets, the game still provides some of the known gameplay mechanics of the original Sims game whereby you get to control an avatar and help it live through its virtual life in a virtual town. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The Sims FreePlay is the mobile version of the popular The Sims game, but now in a free to play game format. It still features the same life simulation game but added some micro-transaction elements to fit for the free to play model. You can now control more Sims from different houses and has town management features found in most mobile casual games.


The gameplay of The Sims FreePlay retains what the original had for the longest time, it still lets you control an avatar and do all of the basic chores and necessities to survive. You must feed your Sim, give them enough rest, have a really good hygiene and sustain a happy social life, and not to mention get a day job to pay all of your daily expenses.

All of the Sims have a list of status bars that indicates their current condition, and once it gets depleted you must tend to its requirements. If your hunger bar is empty, you must eat, if your stamina bar is empty, you must rest and so on. If you do not tend to your Sim resulting in a depleted status bar, it will affect their performance, they could fall asleep at the same spot or become very smelly and people will not approach you. Hence, make sure to keep an eye on your status meters.

Interaction in the game was changed in this free to play version, some options can take longer which can range from mere seconds to hours, the time can be shortened by activating a VIP status.

Like its standalone games, The Sims FreePlay has tons of customization options, you can change your facial appearance at any time, you can also customize your Sims with a wide range of outfits from shirts, pants, hats and shoes, and you can also opt to purchase some premium items from the item mall.

Aside from your character, you can also customize your home just like in the original. You can pick a different floor tile or wallpaper or even the roof, you can also pick different variety of furniture and appliances, but do take note that some furniture’s can improve your Sim’s lifestyle, like getting a high-quality bed can provide better stamina regeneration or adding lights on your room such as lamps can improve its mood. You also adjust the size of your house, add dividers to create new rooms but at a cost.

The currency in The Sims is called Simoleon, you will need every penny of Simoleon if you want to purchase anything or upgrade something, and in order to earn more Simoleon you must get a day job where you work like in real life. Getting a job will depend on the skills your Sim has, and the better his or her skills is, the higher pay they will get. Alternatively, you can purchase Simoleon with real money as part of its micro-transaction feature.

The feature that can only be found in this game is the town management mechanic, similar to game like Cityville where you must add special buildings and tend to the needs of your citizen, in The Sims FreePlay, you will be tending to a lot of Sims depending on the amount of people they moved into your town, you may opt to kick out any Sim in your town to make room for other Sims. You can earn experience points and Simoleon by interacting with the structures at certain time. You can also upgrade the buildings to provide more money and experience points.

You can gain levels in the game, which is a standard for free to play town management games. You can earn experience points by interacting with your Sims, the higher your level, the more items and features will be unlocked for you.

The game is rampant with premium items and VIP perks, getting a VIP status will require you to spend real money, the perks for the VIP include faster turnaround time, more slots for Sims and new customization options. However, you may still play the game without actually spending, but it will require more time to complete tasks than that from a VIP user.


There is a huge number of players active in the game. Just like any town simulation game, you can add friends to your list and visit their town to tend to its needs. However, the game lacks any social features to improve the interaction with other players which is quite a let-down.

Graphics/ Sound

The Sims FreePlay features cartoonish visuals similar to the original. The game still features real physique from real people but in a more cartoony to add humor. The houses are well detailed even when zoomed in to the fullest. The sound effects are just like the original, it features the unique Sim language that is gibberish but provides enough expression to make the characters feel alive. Soundtracks is decent as it provides a lounge-type of music to fit the mood of the game.


The Sims FreePlay feels and plays like the original The Sims game, but it has some limitations that could turn off some long-time veterans of the franchise. But for those who are into free-to-play town building games, playing this will be a new breather for them as it provides a whole new game experience that will keep them hooked for hour on end. If you love the game, you might even consider investing some cash into it. The Sims FreePlay is very well-worth it!

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New Game Added: The Sims FreePlay

by Richard Jan 10, 2017
The Sims FreePlay is the free-to-play version of the popular The Sims game. Now aimed for smartphones and tablets, the game still provides some of the known gameplay mechanics of the original Sims game whereby you get to control an avatar and help it live through its virtual life in a virtual town. The Sims FreePlay: Resting on the couch Keep adorable pets in The Sims FreePlay The Sims FreePlay: Having dinner with a friend Read More
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