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Nightfalls 9 rate In Nightfalls, you enter the world of Wyatt Kingdom, where you land on a meteor and are seen as an angel who will defeat the Skeleton King. You are given three champions to fight alongside you. Together, you need to grow in strength and fight off all the monsters! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Nightfalls is a fantasy MMORPG that mixes the new with the old, starting with basic characters, a simple storyline and turn-based combat. There’s the usual elements of completing quests and fighting in arenas and not too much complicated features in between.


Over a hundred years ago, an evil tyrant in Wyatt Kingdom was overthrown and vowed to return as the Skeleton King. He is now back wreaking havoc among the towns. You arrive on this land in a meteor and you are seen as the angel who will save them from the Skeleton King’s rule of darkness. Together with three campions, you must go on your quest to bring peace back to the land.


Playing Nightfalls requires signing up for a free account with your email address. Once you’re logged in, you can start the game. Choosing your character is limited to either male or female and you can choose a random name, or type your own. That alone can be a letdown for some players, but it’s obviously not the game’s focus as you’ll learn later on.

You are then led to Celia, who will brief you with what’s happening in Wyatt City. The Skeleton King and his army are attacking villages and you need to stop them. The game uses the modern auto-path system to let you complete these quests, letting you acquire XP points, coins and skills as you move along. The auto-path can be disabled by simply clicking anywhere on the screen.

Each quest will eventually lead you to a turn-based combat with one or more enemies. You can use your skills alternately to defeat your opponent. The less powerful skills build up Rage, while the powerful ones use up Rage, so there can be a strategy to use your skills wisely. Rage is an important energy you need during battles. There’s a bonus for defeating an enemy with the least number of attacks, so that’s one thing to look forward to.

There at 3 game currencies here: Silver coins, Gold coins and Diamonds. Silver coins are the easiest to get, while Diamonds are a bit rare and come as rewards for certain quests or can be bought with real money. Gold coins are somewhere in between and are usually rewarded from daily rewards and raffles. Every completed quest will grant you Silver coins and you can use these to upgrade or buy mounts and equipment. Equipment can also be enchanted using special gems. Enchanted equipment will have more resistance against damages dealt.

You will have three champions to accompany you to your quest and they will all fight with you in battles. The first companion, The Barbarian, unlocks at Level 15. You’ll be guided on opening the Champion icon below the screen to add her into your fighting team. Click Recruit and you can choose which position she will hold during combat (to your front or to either side of you). The front fighter takes the first damage dealt by an opponent. The next two champions: The Wizard and The Monk, unlocks at Level 19 and Level 31, respectively. These champions and their skills can also be upgraded and along with your character and mount’s upgrades, they can add points to your Battle Rating.

Player vs Player arenas and single-player dungeons also unlock later on, and you can tweak your character to prepare for these game modes. In single-player dungeons, you enter a dungeon with mobs and elite bosses that you need to defeat before you can take the loot. There’s a multiplayer mode called Doomsday Battle, which unlocks at Level 42. Here you get generous rewards for killing up to 15 groups of monsters with one elite boss. Note that you can only challenge 3 times a day for free. There’s also the Arena, which lets you challenge a player to a one-on-one fight. Winning in Arena fights grants you Blood coins, which you can spend buying precious items in the Arena Shop.

As your character levels up, you’ll have the chance to evolve him. Evolving involves equipping the character with 6 Relics, which are acquired by going into the Elite Dungeon. Completing a quest in the Elite Dungeon will help you get the Relics and acquire Starsoul, which is required to unlock the character’s new skills after he has evolved. The Elite Dungeon unlocks in Level 28, where you must battle three groups of monsters and acquire the loot. If you lose, you can come back to the dungeon again at a later time.

Freebies are not hard to come by in this game, and a free online pack gets delivered to you every few hours of playing the game. Online packs can grant you Gold coins, Silver coins and important equipment for your character. There’s also the Reward Chest that unlocks in Level 32 and grants rare items. The Chest is available once every 24 hours.If you’re more advanced, a chessboard game called Treasury Exploration unlocks at Level 65. Here, you play a game of chess where you fight monsters, collect treasure chests and even battle with the Demon Lord. Within Treasury Exploration are four kinds of games with different sets of rules.


Nightfalls has a decent following, as indicated by an active forum in the game’s official website. There’s also a great number of guilds to join and you’ll find it easy enough to get in one if you wish. You can also head on to their Facebook page for news and updates about the game.


Nightfalls delivers the standard graphics quality seen in most games in its genre, but the game interface is kept clean and minimal, which is a welcome sight. Animation is also kept to a minimum, especially during combat. The soundtrack is nothing extraordinary, but it does keep up with the action on screen.


While implementing more modern game features like auto-pathing and auto-combat, Nightfalls carries a more traditional approach in terms of character development. There are no complicated steps to increase Battle Rating, nor any special quests to acquire certain equipment. Its straightforward approach makes this game ideal for those wanting to go back to the basics while having the convenience of automated game actions. In a nutshell, Nightfalls is a simple RPG game that’s worth spending time on.

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by Kim May 6, 2016
In Nightfalls, you enter the world of Wyatt Kingdom, where you land on a meteor and are seen as an angel who will defeat the Skeleton King. You are given three champions to fight alongside you. Together, you need to grow in strength and fight off all the monsters! two against one in Nightfalls Warlock in Nightfalls Nightfalls strike attack Read More
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