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Warface 10 rate Warface is a MMOFPS game that's set in an alternate modern world. It has similar gameplay to popular modern shooters, and features different game modes to cater for both single player and multiplayer. Sounds fun? Leap into battle now and coordinate with your team to win the match! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Warface is an online first person shooter game that focused on a modern day setting in an alternate earth. It features different game modes that are targeted for both cooperative and competitive players, it also has a gameplay mechanics that is leaning towards the features found in Call of Duty rather than from Counter Strike. It also has microtransactions that lets you purchase weapons and armor that are either rented for several days or as a permanent item.


Warface follows the winning formula of newer first person shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield instead of the more popular game mechanics from Counter Strike and Crossfire. There are a lot of differences of the mechanics of newer shooters compared from the classic ones.

One of the noticeable differences that can be found in Warface is the movement speed, as for newer games it now features a sprint function to allow a burst of speed when running while older shooters the equipped weapon can affect the movement speed which is why some players switch to knives when moving to the designated location.

Another notable difference is the dependence of the scope, even on pistols when attacking. Switching to a scope allows more precision on hitting your targets but at a cost of being opened for surprise attacks from behind as your field of vision is limited when aiming. And finally, the inclusion of character classes that diversify the roles of gamers in a match. Now there will be medics that can revive fallen allies or a soldier grunt that can provide ammunition packs to the team to replenish their ammo. But some features where retained from older shooters, one of them is having a knife weapon as a side arm instead of a different function in your game controls, and it does not deal a one hit, one kill damage which is now a norm to modern shooters.

There are different game modes available in Warface, and the interesting part is that it caters to players who are into competitive matches and to some who prefer to play cooperative missions. For Player versus player modes, there are the classic games such as free-for-all where you compete against one another for the most number of kills, the deathmatch where you and your team must eliminate the opposing team for the most number of kill points. Then there are other popular competitive modes such as the capture the flag mode where you must capture an item and return it to your starting point, there is also the bomb mode where you must plant a bomb in a specific location before the enemy forces prevents you from doing so.

The cooperative play mode features mission-based matches that puts you and your team in tight situations, some include raiding an enemy hideout to diffuse a nuclear warhead or escaping an enemy infested alley to reach the extraction point. Though some of the objectives are more on just eliminate all enemy forces to win, it still adds that depth of cooperation when paired with other players as all of you must work together in order to survive. Providing covering fire, assisting downed allies or sharing ammunition adds that urgency to coordinate with each other if the team wants to finish the match quickly. There are different difficulty levels that players can choose to add more challenge to their co-op games.

You can also equip gear and weapons in Warface, they can provide new cosmetic looks as well as improvement stats and other bonus abilities. Then there are skins and decals that you can purchase in the shop to provide a new coat of paint for your weapons. You can rent or purchase equipment by using in-game cash or by spending real money.

Some items have shorter durations for the rentals, but you can extend it by spending additional fees while some buy-only equipment may only be available via real money purchases and items purchased with real money have better cosmetics and stats compared to those that you can spend with in-game money. There are also consumable items that can be purchased to provide boosts on your experience points and other items that give temporary advantages to your game experience.


There is a handful of active players in the game, which you can challenge or partner with your matches. However, keep in mind that you must have a stable and fast internet connection if you wish to participate in PvP matches as the game will automatically kick you out of the match if you have poor latency. This does not apply in co-op games which allows more players with poor internet connection to play without any restrictions.

Graphics/ Sound

Warface is running on the Crytek engine, which is why it managed to have incredible visuals. The character renders provide fully detailed uniforms and weapons as well as having fluid animations when the characters move around the map, the map design is also excellent as it has some cool details such as interiors and objects in some parts of the map to add some novelty into it. The music is very decent, having a similar tone that you commonly hear in any modern combat shooters today, but nothing that makes them memorable. The game features voiced dialogues during missions which adds more depth in the gaming experience and to keep the players immersed.


For a free to play game, Warface feels like a premium game thanks to its visuals and gameplay. However, the game feels more restrictive in terms of content such as equipment and items as players might feel forced to purchase them in order to enjoy the game. Fans of modern day shooters should give this game a try but players with poor internet connections might have difficulty playing this game competitively.

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New Game Added: Warface

by Richard Jan 25, 2017
Warface is a MMOFPS game that's set in an alternate modern world. It has similar gameplay to popular modern shooters, and features different game modes to cater for both single player and multiplayer. Sounds fun? Leap into battle now and coordinate with your team to win the match! Warface: Getting a kill Team assist in Warface Warface: Premium graphics Read More
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