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MicroVolts Surge 9 rate Microvolts is an online third person shooter that lets you play as action figures or toys. It features a fun and engaging combat with tons of customization options for you avatar. Microvolts also has PvE and PvP modes that allow players to enjoy the type of game mode they prefer. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Microvolts, originally called H.A.V.E. Online is South Korea and was developed by GungHo Online Entertainment. An online third person shooter that lets you control an action figure or toy that pits you offer against other action figures or toy dummies for survival, it has different game modes that lets you compete with other players or just challenge the AI itself.


The game tells about a man who created little toys and brought them to live. He believed that his creations will help change the world for a better future so created more prototypes. But one day, the company that he is working with abducted him along with some of his prototypes. Thankfully, one lone toy managed to escape. As the little toy tried to search for his master, his battery ran out. Fortunately the remaining prototypes that survived managed to give him new set of batteries. Now they must survive and find the other prototypes as evil mechanical monsters are tracking them down.


Microvolts plays like a standard third person shooter, and those who are into action shooters will get used to the approach, including first person shooter fans. You start the game by picking your preferred character, new accounts will only have access to three default characters while the rest can be unlock by purchasing them.

The controls are very standard third person shooter format. You control your avatar’s movement with the WASD keys with other basic functions such as R for reload, Ctrl for crouching and spacebar for jumping and double jumps for some characters. Selecting weapons can be done by pressing the number keys and each type of weapons are mapped to certain numbers, you can switch back to the previous weapon that you used with the Q key. Then there are some basic functions that are mapped on different keys, like the interact action on the F key and taunting with the Shift key. There is also a mouse sensitivity and acceleration controls on the “[“, “]”, “’” and “;” keys where you can adjust the sensitivity and movement of your mouse on the fly without the hassle of going back to the options menu and adjust the settings.

Each of the characters only feature different appearances and nothing much any differences with stats or abilities. So for those who are planning to invest on new characters as they might expect any advantages will have to reconsider and maybe focus on the characters that they like based on the looks. Throughout the course of the game you can acquire cosmetic items that lets you change the appearance of your avatar from its default costume. What makes the customization better is that you can pick which part you can equip the cosmetic items. Some items can provide stat boosts for your characters, though keep in mind that these are the temporary items that will expire for a few days, you can extend the duration by spending real money or use the in-game currency, but some items are only locked with real money purchases.

There are different types of game modes in Microvolts and these are catered to the casual players and competitive players. For the competitive players, there the standard deathmatch, team deathmatch and eliminations where players will just focus on getting the most kills to win. Then there are some other modes that were given a twist, like the Bomb Battle where you pick which side to fight as, defenders must prevent the attackers from planting the bomb in your base while attackers must make sure that their bomb is detonated in the base.

There is also some wacky new modes such as the Item Mode where you can pick up a random power up item from any opponents that you killed or the Scrimmage where the entire team shares a single life bar and will depletes when more teammates get killed. As for the Player versus Environment mode that are meant for casuals, there is the Invasion mode where you must survive a wave of enemies that are attacking you until you cleared 10 waves, getting killed once will prompt to a game over so be sure to conserve your ammo for tougher enemies, there is even a zombie mode which is similar to the Invasion mode but replaced with zombies that will attack you.


There are few players that are active in Microvolts which can be difficult for new players as they will have a hard time finding matches. But since there is the PvE modes, those who want to experience the game will get to play it without the hassle of finding a complete team. You can form Clans with other players just like in standard Guild features in most MMOs. For interaction, you can send messages via global chat in the lobby where you can meet new people or challenge them in matches.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals in Microvolts feature a cartoony vibe that matches well with the character designs of the action figures. The designs of each figures makes them standout with their distinct personalities thanks to the cel-shaded textures. Even the map designs are well thought, as each of the map are based on certain rooms in a typical household. There are also voiced dialogues that help add live to the characters and not just typical grunts and moans.


Overall, Microvolts is a fun third person shooter game and can be played by anyone regardless if they are more on competitive matches or just want to play alone against enemy AIs. The cartoony design help make the game unique and more original which can help it stand out from the rest of the generic shooters available. So if you are into shooters whether for PvP or PvE, you can pick up Microvolts and play it right now.

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New Game Added: MicroVolts Surge

by Richard Jan 23, 2017
Microvolts is an online third person shooter that lets you play as action figures or toys. It features a fun and engaging combat with tons of customization options for you avatar. Microvolts also has PvE and PvP modes that allow players to enjoy the type of game mode they prefer. MicroVolts: PvP - shot a player Character selection in MicroVolts MicroVolts: Melee attack Read More
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