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TrackMania Turbo 10 rate Play TrackMania Turbo and race on tracks that you never seen before. With ramps that can give you traction for huge jumps and loops that can make yo head spin, you have hundreds of options. Take your place on the driver’s sit and give your vehicle a drive! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Racing games today aim for realism and strive to provide an authentic experience above all else. TrackMania Turbo defies these expectations and introduces a gameplay experience that is outlandish and out of this world. Nevertheless, it’s enjoyable. The racetracks are far from those you see on Gran Turismo or even Need for Speed. With ramps that allow you to jump into the sky and seemingly endless loops, you’re in for a real adrenaline-fueled treat. Being part of April 2018’s PlayStation Plus lineup alongside Mad Max (also a game geared towards driving), is it something you need to download? Let’s find out if it should be a priority on your backlog.


There is no semblance of a story in TrackMania Turbo. You move around the menus picking the tracks to race in. You don’t play as some driver hoping to shatter world records - you exist. The campaign mode lets you move around the game’s plethora of tracks from four different locations. Although the lack of story may put off some players, this works well, especially on a gameplay-centric game such as this.


TrackMania Turbo is probably the finest example of an arcade racing game. You drop into a track after hanging from a crane, and the moment you reach the ground, the timer starts. No, you don’t get to race physically against other players: you’re left to attempt to beat your previous times and those who raced before you. It’s a formula that may seem boring and dull, but the game’s tracks make it a worthwhile experience.

Speaking of tracks, there are four different environments, each with a variety of tracks of their own. The first you will encounter is the Grand Canyon Drift, where sharp turns and narrow bends fill the tracks. You will need to master drifting in its numerous courses, and you may find yourself frustrated in behind the wheel. Another location is the International Stadium which is full of gravity and physics-defying loops and ramps that would leave you several seconds in midair. The final two are the Down & Dirty Valley, which is a hilly countryside, and the Rollercoaster Lagoon, where you may find yourself dizzy when going through countless loops. Overall, the differences between the tracks make every race a journey. You never know what you will encounter, and you will look forward to what the next course brings.

In terms of actually controlling your vehicle, TrackMania Turbo takes a while to get used to, considering each of the vehicles works differently. For example, a NASCAR-like stock car suited for making sharp turns is far different from a speedy F1 vehicle. Unfortunately, you’ll have to rely on the stability of your car when you speed off a substantial vertical ramp. You can’t precisely perform stunts, and you will be at the mercy of gravity.

TrackMania Turbo’s gameplay loop is relatively simple: drop into a race, learn the intricacies of each track, and finish at the best time possible. Attempting to beat your previous record can be pretty fun, as you can see silhouettes of your previous attempt. There are three finish standards in every track - bronze, silver, and gold - and your goal would be to try and get the gold in every track.


One of the best parts of TrackMania Turbo is its multiplayer elements. You can play locally with friends via split-screen or control a single car with a friend, which may result in exciting and funny playthroughs. The best part is the game showing you how you stack up with the rest of the world. The game shows your exact ranking on each track, and although you may rank in the thousands, you can always repeat and try to place higher. In addition, it also has individual rankings in every country (you get to choose which country you want to rank in) and in select areas, states, and certain locations.

TrackMania Turbo also has 100-player races which are fun affairs. Although you don’t get to physically touch each player’s cars, it’s fun to see their transparent shadows come and go all over the track. In addition, you can play custom-made tracks made by the community, and there are numerous options available for everybody. You can also create your own, though it’s always best to try out those of the others.


TrackMania Turbo’s presentation elements are top-notch. In terms of visuals, it’s impressive: the textures and environments are typical for a triple-A racing game. The art style varies per track: you’ll be treated to a somewhat futuristic tone in the International Stadium, with vibrant lights and concrete tracks, while in Rollercoaster Lagoon, you will be racing in tracks that are canopied by tall treetops.


Overall, TrackMania Turbo is one of the most impressive arcade racing games of this generation. It’s fast-paced and fun, and you can enjoy it with everybody. Moreover, it is relatively easy to get into: drop in and play by yourself or with your friends. Don’t sleep on this game: if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, hurry up and download it. You’re missing out on one of this gaming generation’s best experiences.

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New Game Added: TrackMania Turbo

by Mikhail Apr 26, 2018
Play TrackMania Turbo and race on tracks that you never seen before. With ramps that can give you traction for huge jumps and loops that can make yo head spin, you have hundreds of options. Take your place on the driver’s sit and give your vehicle a drive! Tracks that reaches for the sky in TrackMania Turbo Jumping from a tall ramp in TrackMania Turbo A car and a surveillance helicopter in TrackMania Turbo Read More
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