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Spellstone 9 rate Featuring a unique turn-based gameplay, a ton of cards, a guild system and a competitive arena setting for you to test your skills in, Spellstone is an MMOCCG that’s not only refreshing to play; it also offers up a new form of challenge for fans of competitive card-based games. Sounds fun? Well, do check it out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Join in the feverish rush to extract as many valuable Spellstones as you can while fighting with other adventurers for the best turf in this amazingly addictive MMOCCG, Spellstone! With a bit of a whimsical twist to its storyline, the game features a unique turn-based gameplay, a ton of cards, a guild system and a competitive arena setting for you to test your skills in. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss your chance to make a killing in this “Spellstone rush” – download the game on Steam now and check it out!


The veil of ice parted to reveal an ancient island filled with the very valuable Spellstones. These Stones each contain a magical aether creature, and by being valuable and all, adventurers flocked to the island in droves in hopes of getting rich, powerful and famous from their adventures.

However, the Spellstones are not the only treasures the island hides. Within its lands, it is rumored that there lies one of the fabled Elder Treasures – a Heart of Blue Fire... and you’re here to find it!

As you travel the island, you’ll unlock many mini-storylines and encounters, including some pretty funny interactions between the characters in the story.


Due to its unique gameplay, it is important to first go through Spellstone’s very informative tutorial, which also happens to be the first stage of the campaign. The campaign in this game offers several maps for you to play in, each map consisting of multiple stages. Each stage in turn contains a few levels and well, you can replay each stage up to 7 times with, of course, incremental rewards and difficulty. So basically, if you add in all the replays and do the math, there is actually a lot of levels for you to enjoy in this game.

Each match you play in will cost you energy points though and the cost will increase as you advance to other stages further down the linear campaign path. However, for those of you who are able to simply “burn” through all the levels in the game, you’ll be glad to know that for every level up you gain, you’ll get a free energy refill. It’ll definitely be quite some time before you’ll run out of energy.

As aforementioned, despite being an MMOCCG, Spellstone is not your common cookie-cutter card-based game. The combat system used in this game is rather unique since you don’t need mana or any type of resources to play your cards. Instead, most cards will have a “delay duration”. This shows the number of turns you’ll need to wait before the card you’ve played is active and hence can attack its opponent. There are also cards that don’t have any delay duration. These cards can then attack on the same turn it is played.

The interesting thing here is that you’ll be able to attack inactive cards in this game. So, if you time the delay incorrectly, that card with a long delay you’ve just played might not even deal any damage before getting itself destroyed... and that would definitely be a wasteful move.

Due to the difference in its gameplay, the game had to modify some other aspects of what most would call the “conventional” MMOCCG format. For instance, the action of attacking your opponent’s cards is automated. If your card is active and that there’s a card on the opposite side of the playing field, it will automatically attack that card. However, if there are no card on the other side, your card will directly attack the “hero character” that you’re playing the card game with.

It’s also interesting to note that the game automatically let you (the non-NPC) start the game first (by playing the first card) as opposed to doing a coin toss to see who will go first. That said, you and your opponent will take turns playing a card in between card resolution phases whereby the cards will play out on their own.

Heroes are a pretty crucial part of Spellstone because each of them will have at least 1 special ability. For instance, Oda the Guardian has a special Barrier skill which grant a random allied creature a “damage-reducing shield” for a turn every turn, while Elyse the Ranger will heal a random friendly creature per turn.

In addition to your first free hero which you can choose from among 3 choices (namely Oda, Aria and Elyse), there are many more heroes that you can buy and collect provided that you have the required Bounty Rank. You can improve your Bounty Rank by pursuing bounties (meaning you’ll need to defeat other players) at the Arena. The number of abilities or skills that they have will also increase as the hero quality increases. The health and skills of your heroes can even be upgraded using arcane dusts. How many times you can upgrade a hero depends on his/her quality.

Similar to hero upgrades, you can upgrade your cards using arcane dusts too. Cards can usually be upgraded multiple times, but of course, this is subjected to the quality of the card in question. Once you reached max level, you can fuse similar max-leveled cards together to gain a much superior card, which you can then upgrade. However, this unfortunately means that arcane dusts will be in very high demand. Thankfully, you could earn more dusts by completing certain quests or by vaporizing cards that you no longer need.

As you earn more and better cards, you could also edit your deck to include all the best cards you have. Unlike most MMOCCGs whereby a deck could contain up to a whopping 40 or so cards, the maximum cards you can have in a deck in Spellstone is merely 15. This does amplify (as opposed to simplify) the card-building process since there are so many cards you may want to add to your deck but are unable to due to the card limit.

The game provides you with up to 100 inventory space though, so in spite of not being able to add extra cards to your deck, you could still store them away for collection purposes or even future “deck-rebuilding” use. You can save multiple decks in Spellstone as well.

Although the Arena is a pretty good place for players to test their mettle, the opponents that they will be fighting against are still being played by an AI. If you truly want to challenge yourself, you’ll first need to get yourself to Bounty Rank 5 and then head on over to Live Arena Battles. Here, you’ll be playing against an actual (and very unpredictable) human and naturally, the rewards you’ll get will increase accordingly.

For the free-to-play payer, Spellstone offers free daily bonuses that you can collect. However, if you would like to have some perks like extra card inventory or increased maximum energy or bounties, you might want to grab yourself a VIP account instead. By being a VIP, you’ll get some freebies from the adventuring duo at the Drake and Drake’s Emporium too. The game implements a tiered VIP system, so the higher your VIP rank, the better your VIP rewards will be.


There is a guild system in Spellstone and you should really join a guild as soon as it is unlocked.

Why? Well, where should I start? In addition to getting a special guild bonus whereby you’ll get a nice boost to the gold you can earn per match won, you’ll also be privy to guild-only events like the Ice Dragon Tunnel – where 3-star victories will advance you to the next stage while a defeat will drop you down. Guild events are incredibly popular because of the many unique cards you can win if you contribute enough.

Of course, if the Arena and the Live Arena Battles are not enough for you, you could also challenge your fellow guildy to a duel via the normal battle mode or through a tower battle mode.

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoony art style used in Spellstone fits its slightly whimsical theme. The overall graphics and sound in the game do make the game feel a bit like a mobile game though... which Spellstone essentially is. So, don’t go in expecting too much of the game. It is after all designed for the more casual MMO gamer.


In short, Spellstone offers a pretty refreshing take on the card-based game genre with its unique turn-based gameplay. The reduced number of cards allowed per deck surprisingly increases the challenge of building a great deck while using the correct hero that fits your deck is just as equally vital to ensure victory. Despite being specially designed for a more casual MMO audience, Spellstone will also appeal to hardcore MMO gamers who love trying out new, unique and somewhat competitive MMOCCGs. Do give it a try and enjoy a different digital card game experience today!

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by Aethyna Dec 6, 2016
Featuring a unique turn-based gameplay, a ton of cards, a guild system and a competitive arena setting for you to test your skills in, Spellstone is an MMOCCG that’s not only refreshing to play; it also offers up a new form of challenge for fans of competitive card-based games. Sounds fun? Well, do check it out! Spellstone: Editing the deck Campaign map in Spellstone Spellstone: Playing at 3x the speed Read More
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