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Minecraft 5.5 rate Mine for materials in the world, gather it and bring it back to construct or craft anything you like in this fun-filled voxel-based game, Minecraft. This game allows you to let your imagination free and create whatever masterpieces, tools or, in general, objects you can imagine alone with together with your friends! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you don’t know what Minecraft is, you must have been living under a rock for a very long time! Seriously, it is like the most wildly popular independent game that was ever developed! It is basically a voxel sandbox game, whereby you’ll ‘mine’ for materials in the world, gather it and bring it back to construct or craft anything you like, with some elements of MMOs. This game allows you to let your imagination free and create whatever masterpieces, tools or, in general, objects you can imagine! You can even build stuff together with your friends in Minecraft in the multiplayer mode or if you enjoy MMOs, you could take on the mobs that come out at night, or you could just head straight to the final boss battle to get the rarest substances and to build portals to access 2 additional dimensions. Interested? Well, you can try the Minecraft demo out for free, so there’s no reason for you to stay under that rock anymore!


Minecraft basically allows players to explore its very blocky-looking world and gather materials, such as wood from trees and stone from the ground, by hitting the blocks repeatedly until it disintegrates into debris that you can pick up.

However, you shouldn’t take too long gathering materials though… As night approaches, you’ll definitely need somewhere to hide – all manner of mobs, including zombies, skeletons, spiders and massive block-beasts will appear! They’ll appear in droves and will home in on you if they spot you. Thus, unless you plan to fight, it is perhaps time to start using those materials to build yourself a fortress!

To build, you’ll need to place the blocks on the ground and well, just stack them up! Add in a dash of imagination and determination, you would have easily built something that you could be proud of! Medieval castles, igloos, towers, tree house or an underground lair… it’s all up to you to create! No matter how shabby-looking your creation is, it will feel wholly yours… it is built by your virtual blocky-looking hands after all! And that is perhaps the best feeling that Minecraft can offer and it is what made the game such a wild success!

Crafting is another interesting aspect in Minecraft. Instead of build, build and build, you can even craft, craft and craft! There are a huge range of items that you can create from the materials you’ve harvested, including tools, armor, weapons, fire, portals, doors and ladders. Like any MMOs, rarer materials can be crafted into sturdier gear and items in this game. However, while there is no tutorial to guide you, there is a plethora of wiki information available on the internet on crafting. Most basic items can be easily crafted by logically combining materials together, but you’ll definitely need to get some help with the more difficult ones. Thus, it might be best to look up these resources to make the crafting process a tad bit less frustrating, unless of course, you enjoy the discovery part of the crafting process as well!

There is also a leveling system in Minecraft, and much like any MMOs, it can be rather grindy. Everything you kill in this game will reward you with experience. Your experience points can then be spent on a buff system to increase your stats. Honestly, its leveling system is rather rudimentary and stats-based – it seems to be there for the sake of being there.

Furthermore, Minecraft boasts of having an endgame whereby you’ll need to fight boss monsters that will reward you with the rarest of materials which you can then use to build portals to explore the underground hell world or the ethereal inversion world, called The End. Moreover, death in Minecraft is not permanent… in most modes anyway. However, it can be rather costly as you will lose whatever you’re carrying and you’ll have to run all the way back to where you were before you died.

Minecraft can be generally separated into a single player Lego-like creativity mode, whereby you can build without worries, or survival mode (which was explained above) as well as a multiplayer mode, whereby you can build stuff together with your friends. With proper teamwork, dedication and coordination, groups of people can easily create a uniquely different as well as a more ambitious structure! You can also join popular servers to find and marvel at what some people can build in Minecraft (after which, you’ll look back at your own creation pitifully). If you want to enjoy the game for the long terms, you should definitely check out its many fun player-created mods.


Minecraft is a hugely popular independent game. The heights that this game reached is phenomenal – just take a look at its 12 million likes on its Facebook fan page. Furthermore, due to the game’s immense freedom to create, you can expect to see plenty of creative people making up most of the population in Minecraft. The community here can be really friendly and some may even volunteer to mentor you, the newbie, on the game too!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in the game is not at all aesthetic as the game is still sticking to how its blocks used to look like since the game’s conception. This blocky blurry type of graphics is what made Minecraft an easily recognizable game. Minecraft also features a huge variety of music, composed by Daniel Rosenfeld. The best part is the in-game music is cued by the time of day! There will be a different music being played at sunrise, sunset, noon and midnight.


Minecraft is the testament to the many possibilities of gaming! Like many sandbox games, the game allows you to create whatever you please in a huge, random and infinite world. You can build alone in its creative mode or you can build with friends in the multiplayer mode. There are also crafting, endgame boss fights, a leveling system and various mods that you can enjoy! Its graphics may not be very good-looking, but the game compensates by providing a nice variety of music that changes depending on the time in Minecraft. This is indeed an excellent game for you to unleash and hone your creativity. If you like sandbox games with a bit of RPG in it, you should give Minecraft’s demo a go! Who knows? You may just buy the game in the end!

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