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Support Robonauts on Kickstarter

Play as the adorable and very curious robot, Robo, and take on the evil corporation that’s hell-bent on taking over the universe!

If you have an insatiable love for arcade games, Robonauts is definitely right up your alley.

Described as an authentic, classic arcade game that has a unique twist, the game’s gameplay involves jumping from planet to planet (as opposed to the conventional “from platform to platform”), shooting or throwing grenades at aliens of all shapes, sizes and difficulty levels, while trying to stay alive. The game’s intense and fast-paced gameplay will most certainly grip the players’ unwavering attention as they do their best to skillfully defeat the alien swarms that are coming their way.

Not to mention, this game also features a story about an adorable, playful and incredibly curious robot called Robo. In fact, it is due to his playfulness and his curiosity that has gotten himself launched from the spaceship he worked on (as a janitor of sorts) and dropped on an entirely alien planet that’s filled with many alien creatures. As you play the game, you’ll gradually advance the heart-warming storyline.

The game world in Robonauts is incredible huge as well. The first world itself contains 50 different planets that you can freely jump between. Each world is filled with brilliantly hypnotizing colors that, along with the amazing retro soundtracks, lend the game its arcade-y vibe. This also makes the game appealing to both kids, who are attracted by the vibrant colors, and to adults, who remembered what it is like to enjoy a day out at the local arcade center, alike!

If you’re interested, you might want to hop on over to Robonauts’ website and download the demo. Do you realized that you’ve enjoyed the game? Well, if that’s the case, maybe you would want to consider pledging some cash to help the developers complete the game. They are offering a large range of incentives to those that donate, ranging from getting a copy of the game in the form of a box set to getting some Robonauts trinkets like magnets, posters and 3D cards. If you donate more enough, you might just get a VIP invitation for a party in Warsaw, Poland!

There are 26 days left to pledge your support for the game, and if you wish to do so you can click HERE. Don’t forget to drop by the game’s Steam Greenlight page and show your support as well!

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