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Summary Gameplay Community Graphics/Sound Conclusion We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like WeeWorld here: http://www.wwgdb.com/games_like_weeworld


Enjoy a fun browser virtual world full of cute WeeMee’s, games and even your own rooms to decorate. Meet new friends and chat to them anytime you want in your own private areas. Fill your wardrobe with cool clothes and decorate your place to suit your style.


When you first open WeeWorld you are able to start to create your character, or WeeMee as it is called. You can pick how you look and your starting clothes here. There are lots of options available and they are all for free. Once you decide on your look you need to fill in a few details and then you are able to play.

There is a helpful guide for each of the different aspects of the game, when you first enter a new area she will pop up and show you around. This gives you a good introduction to what you can do and shows you how to do it. Once you pass this tutorial you are free to explore your new world.

Firstly there is your house, you have 6 different rooms to decorate and all of the backgrounds and furniture are free. You can have themed rooms or go in whatever direction you like. Once your rooms are ready you can invite your friends in to chat and hold parties. Invitations can be sent out by mail so you can plan in advance and invite everyone.

You also have a full wardrobe that you can fill with clothes and accessories. These items can be purchased for Greens and Gold which are the 2 currencies of the game. Some items are only available for Gold and sometimes there are special discounts. Having said that almost all of the store is available for you and you can find your perfect outfit.

As mentioned there are 2 currencies, Greens and Gold. Greens are earned in several different ways. Each day you log in you will be awarded some, and there are lots of games for you to play that will give you prizes. There is also job that you can do in the game, managing a store for example where you hire the staff and earn experience for that job. The more experience you have the more you can do and the more you can earn.

Gold is the premium currency and available for real money. There is also the option to watch promotional videos or take part in surveys where you will earn gold. If you buy the premium membership you will get free Gold. This membership has several benefits including the removal of ads and exclusive items. This membership costs a monthly fee and there are discounts for bulk purchases.

When you have your outfit as you want it you are able to go out and make some new friends, there are several ways you can do this. Invite your real life friends to play, which can also reward you in the game with Greens and Gold. You can also use the “find friends” option which will put you in touch via message with lots of different players. Each player, including you has a profile in which you can put messages and thoughts for the day.

As you play the game you will earn experience, this counts towards your overall level and the higher you level the more options are available for you. Experience is earned through doing many fun activities, even changing your clothes can earn xp. There are lots of games to play which are both fun and rewarding for you too.

There is also a global chat room where you can talk to people all over the world, even if they are not your friends. This is where a lot of people hang out and you can really see how popular WeeWorld is. It is also a good opportunity to make some new friends and catch up with old ones too.

One of the newer features is the option to have your own pet. Called a Cweeture you can have them join your avatar as it moves around. From Grumpy Cat to unicorns and everything in between you can travel with your pet. There are a lot of options and many of them can be purchased for Greens, with some being primum or Gold purchases only.

There is so much for you to do here you will never be bored. With hundreds of pages of clothes available, lots of home decoration items and of course the games you will be able to have lots of fun. The main aspect of WeeWorld is the social side and meeting new people, once you get going this is where it really comes into its own as a virtual world.


WeeWorld is a global game, with millions of players. You can always find people to chat to and once you have added them to your friends list you can send messages and keep in touch. There are lots of different group activities and lots of open and closed parties for you to attend. This active community is really what drives the game and it is a fun and vibrant place to be.


The game has its own unique style. It may look a little cartoonish but it is actually really well designed. There are lots of different places and you have a huge range of options for personalization. For a browser game it actually plays really well and it never feels clunky or bad. With constant updates and new items WeeWorld never feels stale.


There is a lot of fun to be found in WeeWorld,from fashion to pets and more you have a lot to do here. Meeting people is easy and fun and you can jump straight in and enjoy this cute virtual world.

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New Game Added: WeeWorld

by Adeaphon May 7, 2017
Enter a fun world full of cute characters in a brilliant virtual world full of fun. Avatars in WeeWorld Sports in WeeWorld WeeWorld BBQ Read More
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