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Lady Popular 8.3 rate In Lady Popular you can change your look whenever you want, and shop for the latest and hottest clothes. Once you have your look go out, meet friends and take your shot at fame & fortune on the catwalk with weekly competitions for the best dressed lady. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Enter the competitive world of fashion and supermodels and conquer the fashion catwalks in this popular fashion game – Lady Popular! Doll up your avatar with hot new outfits, bags, shoes and accessories from the store. Sport the latest hairstyle and get the best make-up for your avatar. You could also get tattoos or hennas for your character. After you’re done, strut your stuff at the catwalk and put every other contestant to shame! You could even decorate your 6-roomed apartment (with a balcony!) with various home décor from the shop. There are pets that you can get, mini-games to play, jobs to do and also boys to flirt or to be in a relationship with. Lady Popular is indeed the package deal of a fashion game! Try it now!


After signing up, you will be allowed to choose your avatar’s appearance. Then, you will be given your very first quest! Quests in Lady Popular pretty much functions as a way to introduce the game’s many features to you and, of course, every completed quest will reward you with experience points along with either in-game money or emeralds. Emeralds are the same as diamonds, which you will encounter later on in the game, in term of their value in the game. However, emeralds can be earned by getting achievements, completing photo sessions, winning duels with supermodels and, well, completing quests, while diamonds can only be bought through the bank.

Besides knowing your in-game currencies, you are also introduced to your popularity statistics, which consist of 6 important criteria – style, creativity, devotion, beauty, generosity and loyalty. These points can be trained for a price and that price will be scaled up every time you train, or you can do activities that relate to each of these individual criteria to earn extra points. For instance, to earn style points, you just needed to shop for new clothes or accessories at the stores, while you can buy new furniture for your home to earn creativity points. Devotion points can also be obtained through the pet shop when you buy pet clothes or accessories. Beauty points are given out whenever you change your avatar’s look or hairstyle at the beauty parlour and generosity points are rewarded whenever you vote for other ladies competing at any fashion events. Lastly, loyalty points can be gained whenever you train your pet. Having high popularity statistics is very important to win duels at the Fashion Arena, so be sure to keep increasing your popularity statistics!

Looking to turn a quick buck before hitting the shops, well, you will need to head over to the mini-games section! There are many games for you to choose from, such as Sudoku, mastermind, Simon says, connect the dots, concentration and many other! Games at higher difficulty will usually earn you more money but you have to be sure that you can nail the game on the first go! This is because you can only earn money from each of the mini-games once per day. Thus, if you flunked your first game but scored well in the second attempt, you will only get the money given to you on your first attempt. The money you can earn from these games isn’t a lot, but when it’s coupled with the money you’ve obtained from completing quests, it should be sufficient to get yourself a make-over! Time to hit the shops, ladies!

Like every fashion game, shopping variety is key to its success! In Lady Popular, there are so many themed stores for you to shop in! There are stores that specialise in beachwear, sports clothing, casualwear, winter wear, night dresses… well, you name it, the game got it! Furthermore, as mentioned above, every item you buy from these apparel shops will earn you a fair bit of style points. As you level up in this game, you will unlock new shops and clothes as well! So, don’t hold back on those shopaholic instincts – go and enjoy your shopping!

Besides clothes, the game also provides a pet shop, whereby you can purchase your first in-game pet, an adorable bunny! You could also buy cute little clothes or accessories, like scarfs, sweaters or bags for it to wear or carry. Every item you buy for your pet will increase your devotion points as well as making your pet happy! There is even a furniture shop that you can visit to get everything you’ll need to decorate your apartment home in Lady Popular!

After shopping, you can dress your character up in the new outfits you bought at the wardrobe at your place and show off your sense of fashion. However, if you would like to start decorating your apartment, you can do so too! Once you reach higher levels, you can also buy new rooms at your apartment and decorate those rooms.

With increased popularity stats, especially after your whirlwind of shopping, you are definitely ready to take on the Fashion Arena! Search for a compatible opponent – it’ll be fashion suicide to try to take on players who are way above you in level – and start duelling! In every duel, 3 of your popularity stats will be randomly selected and compared with your opponent’s. If your stats are higher by a minimum of 2 out of 3 stats, you will win the round. There are 3 rounds in total and some of the stats may be repeated for the subsequent rounds. At the end, the person with the most rounds won is the winner and may win up to thousands of dollars (in-game money) along with some experience points.

However, if you lost the duel, you will also lose a part of your money to your opponent. So, you must choose your opponents wisely! Moreover, you can only duel with 10 opponents at a time since you are only given 10 energy, but don’t worry! The energy you lost will be regenerated over time. Anyway, with the money you’ve earned, you can plunge them into getting more fashion goods that you want!

There is also a longer way for you to earn money in Lady Popular – by working, of course! At FTV Jobs, you are given 5 career paths to choose from, but since you’re a beginner, you will start off with 1 career first and you can work your way up from there. You can set how long you would like to work, and of course, the longer you work, the more money you will earn. However, you should take note that once you start working, you will not be able to participate in duels at the Fashion Arena. In addition, since your character will continue to work even when you are logged off, it is best to send your character to work before you log off. So, you, at least, can expect to see some money in your pocket the next time you log in!

Furthermore, when you hit level 6, you can even earn a rather low (but it’s better than nothing!) passive apartment income per hour. So, with patience and some dedication, you can easily earn a tonne of money that you can spend at your leisure!

Nonetheless, if you want to take the fast lane, you could always spend a bit of real money to buy diamonds. These diamonds can then be converted to cash. The conversion rate increases with your level, so it may be more worth it if you convert your diamonds to money when you hit the higher levels. The VIP shop also offers plenty of bonuses, such as popularity bonuses, energy packs and talent boosts. If you buy more than 200 diamonds from the game, you will also be entitled to their loyalty cards – silver, gold and platinum. These cards will give you a 5%, 10% and 15% discount respectively for any items you buy from any of the stores in Lady Popular! Awesome, right?

One of the most interesting features in Lady Popular is definitely the part where you flirt with and date the guy of your dreams. Head over to the clubs to check out the various attractive guys that hang out at the place. Different clubs will have different types of clientele, for example, Club Pulse caters to athletes while Club Stars is the favourite hangout spot for male celebs. After you managed to get into a relationship with one of the guys, you can interact with him by calling him or going out on dates with him.

If you are the perfect girlfriend, he will give you a present once the affection meter fills up. Each guy has a maximum of 3 presents to give you. Once you’ve collected them all, you can get a beautiful dress as a gift! Furthermore, if you reached the maximum level on the affection meter with a guy, the guy in question may even ask you to marry him! However, if you would like to have a ‘playgirl’ reputation, you could always break up with your current boyfriend and flirt with another guy anytime you want.


Since the game only provide lady characters, the majority, if not all, of the players are female. Although the community cannot interact in the game as there is no chat function, most players communicate by leaving comments on the profile of their friends.

The community in Lady Popular usually congregate into Lady Clubs in-game. By being part of a club, you can easily meet new friends. However, if you shun clubs, you could always check out the forums. It is a great place to discuss personal issues and get feedback from fellow players, to gossip about or criticise the game (for the good of the game, of course!) and to ask for advice on love problems. It’s like a place for ladies to do their pillow talk!


Lady Popular is superb graphics for its character models, items and clothes. Everything in this game is an eye-candy! However, the boyfriend models may not look as nice as the ladies in this game.

In terms of sound, Lady Popular has none. This means you can play whichever song that you like in the background while playing!


In short, Lady Popular is a fun-filled, browser-based fashion game to play! It has plenty of hot outfits and accessories on offer at the mall, along with nice-looking furniture and cute pets! You can also decorate your apartment home in Lady Popular. Since the game centres on popularity statistics, you are given lots of methods to increase your popularity stats. With high popularity stats, you are practically guaranteed a win in duels at the Fashion Arena! There are also exciting mini-games that you can play and careers for you to work at to earn money. Best of all, you can flirt and date with gorgeous boys - each of them having their own interesting profiles! Indeed, Lady Popular is one fashion game that you simply must try! Sign up today!

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A great game to pass the time with!

Everyone has a sense of fashion, no matter how minimal or how flamboyant it could be. There's a fashion designer hidden in everyone of us, and playing Lady Popular Fashion Arena will definitely b...Full Review
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