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Chit Chat City 9 rate Enter the trendy world of Chit Chat City, where you can dress up in different outfits, shop for a new car, buy a Frappuccino and enjoy it with friends. Buy your very own home and build it from scratch or buy furniture from the shop. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Welcome to Chit Chat City, a virtual world for the hip, trendy and adventurous. In this stylish and modern realm, you can meet and chat with new friends, build your very own home, shop and go on many exciting quests.


Chit Chat City is a free, browser-based game where you create an avatar and explore a huge virtual world. When you first start, you are asked to choose a gender and to give your avatar a unique name. You are then welcomed in Capital City and you can pick a basic outfit before you begin exploring.

From there, you can explore the different places in Chit Chat City. You can also click on other users and add them as friends, move closer to them, visit their home or start a private chat. There’s a chat box on the bottom, which is designed to talk to everyone in the room by default. You can change the chat mode by clicking on the emoticon icon beside the text field.

Moving your avatar is done with the Left, Right, Up and Down arrow keys. To move diagonally, you can hold down both Left + Up/Left+Down or Right+Up/Right+Down, depending on where you want to go. The roads and structures in this game will almost always require you to use these two keys together.

The different cities in this game are divided into seven: Capital City, Northern Breeze City, Dark City, Beach City, Shopping City, Fishing City and The Cemetery. To go to them, click on the airplane icon on the right and click on the city. To go back to your home, you can click on the same icon and click the Home button. You can also use this menu to visit random shops and homes.

You can build your home in any of these cities, but first you’ll need to get some credits. There are two credits here: regular credits, which you can get by doing different things within the game, and Gold credits, which you can purchase with real money.

The best way to earn regular credits is to go to The Cemetery and kill zombies. Simply navigate into the cemetery grounds where you’ll see the tombstones and wait for zombies to come. When you see one, hover your mouse over it you until you see damage points being dealt. Zombies will also attack you so you need to keep your distance while still near enough to attack them. If you’re lucky, the zombie will die first before you faint. If you faint, you’ll immediately be brought back to life and sent back to the Cemetery entrance.

Another way to earn credits is to go fishing in Fishing City. When you enter Fishing City, you are automatically in a boat. Just press the Up arrow key to put your fishing rod out. Wait for a fish to bite, then quickly click on it. You can easily earn 1,000 credits here, enough to buy your own property.

Other ways to earn credits are by planting a garden in your home or opening a shop inside your home to sell your own creations (avatars, furnitures, pets, etc.). You can also find the NPC (non-player character) called Worried Puppy Owner and she’ll give you the coordinates to find her missing puppy. Once you find the puppy, click on it and it will start following you. Click on the Worried Puppy Owner again to complete the task. You’ll get credits in return. Lastly, there's the Daily Lucky Win kiosk located in all city centers. You can spin this once every 24 hours to win credits.

Once you have enough credits, you can buy a property in Capital City, Dark City, North Breeze City, Beach City and Shopping City. Click on the Property Locator kiosk in the city center and choose to move to the nearest open property. Each property costs 1,000 credits. Now, you can build your very own home by buying furniture and decorations in Shopping City or creating your own.

Perhaps one of the best things about Chit Chat City is its ability to let you customize every element of your building. From the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture and even your vehicle, you can build these all from scratch using the game’s avatar builder. This process will take up much of your time and creativity, but it’s well worth it. Note that creating items from the Avatar Builder costs a few credits.

There are also lots of items for sale, usually made by other players, and most of them are in Shopping City. Here you can buy clothes, accessories, home decorations, furniture, cars and other vehicles, Starbucks drinks, music for your shop or home and even pets. To purchase an item, simply click on it and confirm. There are also free shops, where you can get items for 0 credits – meaning completely free!


Chit Chat City has a very large community of regular and new players. You can go to the People icon in your screen (on the right side), click on the Online tab and how many players are logged in. Add as many friends as you can and start your own club. You can also join other clubs within the game.


Chit Chat City uses a minimal, modern design in its avatars and most game elements. This means that the graphics look a bit “flat” even in a supposedly 3D environment. However, avatar controls and animations work as expected and there are no issues navigating your avatar at any point. Sound is also scarce here, not a lot of effects or voice overs to speak of, except for the occasional music that comes from user shops.


Chit Chat City is the digital city for the modern guy or girl. The community is mostly teens, but even adults will find this game fun and interesting. You’re sure to find something that fits with your style, or you can create your own items and find other people who might like your work. With its simple interface and the ability to customize avatars and other objects, the possibilities are endless in this cool virtual world.

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New Game Added: Chit Chat City

by Kim May 9, 2016
Enter the trendy world of Chit Chat City, where you can dress up in different outfits, shop for a new car, buy a Frappuccino and enjoy it with friends. Buy your very own home and build it from scratch or buy furniture from the shop. cute home in Chit Chat City Chit Chat City: shop for clothes shop for cars in Chit Chat City Read More
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