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Stardoll 9 rate “Looking chic, girl! What’s your fashion secret?” If you are the asked these kinds of questions, then Stardoll is definitely the game for you! Dress up your character with a huge variety of clothes and accessories, with real-life brands, brave the catwalk with your striking-new fashion style. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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“Looking chic, girl! What’s your fashion secret?” If you are the asked these kinds of questions, then Stardoll is definitely the game for you! Dress up your character with a huge variety of clothes and accessories, with real-life brands, brave the catwalk with your striking-new fashion style. And who knows? You may just be the one to initiate a brand new fashion trend or even a fashion revolution! If you’re more of the home décor sort, you can also decorate your Stardoll suite with items that will dazzle your visiting friends as well! You can even have fun designing new clothes with the user-friendly interface in Stardoll! What are you waiting for? Fashion waits for no lady (or guy)! Play Stardoll now!


After logging into the game via your Facebook account, you will be brought to the relatively small world of Stardoll. As a beginner to the game, you will be given a nice stack of Starcoins and, of course, an avatar (the gender is assigned based on the gender stated on your Facebook profile). With some money at hand, you could start by giving your avatar a nice make-over. After all, you would want to make your character to stand out as fashionably as possible in the Stardoll’s world of fashion!

Shopping! That’s the magic word that will get (almost) every girl starry-eyed! Well, rejoice fellow girls as Stardoll has one of the most extensive stores in any fashion game to date! These stores offer a wide range of items – from different hip-looking tops and outwear to beautiful dresses and shiny shoes or high heels (You can’t go anywhere without shoes… and you’ll need plenty of them, of course!). In fact, there are so many things to buy that the game can only show 1000 most popular items for you to choose from. You can also find familiar brands, like Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana, among the many shops in this game and these are authentic stuff! The clothes that are marked with these renowned brands mimic the fashion design of the actual clothes! Furthermore, you can even buy a ‘pal’ (a.k.a. a hot boy or girl) to stand by your avatar in your profile picture!

The stores also sell plenty of home décor items such as furniture, lighting, wonderful pieces of art, vehicles (motorcycle or a scooter) and wallpapers. Similarly to clothes, the game, too, offers in-game items that advertise real-life brands – in this case, the ‘brands’ being advertised is EA Games’ The Sims 4 and the famous teen book series. Dork Diaries. However, most items and clothes require Stardollars, which can only be bought using real money. If you don’t like spending real money, you may have limited choices as compared to a real-money spender in Stardoll.

Running low on money? Well, considering that there are so many things to buy, it’s hardly surprising! To earn more money, you will need to play the many mini-games provided at the Starcade! You are given a selection of 26 unique mini-games to choose from! Fancy being a brand detective? Test your brand-spotting skills in the mini-game which is aptly called ‘Brand Detective’! There are plenty more games, such as Globetrotter, Make-up Artist, Night Sky, Primp My Pet and Jewel Lines, that you can try. These mini-games are guaranteed to give you plenty of casual fun! However, these games can be seriously addictive as well – you have been warned!

One of the best games available in Stardoll is its dress-up game. In this mini-game, you can help various famous celebs, models and even royals to dress up in hot-looking outfits! Some of the many faces in this dress-up game that you will definitely recognize include Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik from One Direction, Robert Pattinson, Ian Somerhalder, Avril Lavigne, Kate Middleton and even the all 4 members of Big Time Rush! Have fun taking up the role of these people’s dress-up manager and match cool outfits for them from the selection of clothes provided in the game. After you’re satisfied with the outcome, why not take a photo and share it with your friends?

After getting more and more clothes with your newly earned money (you can never get enough!), you must be itching to try out your new outfits. Head on to your Stardoll suite, unwrap your purchased goodies and start changing your avatar’s clothes! You can also enter the beauty parlor to change your avatar’s hairstyle, apply make-up and nail art, as well as customize your avatar’s face and body!

Once you’re done, snap a photo and share it with your friends or better yet, submit the photo for the Stardoll catwalk competition! At Stardoll’s Catwalk, you can vote for your favorite and best-dressed character. At the end of the day, these votes will be tallied up and each avatar will be ranked accordingly. The highest ranked avatar will earn the right to the highly-acclaimed ‘Top Model’ trophy. Who knows? You may just be the fashion icon that every Stardoll player has been waiting for!

The game also provides players with a photo-plus-sticker album. Make your album your own by decorating the album with snapshots that you have taken earlier, by placing stickers or by writing fancy texts. This album is where players can let their creativity out of the box! Show off your fashion and home décor sense as you fill the pages of your album with awesome pictures of your suite or of your avatar hanging out with famous celebs! In Stardoll, you can also earn sparkling crystalline trophies by doing practically anything in the game. This includes shopping, playing games, dressing up your avatar, decorating your suite or album and even taking a photo!

Last but not least, Stardoll has a very easy-to-use designing interface whereby players are given the freedom to design their very own clothes, décor, hairstyle or jewelry! In fact, a number of the items available at the shops are designed by players themselves. However, most design templates are priced in Stardollars and unless you are a paying customer of the game, you will not be able to access almost all of the templates in order to start designing your own clothes or items.


Stardoll is mainly designed for teenage girls ranging from 12 to 16, but you can easily see young ladies or young girls in the game as well. Due to this, the game randomly assigns computer-generated names to each new player to protect them via anonymity. Although it consists of quite a diverse age range of girls or ladies, the game lacks male players. In addition, since the game has a designing interface for budding fashion designers to try their craft, this game attracts a lot of creative individuals as well.


Being a fashion game, Stardoll offers amazing graphics. Everything in the game looks absolutely beautiful and hot! Stardoll does not provide any sound though, except for its mini-games. Therefore, you are free to play the song of your choice in the background while playing this game!


Stardoll is undoubtedly one of the best fashion games on Facebook! Like any fashion game, you can shop for stylish outfits, dress your character up, decorate your Stardoll suite and compete with other players in a fashion showdown at the catwalk. In this game, you can design your own clothes using its simple interface as well. There are also plenty of fun mini-games along with an exciting game of dress-up, whereby you are allowed to dress up famous celebs (actors/actresses and singers) and even royals! Achievements and awards are up for grabs too in Stardoll! However, players who are unable or unwilling to spend any real money into the game may find themselves at a disadvantage. Nonetheless, Stardoll is an entertaining and casual fashion game that went that extra mile to show that they are the best in the industry. If you like fashion, you simply must not miss out on this game! Try it today!

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“Looking chic, girl! What’s your fashion secret?” If you are the asked these kinds of questions, then Stardoll is definitely the game for you! Dress up your character with a huge variety of clothes and accessories, with real-life brands, brave the catwalk with your striking-new fashion style. Stardoll Changing Styles Friends Hanging out in Stardoll Stardoll Studio Read More
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