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Freggers 9.5 rate Go on quests and stimulating hunting adventures in Freggers, a unique virtual world for kids and adults alike. Meet friends, help out in the garden, go scavenging in the forest and make money along the way. Freggers is a captivating little world that encourages problem solving, a sense of adventure and independence. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Freggers is a unique, kid-safe virtual world that will get players to explore the different locations on missions and quests. When you’re not hanging out in your apartment, you’ll be out and about in The Freggersland looking for objects and completing tasks to help you level up and earn more cash. Things get really interesting as you complete one quest after another, making this virtual world a bit more challenging than most.


When the game starts, you’ll be prompted to create your avatar, choose a gender, clothes, hair and eye color. You can change haircuts and clothes later on in the game. Give your avatar a name and you’re in! You’ll enter your apartment in a city called Konrad-Siedlung and you’ll arrive to several gift boxes waiting to be opened.

The gift boxes contain an assortment of home items Toads (game money) and experience points (blue stars). The contents of the gift boxes will be placed in your Bag, and you can open it from the icon on the bottom right corner. You’ll see the left panel display your Bag’s contents and you can click on an item and select the options you want for that item. You can click “Place” to put the item in your home. You can sit on chairs and sofas by clicking on them when you see a downward arrow sign. In the middle of your apartment, you’ll see a Wondrous Egg. This egg needs to be cuddles several times so it can grow. The Wondrous Egg gives experience points each time it gets cuddled.
Once you have your new apartment in order, you can start exploring the locations of Freggersland.

Here, the fastest way to earn more Toads is to complete the quests listed on the top right corner of the screen. Click on it to learn more about the latest quest for you. Be sure to read all the instructions so you know how to get it done. Most times, you need to visit another location and do certain chores there, such as gathering wood or collecting crops to feed animals. Every set of completed tasks will give you a Badge, and these badges help you level up and earn Toads. You can see your completed bagdes by clicking on your avatar.

When you level up, you’ll get Bulbs, which can unlock certain items that you can craft from different materials found around Freggersland. You can choose which items you want to unlock, from furniture, cars and other themed decorations. From the bottom menu, click Craft to see which items you can unlock. When you unlock an item for crafting, you need to check the ingredients as listed by the icons below the item. Most crafts will require Toads and one or more ingredient such as wood, iron or brick. A green number means you have enough of the ingredient, while a red one means you don’t have enough or you have none of it in your Bag.

You’ll have to go around each location in this virtual world to discover how to transform raw materials into better ones. For instance, a pile of logs that you collected can be turned into pieces of timber when you put them into a Saw Mill. Rocks can be turned into bricks or iron depending on the machine you put it into. There are no tutorials in the game for this, so you need to find resources and the machines to transform them into ingredients you can use for crafting.

Once you’ve earned enough Toads, you can go shopping by clicking the Shopping icon on the bottom menu. There are several shops you can choose from and these sell different kinds of clothes and accessories. Click on each one and your avatar will automatically go to that shop. Click on an item for sale to view its details on the right pane. Click on the Buy button to purchase an item and place it in your Bag. When your Bag is too full, you can either go back home to unload some of your items or buy an extra slot for your Bag. Continue exploring all locations and you’ll soon discover mini games hidden on random objects. You can play these hidden games to earn more Toads.

Let’s not forget that Freggers is also a game for meeting friends. You can click on other players and their information will appear on the right pane. You can send them a private message, add them as a friend or visit their apartment. You can also join a public chat in every location by typing a message on the chat box on the bottom of the screen.


Freggers has a notable following that is made up mostly of teens and young adults. The game is made by a German game developer, so most forums and wiki for the game are written in German. However, the players are from all over the world and English is the primary language used in public chat. You can find lots of friends to add when you start the game.


Freggers ‘s graphics are a unique combination of cartoonish drawings and life-like images. The avatars and most other objects looks like a caricature, but the scenery in some locations look like they’re actual photos from real life objects. This strange mixture creates a contrast that is stimulating and engaging to say the least. There is minimal sound in this game, as you will mostly play in silence on the occasional sound effects from actions your avatar takes.


Unlike most other virtual games, Freggers’ focus on hunting for resources and crafting is very evident from the first quest. Rather than focusing on playing games or competing with other players to earn money, you are challenged to complete quests with little supervision. With this clever game mechanic, you’re drawn into discovering each location in the game, not because of curiosity, but because it’s necessary. Freggers is not your ordinary virtual world, and that’s a good thing.

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by Kim Jun 13, 2016
Go on quests and stimulating hunting adventures in Freggers, a unique virtual world for kids and adults alike. Meet friends, help out in the garden, go scavenging in the forest and make money along the way. Freggers is a captivating little world that encourages problem solving, a sense of adventure and independence. Freggers: apartment dark forest in Freggers Freggers: the playground Read More

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I've played this game for 5 years, no lie, and it's pretty addicting and fun :) if you liked Woozworld, Zwinky, IMVU, Habbo, then you'll love this website as much as I did. Definitely r...Full Review
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