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Avataria 7.3 rate Enjoy a Virtual World where you can Own a House, Car and the Best Wardrobe money can buy. Make friends and party the night away in some of the coolest clubs around and then chill out at your personalized home. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Avataria is a virtual world where almost anything is possible, there are no real plotlines as the stories are yours to make. You can become anyone you want to in this virtual place, you have a lot of options to choose from and many different places to visit. Create your own virtual self in an amazing place full of people from all over the world.


When you first log in to the game on Facebook you will be able to make some pretty important choices about your avatar and what you initially look like. You can pick your gender and starting outfit from some pre made clothing ranges. But don’t worry this is just to get you started, once you are in the game the real personalization starts.

You are then guided around by a friendly character that is part of the world who will explain the basics of the game for you, by giving you some objectives to complete you will learn your way around. Each of these quests will give you some coins to spend, or an item. You will even get your house out of these too, and learn how to decorate it to suit your tastes. These quests are really useful, fun to do and the rewards really help you get started in the game.

Once you have your own house and wardrobe set up, you will continue to have objectives to complete, a few each day these can be really useful for you to keep the cash flowing in and allow you to buy all those cool clothes and items you need.

You are now free to explore the huge world that is Avataria. There are lots of things for you to do here, you can go shopping, meet new people in the social areas, you can even play games or do a simple job to earn more coins to spend. The shop is available all the time, simply click on the shopping bag and you can see all of the clothes and items available to buy. There are easy to use menus to help you find that exact item that you want too so they are easy to use.

Once you have your look you can pop out to the places and see who is around, from the park to the beauty salon there are some really charming and well designed hangouts. Here you can openly chat with other players and make friends too. If you want you can also go and visit your house, or other houses with their owners, so you can see what they have done and show off your own interior designs.

If you find that you are running low on coins you can also do a job. This will take a certain amount of time, and as you do the tasks, which can be quite fun too you will earn coins to spend. If that sounds a little too much for you there are also lots of games that you can play, with your friends or by yourself that will not only be a lot more fun but also give you coins to spend.

As you explore there are lots of things that you can use and interact with, each time you do it will cost you a little of your energy. This energy bar is at the top of the screen, and you can refill it over time, or by friends giving you some energy, you can also share energy with others too. While you do not need this to explore or shop you will want some for the games or jobs.

If you are looking for something to do there is a brilliant feature called the events calendar, what this will do is anyone can put up a special event that they are hosting, and you can use the calendar to find cool parties, events, weddings or even item sales by players. This is a great way to meet new people, and make sure you are at the hottest events happening right now.

There are lots of customization options for your avatar and home, not just the clothes you wear but you can swap out your appearance whenever you want with a new hairstyle, piercings or eye color. All of these can be found in the appearance section of the menu at the bottom, where you can also see the places available and do all of the other fun ations.

The controls for Avataria are really easy, just click using the mouse and everything is available, with menus that you can easily read and use too. Though the game can feel a little slow at first until you have completed all of the tasks, once you have it really gets going and you can go out to explore.

There are 2 currencies in the game, silver and gold coins. When you first play the game will give you some of each, and the quests give you both as rewards too. Silver can be gained through the games, working or just simply by interacting with the world around you. Gold coins can only be purchased for real money, and some of the best items in the game are only available for gold which can be a little limiting.

The style of Avataria is really nice though, there is a huge range of activities, and you can just throw up a party and see who arrives too. There is always something to do here and that gives a really nice feeling to the game.


As you would expect for a virtual world, there is a huge community here in Avataria, with players from all over the world joining in and creating characters here. There are lots of opportunities to meet people and you can add buddies so you can see when your friends are online or not. As this is also a Facebook game there is a brilliant community page full of useful information.


The models and world of Avataria are really nicely presented in stunning 3D, with some really nice graphics and a fluid motion to the characters and areas you hang out in. There is a huge variety of options to personalize your avatar, and they all fit really well and the game just feels polished when you play.

There is a nice background music to the game, and as you move around the different places it changes and you can hear what is going on. There is no voicing for the characters you meet or the other players, all of the chat is text based.


For a free virtual world there is a really nice amount of stuff for you to do, and the game has a nice feel to it. You can see the quality and effort that have gone into making a place where you can be yourself, make friends and most of all just have fun.

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Enjoy a Virtual World where you can Own a House, Car and the Best Wardrobe money can buy. Make friends and party the night away in some of the coolest clubs around and then chill out at your personalized home. Avataria Canyon Party Beach in Avataria Avataria Bride Read More
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