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Have you always wanted to open your very own fashion boutique or join the competitive world of modeling? Well, you can do all that and more, virtually, in Fashland, one of the hottest fashion games on Facebook! Dress up your avatar with cool new outfits and match them with awesome-looking bags and accessories! Don’t forget to help your avatar don some makeup to enhance her look. Once you’re done, take a photo and submit your avatar into the highly-competitive Fash Cup competition and put every other contestant to shame! Not to mention, you will also own a fashion house in this game and you can decorate it in whichever way you like. Provide the best service that you can so that every customer that leaves your shop will have a big smile plastered on their faces! They may even recommend their friends to purchase from your shop as well! Sounds like fun? Try it now then! You surely won’t regret it!


After signing up for Fashland, you’ll be brought straight to your fashion house. It’s time to get to work!

Decorate your fashion shop by placing beautiful potted plants to spruce up the surroundings and changing the wallpaper to bright cheerful colors! Let’s not forget the table top displays, racks and fitting rooms that you’ll need for your fashion house to be functional! After you’re done, you can start the day’s business and wait for customers to enter your shop. The customers will browse through your displayed wares and will place an order if they like any of your products. Once the ordered item arrived, you’ll need to package the product in a neat little box with a big nice bow to seal it. Then, you’ll have click again to deliver the packaged products to your clients and you’ll receive cash in return!

Sometimes, you may even get collectibles. These collectibles vary depending on the type of customers, such as the casual, the boho and the sporty types, who bought your items. You can easily attract a certain type of customers by displaying products that they might like so that you can complete your collections. For instance, you can sell lady-sized sport jerseys and other sports-themed items to attract sporty guests to your shop.

Furthermore, like any shop in real life, you’ll need to take good care of it in order to keep it in tip-top shape. It wouldn’t do to have customers complaining about the untidiness of your place! Thus, you’ll need to clean your shop up by reorganizing the items that somehow ended up on the floor as well as tidying the fitting room. Don’t forget to restock your displays with a rotation of products as well – it’s kind of boring if you just sell the same stuff over and over again, right?

Maintaining a store of your own can be tiring at times and if you would like to take a breather, you can check out the dressing room! Pimp up your avatar with the huge range of clothes, shoes and accessories, like necklaces, scarfs, handbags and earrings – all of which are available for free once you have them unlocked! And how to get them unlocked? Well, there are generally 3 ways – one of which involves leveling up or getting a certain kind of achievement; the second method will cost you real money, and the third, most feasible method include using keys that can be earned by voting at the Fash Cup competition. You can also unlock new makeup options (eye shadow, blush, nail polish and etc) and hairstyles too!

Once you’re satisfied with how your avatar looks, you can head over to fashion career events to take snapshots of your avatar in different poses, backgrounds (fashion photo shoot, office style, big city life, etc) or even photo effects. Each snapshot will cost you a few hundred coins and you will earn heartbeats and experience points in return. You can share the pictures you took on your Facebook timeline as well for your friends to see!

The heartbeats you’ve earned can be used to vote for the most stylish girl in the Fash Cup competition. The Fash Cup is, obviously, a fashion competition whereby participants have to dress their avatars in such a way that the overall look of the avatar matches the theme of the daily competition, such as The London Eye or Graffiti Street. Voting earns you coins and you can vote as many times as you like, as long as you have enough heartbeat to spend.

Furthermore, if you want to win keys (that you can use to unlock new exclusive designs), you’ll need to vote based on what you think other people would like. In other words, instead of voting for the fashion that you like, you’ll need to see which of the 2 options given are the most popular among the players in the Fashland. If you guess correctly, you’ll earn a point. Once you’ve accumulated 5 points, you’ll earn yourself a key. Just voting for other people doesn’t seem as fun, so why not sign up to participate in the Fash Cup competition yourself? Who knows? You may just surprise yourself with your great sense of fashion!

In addition, there’s a chic list, which functions like achievements, in Fashland. If you complete them, you can earn some really nice rewards, like couturier coat rack, designer’s sewing chair, standing mannequin and backstage champagne table. You can also visit your friends’ shops to help them clean up the mess or to boost their displays. You’ll be given 5 actions max per day to spend at your friends’ shop. If you dutifully helped your friends out, you’ll earn some extra heartbeats once you’ve used up all those 5 actions


The Facebook fan page for Fashland boasts of having over 2.7 million likes! That’s a rather huge number of players for a fashion game! You can meet people who are passionate about fashion and get fashion tips from the other players here! It is also a great place to show off your fashion styles. Sometimes, the page even gives out free heartbeats to its players. So, be sure to keep an eye on the page for freebies by liking the page!

Graphics/ Sound

Fashland has superb 2.5D graphics for its character models, shop décor and clothes. In fact, everything in this game can be classified as eye-candies! In terms of sound, Fashland has the sort of 80s music that you’ll hear in hotel lifts. It’s soothing and pleasant to listen to.


Fashland is a fashion game that allows you to set up and manage your very own fashion boutique! It also allows you to sign your avatar up for the highly competitive world of modeling in its Fash Cup competition! The game provides a large variety of clothes and accessories as well as shop décor that you can choose from. Complete your avatar’s look with some nice-looking makeup or a change in hairstyle and color too! You could also take photos of your avatar in different poses and backgrounds in the fashion career event. If you love fashion games, Fashland is a game that you should definitely try! Add it to your Facebook library of games today!

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Have you always wanted to open your very own fashion boutique or join the competitive world of modeling? If you do, you should check this game out! Besties in Fashland Fashion boutique in Fashland Fashland: Skiing theme Read More
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