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Monster High 8 rate Monster High dolls are incredibly popular, and now you can meet the characters and play games with them in an incredible virtual world. Dress up your character and decorate you room in this ghoulishly fun game. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Step into the perfectly imperfect world of Monster High, where you get to team up with the cool kids in school for lots of mischiefs and thrilling adventures! There are plenty of things do to here, such as completing quizzes, watching webisodes of Monster High and playing creeptastic games… besides going to your classes, of course! As a member of the student bodies, you’ll even get to go to class with the sons and daughters of legendary monsters and learn to embrace your imperfections like they do. In fact, at Monster High, they don’t just embrace their differences… they celebrate it! You should really try this game out for yourself and oh don’t forget to get your ghoulfriends to join you too! The more, the merrier!


The episodic stories in Monster High can be viewed from Monster High’s free webisodes, such as Creature Creepers Adventure or Zombie Shake. Join the Monster High gang as they went on exciting adventures, helping other monsters along the way. You can also follow their journey into the many Monster High movies, such as Monster High: Frights, camera, action! Or 13 Wishes in Blu-ray or DVD as well! If you like to read instead, you can read all about their thrilling adventures at the Monster High Library!


Welcome to the new scaremester at Monster High! After being treated to a short and funny introductory video, you can get started by downloading and printing the Gore-ientation packet to learn more about the staff and students in your new virtual high school, the types of classes offered and also the school’s code of conduct for Monster High students to ‘un-live’ by!

Is everything done? Great! Surely you can’t wait to see what you can do at Monster High, right? Well, first things first, now that you know the students and staff in school, you should introduce yourself to them too! Hence, create your student profile and let everyone know who you are. Don’t be afraid to show your true self here. After all, everyone at Monster High embraces and celebrates your freaky flaws! Feel free to just be yourself. After you’re done, you can even share your awesome profile to your friends!

Next, your avatar will definitely need a makeover and an outfit that fit your personal style! Head on over to the Maul to get your avatar decked out with drop-dead gore-geous fashions and rocking ‘monsterrific’ hairstyles! The game offers a huge variety of scary cute dresses, tops, bottoms, high heels, bags and other accessories for you to choose from. The Maul also has different themed backgrounds that you can buy for your student profile too! In the Maul, you can even customize your fierce look by monsterfy-ing your avatar! Mix and match various limbs and facial features to create your ultimate monster avatar!

Aww, no more Bones (in-game currency)? Well, it’s time to start earning some Bones of your own so that you can get that fabulous new boots that you’ve been eyeing on for the entire day! Don’t worry though - it’s very easy to earn Bones at Monster High.

The easiest way to earn some money is definitely by playing games. There are just so many varieties of fun games to choose from! Some examples include Finders Kreepers, 13 Wishes, Cram Fest, Ghouls and Jewels, Casketball Queen and many more! Some of these games are also available on iTunes as well! One of the best games on the site is probably Casta Fierce’s Bewitched by the Beat, whereby you can be your own DJ and conjure up scary-cool tracks by mixing your own version of Casta Fierce’s single “Witching Hour” and other Monster High hits, like “We are Monster High” or “Freaky Fusion”!

There is also a School Spirit Meter that will reward you with special monthly mystery prizes once you’ve filled it to the top. How creeptastic is that? What’s more is that you can compete with your friends on the leaderboard as well! You can try to beat your other friends to get that top spot on the leaderboard!

Moreover, you can get Bones by exploring Monster High too! Check out the profiles of the super-popular monster students there and find out about the freaky flaws that they are so proud of! You could also read about their pet peeves as well as their favourite activities! If you spot a student that you like, you can even pin his or her profile to your own profile too!

If you can spare the time, do the check out the Monster High quiz to find out which of the Monster High students you are most similar with or which mood best describes you! Don’t forget to head over to the videos section to watch webisodes of Monster High, music videos and movie trailers for free too! You can even take part in the Monster High school pledge and join the global movement to celebrate individuality and stop the hate against people who are different! After all, like what the school motto states, “Be Unique. Be Yourself. Be a Monster.”

Lastly, if playing the game is not enough to satisfy your fan-induced urges, you could always spend some money to buy Monster High merchandises! The shop offers Monster High dolls and their accessories for sale. If you cannot afford it, do place them in your wishlist and let your parents or relatives know! Maybe one of these mischievous dolls may end up among your pile of presents on your birthday!


The community in Monster High mainly consists of young teens, who may feel a bit out of place at their respective high schools in real life. Monster High offers a great conductive environment for special teens to embrace their ‘freaky’ flaws and celebrate it! It is, after all, this ‘freakiness’ that made them unique! Monster High also aims to generate a global movement for teens around the world to accept themselves for who they are and to not be afraid to express themselves through its community! As the Monster High school motto goes ‘Be yourself, be unique, be a monster!’, so don’t worry about letting your inner ‘monster’ out in this game. At Monster High, everyone is a monster.

Graphics/ Sound

“Freakishly colorful” is the most accurate term to describe the graphics in Monster High! The characters and games are all very well-designed, filled with a lot of vibrant colors that causes the whole site to ooze out fun by the gallons… though, the games may be a tad bit memory intensive on certain browsers.

The sound in Monster High is nothing short of amazing! They have a bit of the High School Musical vibe to it with plenty of added extras, which made the high-quality studio-released music so much more upbeat and addictive to listen to. You can even listen to the soundtracks on repeat for days and not get bored of them… for real!


In a nutshell, Monster High is a great game for teens everywhere to have fun playing games, watching videos and reading up on their favorite Monster High characters, while learning to embrace their imperfections like what the sons and daughters of legendary monsters do! There is a whole virtual high school for you to explore, to-do lists to complete and not to mention, classes for you to attend as well! Enjoy the free Monster High webisodes and rock to the awesome Monster High soundtracks! Be a part of the super-cool “We Are Monster High” movement today and have some fun while you’re at it!

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New Game Added: Monster High

by Aethyna Jan 4, 2015
Monster High dolls are incredibly popular, and now you can meet the characters and play games with them in an incredible virtual world. Dress up your character and decorate you room in this ghoulishly fun game. Monster High 13 Wishes Game Ghoula Yelps in Monster High Monster High Character Read More
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