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Livelock 10 rate Under the guidance of the super AI Satcom, you’ll need to head into the wreckage of a world alone or in a team of 3 to reunite the clusters of robots and give life another chance in this top-down co-op shooter game, Livelock! Level up your chassis, unlock new weapons and skills, and set off on this perilous journey. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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A massive cataclysm struck centuries ago, wiping all life forms off the face of the Earth. What remained was clusters of robots housing various consciousness that the last humans managed to upload. However, the consciousness has become corrupted. With memories lost, the Intellects, as they are called, have descended into endless warfare while completely forgetting their sole mission to restore life back to the world. Under the guidance of the super AI Satcom, you’ll need to head into the wreckage of a world alone or in a team of 3 to reunite the clusters of robots and give life another chance in this top-down co-op shooter game, Livelock!


Centuries ago, a burst of gamma rays crippled humanity. With 10 years left to prepare for the impending apocalypse and the complete extinction of the human race, humans have started a last ditch effort – a massive effort on a global scale to upload the consciousness of as many people as they can into robots. They are the next generation of mankind and they are called Intellects.

A Super AI, Satcom, was developed to oversee the transition. However, the cataclysm that hit Earth was much devastating than initially predicted. Data was corrupted and lost, resulting in various separate clusters of robots falling into a cycle of endless warfare. Satcom had to stop the meaningless wars, unite all robot clusters and start the process to restore life to Earth, but he’s helpless to do so since his helper bots are disabled and he was banished into space.

Searching far and wide, he came upon the first 3 Intellects created, namely Vanguard, Hex and Catalyst. Under the guidance of the all-seeing Satcom, the 3 Intellects will embark on a crucial and perilous quest to bring life back to Earth.


To start playing, you’ll first need to pick one of the three classes of combat drones available, namely the burly tank, Vanguard; the sharpshooter, Hex; and the healer – or repair bot, to be exact – Catalyst. Although this is not exactly mentioned in the game, you’ll actually be able to play all of the classes if you wish so you needn’t worry too much about picking your first combat drone. You can create more Intellects to play (up to a maximum of 5) as simply by adding more chassis through the Machine Lab option.

Once you’re in the game proper, you’ll noticed that Livelock has a very easy-to-navigate and pretty straightforward interface. You can choose between starting a game, be it a story-driven campaign or an open protocol mode, or jumping right into some action with the Quick Play function.

For campaign, you’ll be given the option to choose a game difficulty – Autonomous (Easy), Emergent (Normal) and Singular (Hard), as well as the option to play with your friends (3 per team), with strangers randomly assigned via the game’s matchmaking system, or even go solo if you’re feeling particularly antisocial on that day. You’ll also be able to play the game even if your team’s not full. The game will simply adjust its level of difficulty depending on which option you choose and how many players there are in your team.

Being primarily a co-op game though, Livelock places huge emphasis on teamwork, and as evident from the different classes of drones on offer, it also requires players to complement each other; covering for each other’s weaknesses. The combat aspect in this game can be quite challenging as well since it’s pretty action-based. You’ll need to dodge from time to time to avoid taking too much damage and of course, you’ll be expected to avoid standing anywhere near suspiciously dangerous-looking items or marked areas on the ground.

Although the game’s mainly a shooter game, you are also able to go melee whenever you like by using the right mouse button. For players who prefer controllers over the conventional keyboard-mouse combo, you’re in luck – Livelock offers support for controllers as well. The game even has a “killing streak” feature whereby you’ll earn more multipliers if you managed to chain up your kills. This also means that in order to earn more score points, and hence more experience points, your team will need to clear each stage of the campaign as quickly as you can.

That being said, the game may sometimes take a page out of Life’s book and suddenly throw you a ton of enemy robots to fight, which is good for racking up tons of multipliers but it can be quite challenging to stay alive at that point. During these overwhelming moments, you’ll usually be given a special diamond-shaped Overclock item that will grant you and your team a specific boost for a short period of time. Which boost you’ll get depends on the color of the item that you’ve picked up. For instance, if it’s a blue Overclock item, you’ll get nice speed boost while if it’s an orange item, you’ll get invulnerability and a nice melee damage boost.

Granted that these supercharged moments are pretty brief, you can still try to make full use of the boosts and deal quite a lot of damage on your enemies. Your Intellect will automatically regenerate its health once it is out of combat. However, if you happen to fall during combat, you will be able to return to the game after a few seconds via a drop pod.

Interestingly, the game also provides plenty of destructible objects, such as pillars, cars, walls, plastic-like barrels, and more. In fact, some of these items may even reveal a secret area containing some bonus rewards, including the collectable audio logs, that are very likely to be guarded. From my personal experience with the game, it seems that there are at least 1 hidden area per map.

Besides wreaking havoc on your enemies and turning them from robots into scrap metal, you’ll also get to collect clusters of blue capsules that are called Carbons in Livelock. These Carbons are crucial if you ever want improve your Intellect since it’s the only currency that’s accepted for any weapon upgrades that you may need to do.

As you level up your drones, each of them will eventually have a complete loadout containing 3 different types of weapon – a primary, a secondary and a launcher. The primary weapon has unlimited ammo, while for the secondary and the launcher, you’ll need to collect a special type of ammo that drops in the game. Of course, all of these are upgradable and naturally, you should keep them upgraded whenever possible.

In addition to weapons, there are firmware that you can earn by completing the game’s many campaigns. These items will allow you to change the look of your Intellect. The drones will also be able to equip up to 2 different functions depending on the role they play in the game. For example, Vanguard can throw up a temporary frontal shield to defend his team while Catalyst can deploy mini-repair bots that will repair all friendly Intellects within her vicinity for a short period of time. These functions can be modded to increase their efficiency.


Since the game’s recently released, the lively community in Livelock is still pretty small, but it is steadily growing with time. This is not exactly surprising due to the inherent co-op nature of the game.

Graphics/ Sound

Livelock is a top-down shooter game that doesn’t only look amazingly good; the game’s soundtrack, sound effects and animations are top-notch as well. This allows players to be completely immersed in the game, especially when the Livelock is backed with such an in-depth and engaging storyline.


With an amazingly engaging and in-depth storyline and a fun yet challenging gameplay, Livelock is definitely the type of top-down, co-op shooter game that you should try. Besides being quite fast-paced, especially if you want to grab as many multipliers as you can, the game is very action-oriented, forcing you to take the precaution to dodge out from dangerous situations or risk dying. There are also plenty of ways for you to customize and upgrade your Intellect and its loadout to your liking. In short, this is a game that’s built for you to enjoy hours of thrilling gun-blazing fun with your friends. If you enjoy playing co-op shooter games, be sure to purchase Livelock on its website or on Steam and give it a test-run. It’s worth every penny that you spent on it, that’s for sure!

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by Aethyna Sep 14, 2016
Under the guidance of the super AI Satcom, you’ll need to head into the wreckage of a world alone or in a team of 3 to reunite the clusters of robots and give life another chance in this top-down co-op shooter game, Livelock! Level up your chassis, unlock new weapons and skills, and set off on this perilous journey. Defending the outpost core in Livelock Livelock: Vanguard in action Explosive and well-animated action in Livelock Read More
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