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Valorant 10 rate Valorant is a hero-based tactical shooter where two teams of five players either defend or attack objectives on the battlefield. Pick from a strong cast of powerful Agents, each with their own set of skills and abilities. Gain access to a variety of guns and coordinate with your team to achieve victory. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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There are a lot of tactical shooters out there, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive leading the way for decades. Valorant is one of the newest - and hottest - entries to a rather competitive field, and it manages to impress.

This hero-based first-person shooter made by League of Legends creators Riot Games delivers the same gameplay flow of its peers. However, it managed to introduce a new twist: heroes with unique skills in a tactical shooter, much like in Overwatch. The gameplay is a pleasant blend of fast-pace gunplay mixed in with slow and methodical movement and a lot of coordination and tactical considerations. Though we can safely say it barely delivers anything new to the table, it excels.

Free to download and play, what does Valorant bring to the mix and how does it hold up? Let’s check out what it has to offer:


Valorant’s story hasn’t been fully hashed yet, although it’s set in a futuristic Earth where an event called the “First Light” gave people supernatural powers. In turn, turned the world over its head and brought about a lot of changes. From this, an organization called Valorant rose, supported by "mysterious figures from behind the shadow".

Apart from the world lore, the characters - called Agents - themselves have distinct backgrounds and personalities and hail from various countries around the world. Currently, there are 11 agents in total, and more will be added in the future. For example, Brimstone is from the USA and acts as a tactical commander, while Jett is an agile agent hailing from Korea.


Valorant’s gameplay is two-pronged: one team defends two to three objectives on the map, while another tries to plant the Spike - or bomb - to destroy them. A team wins a round either by fulfilling their objectives (destroying the packages or successfully defending them) or by wiping out the opposing side. There can be a grand total of 24 rounds, and the first team to make it to 13 wins the game.

Much like CS: GO, there’s a lot of depth when moving around Valorant, mainly due to its well-designed maps. There are a lot of routes, alleyways, and spots to position your agent in. Currently, there are a total of four maps, and getting used to them is essential to achieving victory.

Agents have unique powers and abilities in Valorant, although the gunplay still stands as its most important aspect. You’ll buy weapons, along with armor and your three core skills, before each round, and if you win, they’re carried over. There are currently 17 weapons to choose from, representing all gun archetypes. For example, the Judge is a powerful automatic shotgun while the Operator is your typical powerful sniper rifle. Meanwhile, there are also submachine guns and different kinds of assault rifles as well.

You won’t get far in Valorant by only using guns though since Agent abilities can quickly and just as easily change the flow of battle. For example, Sage can put up a wall, blocking enemies from entering an alleyway, while Viper can throw a grenade that releases a toxic cloud in the area. Agents also have ultimate skills which can be charged up in a variety of ways: picking up orbs scattered across the map, killing enemies, or by dying. Ults can be devastating, like Brimstone’s airstrike and Sova’s ability to shoot bolts of lightning through walls with his bow.


Despite being relatively new, Valorant has a fairly large and active community. Its subreddit has nearly half a million subscribers and the threads have dozens of comments.

In-game, matches are quick and easy to find, largely due to the current size of the player-base. Thankfully, there are also regional servers available, helping reduce lag and ping. You can also use the in-game voice chat or simply type in the chat bar to communicate with your teammates.


Valorant has decent visuals and it generally runs well if you have at least a GTX 1050 graphics card or anything as powerful. I’m using a GTX 1060-6B card and playing it is like watching a hot knife run through a slab of butter. There are no framerate drops even when there’s a lot happening on-screen.

Meanwhile, the audio design is top-notch. A large part of winning relies on hearing enemy footsteps, and the way the developers designed this is outstanding. You can accurately guess where opponents are via the noise their feet make. Moreover, the voice acting is of great quality, fitting the characters perfectly.


Overall, Valorant is an outstanding mix of Overwatch and CS: GO, and though it barely brings anything new to the table, it is a beautifully-crafted shooter that’s both fun and challenging, making it a must-play. With a large cast of heroes and various weapons to choose from, there’s always a different approach to each round, giving you a fresh experience every time you play.

So, start planting Spikes or move in to defend the objectives today.

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New Game Added: Valorant

by Mikhail Jun 21, 2020
Valorant is a hero-based tactical shooter where two teams of five players either defend or attack objectives on the battlefield. Pick from a strong cast of powerful Agents, each with their own set of skills and abilities. Gain access to a variety of guns and coordinate with your team to achieve victory. Rushing an enemy in Valorant Shooting down sights in Valorant Winning in Valorant Read More
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