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Hyper Scape 10 rate Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s new battle royale, set in the high-tech and digital representation of Paris. Loot a variety of guns and abilities, called Hacks, and try to be the last man or squad standing. Use verticality to your advantage and navigate seamlessly around the battlefield to outgun your enemies. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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It’s 2020, and with the things happening today, don’t you just wish you could spend all of that pent up energy in a digital world? You could in Neo Arcadia in Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s new battle royale set in a high-tech and digital version of Paris, France where players try to be the last man or squad standing. It’s a new, fast-paced BR that focuses on abilities (called Hacks), verticality, and quick movement.

Thing is, the market is oversaturated with battle royale games like PUBG, Fornite, and Apex Legends which are all still going strong. Does Hyper Scape, with all its parkour and high-tech glory, worth diving into? Let’s check out what it has to offer.


Hyper Scape is essentially a simulated digital world where people in a dystopian future go to have fun. So yes, it’s not the real world. With that in mind, the game is still in the open beta phase, and though the game has some “champions” the story and the lore haven’t fully been fleshed out yet.


The attribute that stands out the most in Hyper Scape is its parkour-like movement mechanics. Players can double jump and there’s a lot of verticality on the map in the form of tall buildings and towers. Although the high ground gives you a huge advantage, other players can easily take it away from you with jump pods scattered across the map and the fast and seamless movement. With that in mind, you can compare the movement to another Ubisoft franchise, Assassin’s Creed. So yes, gunfights are full of movement, double jumps, and endless movement. In the end game, there’s a couple of ways to win. First is, of course, to take out all the other enemy squads still hanging around. The second is to get the crown and hold it for 45-seconds.

Hyper Scape’s combat revolves around guns and hacks. Weapons range from the regular assault rifles and submachine guns to something more futuristic like plasma hand cannons and bouncing mines. Meanwhile, hacks are this game’s version of abilities. Some are straightforward, like short-range teleportation and putting up a brick wall for protection. Others are a bit absurd, like the one where you turn into a ball and bounce around.

There are no modifications and weapon attachments here: you only need to pick up and fuse the copies of your weapon together in order to strengthen them. In a way, this adds in a layer of strategy and decision-making: should you pick up a new weapon or stick with the current upgraded one? Moreover, note that you can only carry two weapons and two hacks at the same time. Meanwhile, you can also enter buildings with breakable orange-colored windows and doors and gather the loot inside the.

The thing about battle royale titles is its the safe zone gameplay element which is, quite frankly, overused. Instead of the cliche storm circle, Hyper Scape’s districts disintegrate, slowly turning black. The environment will start breaking apart and you have to escape to a different district to save yourself.

In a squad game, you don’t die the moment you’re knocked out. Instead, downed players can still explore and gather intelligence by pinging enemy locations on the map. Though this feels rather overpowered, it gives squads with fewer members a fighting chance. With that aside, downed players can return by activating revive spot - along with a teammate that’s still around - where another player was knocked out as long as there’s still enough revive credits.


Currently, Hyper Scape has a large community on Reddit as well as on Discord and its own forums. There are a lot of community-centered plans on the pipeline, including an in-game vote gimmick wherein the community will decide whether to add in things like health kits and low-gravity. Granted, the game has a bright future, but it’s something we won’t experience yet since the game is still on open beta.


In terms of presentation, Hyper Scape, being a Ubisoft-made game, excels. The overall art style and environment design simply stand out, making Neo Arcadia a joy to explore. There are real-life Paris locations on the map, including the zinc-colored roofs to the Notre Dame. There’s always a lot happening on-screen, but the game somehow manages to draw your eyes into specific spots, like the breakable entrances to buildings.

The sound design is also absolutely fantastic. Instead of the crunching sound of bullets hitting bones and flesh, the weapons feel like they’re shattering “digital pieces”. However, there’s a bit of a problem with the footsteps, likely due to the game’s high amount of verticality, but it’ll likely improve as the open beta progresses.


Overall, Hyper Scape is undoubtedly a breath of fresh air to a saturated genre. It provides a lot of new gameplay elements into the mix and its focus on verticality and fast-paced action make it stands out from the rest of the cast. In any case, it’s definitely a must to start jumping on Neo Arcadia’s rooftops and start gathering hacks and firing away.

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New Game Added: Hyper Scape

by Mikhail Jul 22, 2020
Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s new battle royale, set in the high-tech and digital representation of Paris. Loot a variety of guns and abilities, called Hacks, and try to be the last man or squad standing. Use verticality to your advantage and navigate seamlessly around the battlefield to outgun your enemies. Neo Arcadia in Hyper Scape Firefight Hyper Scape Running on a rail line in Hyper Scape Read More
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