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Sector's Edge 7 rate Sector’s Edge is a voxel-based first-person shooter set in the edge of the galaxy. You play as a hired gun and take part in a war to attain Soltrium, a radioactive element, and a valuable resource. You’ll wage war against enemies in a variety of maps and locales while using different characters and weapons. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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There are games that somehow manage exceed expectations even if they don’t exactly give a striking first impression. After this, you’ll end up playing them for hours, considering that you’re both hooked and impressed.

Sector’s Edge happens to be one of these games. Although its presentation can’t exactly mesmerize anyone at first glance, it’s incredibly satisfying and fun. It’s hard to imagine that it’s made by a duo of developers using their own game engine. In a nutshell, the game is a voxel-based first-person shooter featuring eight different characters and classes, six different maps, and a variety of game modes.

Sector’s Edge is still on early access and despite this, it manages to impress. Though it could do with more additions and features in the long-run, the product has a solid foundation. With that said, will it be something you’d want to play? Before you download it, let’s check out what it has to offer:


If there’s one thing living beings are good at, it’s fighting for resources. The story in Sector’s Edge revolves around two opposing factions, Helix and Aegis, in their war to obtain Soltrium, a radioactive element, and a valuable resource. You’ll play as a mercenary fighting for one of the two factions and your role will be to collect soltrium shards that dropped into nearby planets.


Though currently a diamond in the rough, Sector’s Edge is an absolute blast to play. Though it may not look as appealing as established triple-A first-person shooters, it manages to be extremely fun by providing an explosive and chaotic experience while being a bit strategic at the same time. There are currently four game modes, with team deathmatch and a conquest-like zone capture mode standing out the most. In addition, there are six different maps, each with their own themes and locales though all are completely destructible.

In terms of shooting and mowing down enemies, Sector’s Edge lets you do so with a variety of weapons (currently 19 in total). These range from rapid-fire weapons like assault rifles, close-range ones like shotguns, and extremely lethal yet slow-firing ones like railguns. There are also grenade launchers that are perfect for inflicting damage on walls and blocks. Although the weapon selection is quite robust, there’s little “oomph” felt when using them. Some weapons are way too easy to use and aim, like ARs, shotguns, and railguns where you can land precise hits. There are also occasions where you can shoot through walls and obliterate enemies behind them.

Speaking of walls and blocks, players can also use tools to build platforms they can use to traverse inaccessible areas as well as for creating cover from enemy fire. Environments aren’t just destructible, they can also be created and constructed. You can even cause a large structure to fall if you’ve destroyed the foundations underneath it.

Given that it’s a voxel-based game and the visuals aren’t too taxing, the game runs fairly smoothly even on a potato computer. Lag is thankfully not much of a factor considering that there are servers available in certain global regions. Wherever you are, you’re guaranteed to play in a low-ping and nearly lag-free environment.


Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to find online games in Sector’s Edge, considering it’s not openly available on Steam. To get a key, you’ll need to ask the developers or you can opt to directly download the game from their website. Though the community is relatively small, it’s robust and dedicated. The game currently has a Discord server where players can set up matches and dish out feedback to the developers.


In terms of presentation, don’t be fooled by the game’s use of voxels. Sector’s Edge is an extremely beautiful game. The maps and environments are well-designed with impeccable lighting and shadows. Even the background assets which include water on the edge of the map and the sky look like something you’d see on a triple-A game. The same can be said about the gun and character design. Meanwhile, the sound design is outstanding. The weapon sounds, explosions, and the scattering of blocks when you take down opponents are oddly satisfying.

Each of the eight available characters is uniquely-designed and doesn’t feel like simple reskins. Moreover, there are different weapon and character skins available as well. It’s a free-to-play game, and we can definitely expect more of these in the future.


Overall, Sector’s Edge is shaping up to be a solid game. The foundation is there and with the right amount of work, the game can become a success story in the long-run.

In its current state, it’s something you’d want to dive into and experience. In a way, it’s a good mix of FPS action and Minecraft without the overly-fast and complicated building mechanics like in certain titles. With that said, it’s a game you’d want to sink your teeth into if you’re looking for a new action-packed shooter that manages to set itself apart from its peers.

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New Game Added: Sector's Edge

by Mikhail Mar 9, 2020
Sector’s Edge is a voxel-based first-person shooter set in the edge of the galaxy. You play as a hired gun and take part in a war to attain Soltrium, a radioactive element, and a valuable resource. You’ll wage war against enemies in a variety of maps and locales while using different characters and weapons. Spectating a zone capture battle in Sector's Edge Shootout in Sector's Edge Reloading in Sector's Edge Read More
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