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Phantomers 9 rate The organization known as Knosis has appeared and is trying to bring the world under their heel. You as a fighter of the Phantomers must try to stop them. In an immersive fast paced MMO FPS you must defend the world and stop them from destroying all you know. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Phantomers is a stunning new MMO FPS where you fill the roll of one of a variety of characters in fast paced action. Here you use your skills to dominate in a huge range of game modes. Join a clan and take part in battles for prestige and of course amazing rewards too.


Knosis is a secret organization that had infiltrated the highest levels of military and government across the world. They finally played their hand and have started a huge war for power. In the end they want one government to rule everyone. In opposition a splinter group has formed, the Phantomers. Recruiting special agents, soldiers and more to fight on their side they oppose this evil regime and are taking to the battlefields to stop them.


Please note at the time of writing the game is only available in a beta test phase in Turkey. Signing up to the website will allow you to download and play the game. The language is currently only Turkish but as the beta opens and more options come available we will update the review.

Having said that, in a nutshell Phantomers is a really good game. The UI is easy to use and you can find what you need easily despite the language barrier. A brand new FPS game with a huge range of battles awaits you, and it is a lot of fun to play this fast paced game.

You begin the game with 2 characters available to play, Nick and Black Cat with more available to purchase through the store. At the moment the characters are purely cosmetic so there is no real boost to gameplay for whichever you play. You also begin with a series of weapon sets which you can customize to suit your playstyle.

Each character gets 3 sets that you can pick from before a game starts. They comprise of a Main Weapon, Pistol, Melee Weapon, Grenade and then a series of special items. You can change these sets between games, adjust the gear and upgrade the weapons or items. When you select a game mode, you also select the set you want.

There are of course many weapons to choose from in the game depending on your mission or playstyle. There are: Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, SMG’s, Shotguns and Melee weapons. Within these groupings are a variety of weapons for you to pick from. You can also add accessories to these to make them better in combat and they can all be purchased in the store. When you have your setup ready it is time to jump into one of the many game modes.

You have the classic Team Deathmatch, Bomb Target matches, Free for All, Take and Hold, as well as a series of weapon specific and elite modes. There is also a PvE aspect to the game where you can take teams of players into battle an elite boss and his minions for rewards.

Each game you play will reward you with experience and money to spend. The higher your level the more items you have unlocked and when you reach level 10 you can form your own clan or join one. Some aspects of the game are level locked, but getting levels is fun and easy so it is not much of a problem.

The clan structure allows you to join a group of players, up to 50 per clan. You can take part in games in a group as well as the specific clan wars, where you go up against other clans in team deathmatch games. These can give you and your clan ranking points against the leaderboard, with seasonal rewards available.

The store has a huge variety of things for you to buy, from weapons and accessories to the other characters and special items. These items include drones that attack for you and special grenades with powerful effects. The main currency is gold which you pick up from battles, there is also a real money currency called Diamonds. These are available in game too, but you get many more for actual purchases. There are some items locked behind diamonds, but they are mainly things like boosters to xp or gold. For the most part all of the weapons are available for gold.

The gameplay itself is fast paced and fun, you have a variety of maps to get used to and there are some thrilling encounters. The hits are fast though, as a character you do not have a great deal of health and you can end up killed pretty quick. On the plus side you also hit that hard so can drop your opponents too.

Overall there is a huge amount going for this game, even in the Beta stages it feels complete and fun. There is a lot of variety in what you can do and a huge range of weapons and upgrades that you can work through, especially nice when you find that right combo for you. So much action and enjoyment to be found here it will keep you hooked.


There has been a lot of hype for this game, and now it is opening up there are a lot of players here too. There are lots of established clans, and a lot of material to be found outside of the game. In game you have all the chat and group mechanics you need and it keeps the feeling of camaraderie there too. The game also was pretty full and you did not have to wait long to get into the action.


As a new game, there are a lot of great features and a huge range of options for you here. And it looks amazing. When you are in a battle, you can see clearly and the ui is well designed. The characters look great, the weapons feel great and overall you feel immersed in all of the battles. The sounds match the game perfectly and the characters all have unique features. Hearing that grenade bounce is important and here you get everything you need.


Phantomers is a really fun place to be. You have everything you need in an FPS and then more besides. The action is intense and there are a lot of options to suit every player. With a fast growing community and a lot of great things expected this is a really good game for you to lose yourself in.

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New Game Added: Phantomers

by Adeaphon Jul 27, 2017
The organization known as Knosis has appeared and is trying to bring the world under their heel. You as a fighter of the Phantomers must try to stop them. In an immersive fast paced MMO FPS you must defend the world and stop them from destroying all you know. In Sights in Phantomers Characters from Phantomers Kill in Phantomers Read More
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