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by Mikhail
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Frenzy Retribution 10 rate Frenzy Retribution is a free-to-play action RPG that solely focuses on endless, bloody combat against various enemies in different stages. With the level of action similar to Devil May Cry and the difficulty of Dark Souls, this bloody experience is a must-play for anyone who is looking for a challenge.
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Action games don’t need a lot of tutorials, nor does it need to have lengthy learning curves where players have to spend hours mastering everything. With that said, these games have to be quick, bloody, and satisfying, and this is what Frenzy Retribution delivers. The game is a pleasant and blood-filled free-to-play version of Devil May Cry and Nier: Automata while having the difficulty level of Dark Souls. Though it’s not a complex title, it’s incredibly difficult, making it one of those easy-to-learn yet hard to master titles.

Boasting a robust combat system and a unique “no healing item” mechanic, Frenzy Retribution encourages long combos and a lot - and I mean a lot - of clicking. With that said, is it something you’d want to dive into? How does it compare to other notable action games? Well, let’s check out the experience it delivers:


Frenzy Retribution’s narrative is nonexistent, although we can a lot of clues from the current setting. The protagonist is a young girl and likely living weapon with two weapons: a katana and a naginata spear. Judging from the various levels, the game is set in future where the world devolved into a dystopian society. Although we don’t exactly know what the protagonist’s motives are, we can safely say she’s there to stop whoever’s behind all this.


Of course, action games need to be action-packed and Frenzy Retribution is exactly just that. In a nutshell, most of what you’ll do revolves around fighting against hordes and mobs of enemies, topped off with powerful bosses that require more than mouse-mashing to defeat. Armed with two interchangeable weapons with different quirks, your character can fight in a variety of ways and use devastating skills to slice up and decimate foes.

However, Frenzy Retribution is more than just clicking. You need to dodge and use the right attack depending on the enemies you’re facing. For example, you can mash the left mouse button to carve up unarmored foes but use the right mouse button to gradually soften the armored ones. In addition, there are no in-game healing items - you need to press E to execute low HP foes to regain some of your own. Overall, attacks in Frenzy Retribution have various quirks, including different ranges and effects.

One of the best parts of Frenzy Retribution is the frenzy mechanic where if your HP is zero, it makes your character faster and her attacks more devastating. The catch is that if the frenzy bar has been depleted (either by your inaction or by attacks from enemies), she dies. Don’t worry though, you can replenish it by attacking and making contact with enemies. Other action-packed mechanics include parrying which works beautifully against bosses, converting attacks into a beast-type one where you can scratch and slash enemies and the jet stream dodging.

Don’t get us wrong: we Frenzy Retribution is an easy game to learn. You can get used to the controls fairly quickly and it lays most of its gameplay mechanics right at the start. However, things can get rather repetitive within a couple of hours. You’ll use the same kinds of attacks, albeit with a different approach. The game remedies this with its enemy variety. Apart from armored and unarmored foes, there are others that will attack from range. Plus, the bosses are extremely challenging and require different plans of attack as well.

Unfortunately, this is all the game has to offer. There’s barely any growth or any RPG mechanic that gives you a hand at improving your character. It would have been great if could make the protagonist grow and further customize her abilities. Nevertheless, it focuses on the action elements and it does so with perfection.


In terms of presentation, Frenzy Retribution excels. The graphics are a step below popular triple-A titles, yet it manages to live up to expectations. It’s smooth and well-optimized, running a stable 60fps even when the screen is bursting with attack effects and fountains of blood.

In terms of art style and environments, Frenzy Retribution perfectly captures the dystopian setting. With that said, it looks like the events are occurring in Hong Kong or in a Chinese city. The stages are a unique blend of technology and Chinese culture, with buildings and spots that let you feel like you’re in the downtown area. However, there are still some interactive prompts in Chinese which is something the developers have to fix.

Adding to the overall immersion are the sound effects. The attacks and slices sound on point, while the sound of enemy corpses being sliced sound satisfying. Yes, that’s disturbing but this is what the game is all about: carving up foes into a bloody, lifeless heap.


Overall, Frenzy Retribution is a must-play for anyone who loves action titles. It’s an easy-to-learn title, yet very challenging. It looks great and manages to capture the full essence of action titles and delivers an incredibly entertaining experience that manages to live up to and compete with its triple-A peers.

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by Mikhail Aug 1, 2020
Frenzy Retribution is a free-to-play action RPG that solely focuses on endless, bloody combat against various enemies in different stages. With the level of action similar to Devil May Cry and the difficulty of Dark Souls, this bloody experience is a must-play for anyone who is looking for a challenge.
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