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Family Farm 10 rate Enjoy this relaxing and beautifully-rendered farm game, Family Farm! Plant, grow and harvest your crops, collect produce from your farm animals and send them for processing at the goods production buildings! Sell your goods to earn money! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Family Farm is a beautiful 3D farming game that allows you to showcase your skills as the best virtual farmer there is! Keep a large variety of adorable farm animals and grow a huge range of juicy-looking crops and fruits in this game! After harvesting your produce, you can even send them for processing at the many production buildings, such as Dutch mill, which produces flour from grains or cheese master that churns out drums of cheese from the milk you gave it. There are also farm aides, which you can buy to hasten your harvest, and automations, which will be able to get your animals and machines to work automatically. You can even buy background scenes for your farm, pets, as well as decorations to beautify your farm! Are you interested? Well, play Family Farm now to try it out for yourself! If you love farming games, you surely won’t regret it!


The game starts off with an easy-to-understand tutorial that is sufficient to teach you the basics of the game. If you have any experience with farming games, you may find the tutorial redundant though.

Being a farming game, you’ll need to plant, grow and harvest your crops in order to advance in this game. The game offers a huge variety of crops that you can plant! So far, the game contains up to 116 types of seeds, excluding 8 special seeds and the range of trees that you can buy in this game. Some examples include Chanterelle (a type of mushroom), jalapeno pepper, jasmine, hops, wheat and corn. However, before you start planting, you’ll need to get your land plowed and ready first! Plowing farm plots will cost you a mere 15 coins each and there is no limit as to how many plots you can place. Thus if you fancy optimizing your farm, you may want to fill your and with as many plots as possible!

After planting the seeds, you are not required to water it or do anything, except to wait for the growth duration to finish. If you want to reduce the growth time, you can by using fertilizers. Each fertilizer will be able to instantly mature 1 crop of your choice, regardless of its growth duration (it can be a 24-hour crop or even a 5-minute crop). However, for trees, you’ll need to use the watering can instead of the fertilizer if you want to speed up the harvest.

Once you’ve collected your harvest, you can choose to sell it straight from the barn for some in-game cash or you could send them for processing at one of the many processing facilities that you can build. By processing your raw produce, you will obtain products that are far more valuable and that can be used to craft other even more valuable goods. For instance, the Dutch mill allows you to produce flour from a variety of grains, namely wheat, rye and oat. Don’t forget to collect your goods after they are done and store them in barn. You can then choose to sell the goods directly from the barn or keep them for further processing.

In Family Farm, you can also keep adorable farm animals, such as cows, chickens, goats, sheep and even bees! Certain animals, such as the chickens, will require you to build an enclosure (in this case, the chicken coop) for them before you can buy additional animals to be placed on your farm, while some animals come along with their little enclosures when bought, like the bee hives.

Don’t forget to feed your animals too! Different animals will need different food sources in order to be able to produce any items like milk or honey. For example, cows need clover as food while bees requires you to leave mature flowers that you’ve grown on your plots so that they can pollinate the flowers and produce honey. Animal produce can also be processed to form more valuable products, such as the milk that you get from the cow can be send to the cheese master machine to make, obviously, cheese! It is this “production chain” from growing your crops and feeding your animals up to processing your harvest in various machines that makes Family Farm so unique!

As you progress in the game, you will eventually unlock the awesome water ranch. It is practically the same farm set-up as your old ranch, but the place is specially designed for growing water-hungry crops, like lotus roots, water chestnuts and taro. You’ll then be managing two farms at once… can you handle them though?

It’s not all work and no play in Family Farm too! You can take a break from all the back-breaking work at the field by purchasing decorations, new scenes, like winter, autumn or summer, and even pets, such as the adorable Dalmatian and the Huskie, and placing them on your farm. After all, a bright and cheerful-looking farm makes the farming process so much fun to do! However, do note that quite a number of the best decorations are only available for real cash and most of the décor can be pretty expensive even if it is offered to you in in-game money.

Ran out of place to put that shiny new processing machine of yours? Why, you can use the money you've earned in the game to expand your land! It’s that simple! You don’t even need, unlike some other games, neighbors to help you unlock new pieces of land. Though, if you can spare the cash… real ones, mind you, you can also buy plots of land using them.

Another interesting feature that made Family Farm so special is its automation feature. You can set the “production chain” of your animals or machines to work automatically. This means that as long as you have enough crops to sustain the automation, the game will automatically feed your animal and collect its produce. If you have its related machine on automation as well, then the machine will retrieve the collected produce from your barn, process it and then store the final goods back in your barn. Automation is not free though – each step of the process consumes a small amount of OP and once your OP runs out, the entire system will cease to function.

Although neighbors may not be needed for you to buy new land, they are needed for constructing certain buildings. Some buildings that you can buy in Family Farm require materials that you can only get by asking from your neighbors. Thus, neighbors are pretty important in this game too, so start adding friends to the game!

There are even quests that you can complete for some extra cash. Most quests are pretty straightforward, though some of them may require some time before you can finish them off, due to the growth duration of the crops needed. The game is very generous as well – you’ll get a surprise gift for every few minutes or so for being logged in. You can also earn achievements in this game too!


There are almost 3 million likes on the Facebook fan page of Family Farm. This definitely proves the popularity of this game… although it may not have the numbers that Farmville has, that’s for sure! It’s also interesting to note that Family Farm has this community neighbors feature. This feature allows you to add neighbors without actually adding them as friends on your Facebook. Thus, you can get more help, gifts and level up faster together without the fear of accidentally adding people that turn out unlikable or annoying - we all know that (at least 1) fellow who keeps spamming… uhm posting stuff on his/her Facebook and messing up your newsfeed. It’s simple to use and you can always remove community friends and opt out of the program too!

Graphics/ Sound

Family Farm has an above average graphics, particularly considering that it is a Facebook-based browser game. This is evident as you unlock the farm animals in the game – there are some animals that look so cute in the game. Though, some of its animals, like the cow, seem to be a bit “over-rendered”, making the animals to look a bit too unrealistic. On the other hand, the crop models are very well-done, and look very juicy and plump!
The music in this game is nothing short of superb! It contains the true sounds of a farm. This means you’ll be listening to plenty of birds chirping, cows mooing, sheep baaing, goat ‘meeh’-ing and the works. It has a variety too – the game alternates between the above music with a very catchy and lay-back country tune. The music are all of good quality and are pleasant to the ears, but alternating between them does feel a bit odd at times, as one of the music contains only sound effects of natural life, while the other contains melody strummed out on a guitar.


In conclusion, Family Farm is an amazing farming simulation game that seems to have been pushed aside, despite having awesome features, such as the automation and the production line feature, and a great gameplay. In fact, if you are a huge farming game fan and truly give the game a go for, let’s say, a few days or even a week, you’ll likely enjoy the game a lot too! The variety of the crops, trees and animals in this game is pretty huge and there are also plenty of processing machines that you can purchase as well! If you need to speed things up, there are farm aides, such as the fertilizer or the watering can that you can use. Not to mention, you can also take a breather from all the farming work and relax by sprucing up your farm with beautiful decorations or even get yourself a pet! If you love both versions of Farmville, you’ll definitely enjoy Family Farm. It offers mostly the same things in a rather unique way, both graphically and gameplay-wise! Give the game a chance and who knows? You may decide to stay in the end!

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New Game Added: Family Farm

by Aethyna Mar 26, 2015
Enjoy this relaxing and beautifully-rendered farm game, Family Farm! Plant, grow and harvest your crops, collect produce from your farm animals and send them for processing at the goods production buildings! Sell your goods to earn money! Sunflowers in Family Farm Family Farm: horses Beautiful harvest in Family Farm Read More
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