Wild West: New Frontier

by Aethyna
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Wild West: New Frontier 9 rate Plant and harvest a wide variety of crops, raise farm animals and produce a wide range of goods in this fun farm simulation game. You can even set up a sawmill to get lumber and a mine to mine for gold. So, do you have what it takes to turn the dilapidated farm into a prosperous one? Play Wild West: New Frontier and find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Your recently deceased uncle has willed his rundown farm in the wild west to you to manage, and since you longed for a new start in life, you’ve decided to head on over to the farm to begin afresh! In Wild West: New Frontier, you’ll need to plant and harvest a wide variety of crops, raise animals, and turn these farm produce into more profitable goods. There are plenty of ways for you to sell your items, be it to random game characters or even to other players worldwide. You can even dive right into the gold rush that had swept the nation at that time by setting up your own gold mine.

So, do you have what it takes to turn the dilapidated farm into a prosperous one? Play Wild West: New Frontier and find out!


The plotline in this game is pretty straightforward – your recently deceased uncle has willed some land rights in the wild west to you... land that happen to have a pretty rundown farm, along with several buildings, on it. Since this seems like a great opportunity for you to start afresh, you’ve decided to seize the chance to start from the beginning and build up a prosperous farm.

The game also has plenty of fun little quests that will introduce you to a whole host of characters, each of them have their own purpose and storyline in the game. As you play, you’ll get to uncover them all.


Wild West: New Frontier starts each new player off with a tutorial, conducted by the town’s sheriff. Generally though, if you have played any farm simulation mobile game before, you should be able to easily pick up on the many game features as well as stuff you can do.

For instance, planting crops and harvesting them in this game is something that’s incredibly easy. Simply drag the seeds around the empty plots after tapping on one of the plots to bring up the seed menu to plant your crops. Harvesting works in a similar fashion – you just need to tap on the mature crops to bring up the harvest menu and then drag the sickle around.

Like most farm sims, you can raise animals at the farm as well. Farm animals in this game don’t age though and as long as you feed them with the correct feed (which can be crafted via the feed mill), you’ll be able to get the items they produce. Similar to the wide range of crops available, there are also plenty of different animals for you to purchase in this game. Different animals will, naturally, produce different items, for example, the cows will produce milk while pigs will produce pork.

The crops harvested will then be stored in the granary where you can then choose to sell for some instant cash, or you can use them to craft a variety of more profitable produce. Items that aren’t crops will be stored in the barn instead. Storage in this game can be pretty limited though. You will eventually need to upgrade your barn and granary using special building materials just to accommodate the many items you’ll need to collect.

The crops and animal produce you’ve collected can be further processed to generate goods like cream, bacon, and even burritos, but before you can do so, you’ll need to set up the corresponding “crafting structures”. Crafting takes time as well and you can only queue up to 2 items for free. Need more crafting slots? Well, you can buy more using the game’s premium currency, Westbucks. Westbucks can also be used to speed processes up or to buy premium items at the shop.

Unlike Westbucks, earning coins (game currency) in Wild West: New Frontier can be a pretty easy affair. There are just so many ways for you to sell off the items you produce at your farm. You can sell items by fulfilling the requests of visitors at your farm, or you can fulfill orders via the order board.

If you don’t need the cash as urgently, you can try selling the items at a much higher price through your own market. However, since you can only list up to 2 types of items at your market for free, you might want to save some of the free Westbucks you get to buy more market slots.

As you advance to higher levels, you’ll unlock even more ways to sell your goods, such as through train orders and the ferryman. The game also has other buildings that you can eventually restore to generate resources that you cannot farm for, including lumber and of course, precious gold nuggets.

The land you start off with is surrounded by clumps of trees and stones, and if you are to make full use of your land, especially if you plan on actually decorating it, you’ll need to clear all of these obstacles away using a variety of tools. These tools include the axe, saw, shovel, pickaxe and even the TNT. These tools can be hard to come by, so you’ll need to be a bit frugal when it comes to using these items. Once you reach higher levels, you can even restore the collapsed bridge which will then unlock an entirely new region, the Riverlands, for you to expand your farm in.

For those with extra Westbucks to spare, you can also buy a pet of your own. You can get a cat at level 13 and a beagle at level 17. These pets aren’t just there for decorative purposes though – they can actually help you find collection items, which will reward you with a nice little prize once the collection is complete.

It’s nice to note that Wild West: New Frontier organizes plenty of fun events from time to time as well. It does help to break the monotony that some may associate to virtual farming and sometimes even add a bit of competitiveness to a game that generally has a more laidback gameplay.


Similar to Farmville 2 and some other farm sims, Wild West: New Frontier offers players more ways to socialize with their fellow players. You can add friends to your game account to increase your market slots, for instance, but if you truly like teamplay, neighborhoods are where all the best team-based action is at. This feature is unlocked at level 11 and will open up a host of new neighborhood-only features that will have you work together with other players to complete special objectives for exclusive rewards.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Wild West: New Frontier is not only as incredible-looking as it seems; the game also provide you with a free camera option, allowing you to zoom in and out, as well as turn the camera almost 360-degree just so you can view your beautiful farm from any angle you like. This is a feature that I’ve rarely seen in farm simulation games and for this alone, I’d give the game a +1 to its final review score.

The background music in the game is pretty good too. The tune sounds like a fusion of country and jazz, which perfectly suit the overall theme of the game.


All in all, Wild West: New Frontier is a really fun farm simulation game to play. The gameplay, although entertaining, isn’t exactly unique since, well, you’ll basically be doing everything you’ve done before in other farm games. However, the game has some eye-candy graphics for a mobile game, and a very flexible camera option so you can check out your farm from almost every angle you like. The social aspect of this game is also very well-designed, encouraging players to work together rather than to play alone. So, if you’re looking for a new farm game to play, Wild West: New Frontier is definitely a game you can try.

Do take note that the mobile version of the game works great for me, but you might want to pass on the Facebook version – it’s buggy and most of the time, you won’t be able to log in.

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by Aethyna Nov 19, 2017
Plant and harvest a wide variety of crops, raise farm animals and produce a wide range of goods in this fun farm simulation game. You can even set up a sawmill to get lumber and a mine to mine for gold. So, do you have what it takes to turn the dilapidated farm into a prosperous one? Play Wild West: New Frontier and find out! Wild West: New Frontier: Crafting goods Visiting Mary in Wild West: New Frontier Wild West: New Frontier: Completing an order Read More
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