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FarmLand 9 rate With the help of your uncle’s butler, you roll up your sleeves and get to work farming the land you have left. Grow crops, raise animals, manufacture products and sell whatever you produce in hopes of finally be able to reclaim your rightful inheritance as well as restore the estate to its former picturesque beauty. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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FarmLand is a brand-new farm simulation game that you can play for free on Facebook. Featuring a gameplay that mimics the popular farm game, Funky Bay, you’ll be growing crops, producing goods, earning cash from selling said goods and reclaiming the land around the estate.


The game begins with a brief story introduction. After your uncle passed away, Alfred, his butler contacted you out of desperation in hopes that you can help him save the estate that your uncle left behind. Apparently, most of the estate’s lands have been confiscated and all that remains for you to work with is the guest house. However, this isn’t something that will stop you!


Being a farm game, you’ll be expected to plant and grow a wide variety of crops. The game uses a “plant 1, gain 2” crop-growing system that is getting pretty prevalent among the more recent farm games. This basically means that you can earn 2 crops per harvest and you’ll need to not use all of the harvest you get just so you can replant them to get more crops. There are many trees you can grow as well as animals, such as chickens and cows, to raise.

However, one thing of note is that the game does away with all the clicking and dragging that most farm games have. Instead, you simply need to click on the plant or harvest icon, for instance, to do the respective tasks of planting or harvesting. The game will automatically select the plots as you click along. Nevertheless, if you want to specify which farm plot to plant or harvest, then you will need to click on the plots themselves manually.

The farm produce you get can then be further processed via various manufacturing buildings, like the bakery, the mill, and the drying room, into more profitable goods like dried tea, flour, sugar, bread and more. You’ll get 2 free queue slots per building but if you want, you can purchase more slots using the game’s premium currency, gems. Oh, and if any of the processes that require waiting in this game fall below the 45-second mark, you can then speed them up for free. If not, then you can similarly speed them up but at the cost of some gems.

The farm produce that’s collected and the goods produced are ultimately stored in the warehouse (apparently a.k.a. the silo) and the barn respectively. Both structures can be upgraded to expand their storage capacities but you do need to have the required materials obtained from completing orders.

Completing orders is the main way for you to earn coins, especially early on in the game. You can complete the orders posted at the pier you’ve restored or you can also complete orders brought to you by individual characters/ customers on their cool-looking, water-treading bikes. However, for pier-based orders, you will get a nice gift containing extra rewards, like upgrade materials and tools that you’ll need to clear away obstacles on your land, once you’ve filled up the completion meter for each of your customers.

Farm expansions are locked behind level restrictions and sometimes, you may need to repair a bridge before you can access certain new areas. Due to this, the gameplay can be quite slowly-paced… a lot like Funky Bay really. As you expand your farm, you’ll also unlock new buildings like the mine and the wharf, essentially unlocking access to new features of the game.

FarmLand is pretty fun and all, but unfortunately, I’ve noted that the decorations available in the game are all locked behind a premium paywall… at least for the first 6 levels. So, unless you are willing to spend whatever the gems you get from completing achievements and leveling up on buying decorations, your farm may look more functional than beautiful.


The game is quite social as well, allowing you to gift your neighbors with useful items and receive gifts from them in return. Unlike some games, however, you won’t be given a list of “recommended neighbors” to add to your friends’ list in the game, so this can make finding active neighbors a tad bit difficult.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game look amazing. However, the art style isn’t exactly unique enough to make the game stand out from among all the other farm games out there. In terms of sound, the game does have a really nice background soundtrack. The flute-based tunes evoke a state of peace and relaxation that can surprisingly be rather difficult to find in some of the other farm games.


To sum everything up, FarmLand is a slower-paced farm simulation game that has a gameplay that is very similar to Funky Bay. So, if you’ve enjoyed playing the latter, you may like playing this game too. Do give it a try! The game is free to play, after all!

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New Game Added: FarmLand

by Aethyna Apr 16, 2018
With the help of your uncle’s butler, you roll up your sleeves and get to work farming the land you have left. Grow crops, raise animals, manufacture products and sell whatever you produce in hopes of finally be able to reclaim your rightful inheritance as well as restore the estate to its former picturesque beauty. FarmLand: Completing pier orders Crops ready for harvest in FarmLand FarmLand: Feeding the chickens Read More
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